In this modern era, the technology corporations rule the business market. Everything that people do is now becoming automated through various machines; the society of today is largely dependent on electronics. The technologies are advancing at a rapid pace. In this rapidly advancing market, the various tech companies have to play catch up with the society.

This has resulted in the decline of many big corporations just because they weren’t willing to shift according to the changing times. A perfect example of such change is Nokia, a once big mobile brand refused to incorporate the dual sim feature, Android, and even touchscreen because they believed no one will like it. Now, Nokia is all but extinct from the tech market. Here are the top 10 best and largest electronics companies in the world in 2019.

10. AsusTek Computer

Best Electronics Companies 2019

AsusTek is a multinational computer hardware and electronics company. It manufactures various products like desktops, mobile phones, WiFi routers, monitors, networking equipment, netbooks, Projectors, graphics cards, optical storage, motherboards, graphics cards, multimedia products, tablet PCs, servers, workstations. It is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The Taiwanese company was founded on 2nd April 1989, by Ted Hsu, MT Liao, Wayne Tsiah and TH Tung. Its headquarters is in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) and its Chairman are Jonney Shih. Asus has been ranked 4th among the largest PC vendors by sales in the world and is also among the top 10 IT companies in Asia.

9. Toshiba

Best Electronics Companies

Toshiba is a Japanese conglomerate which has many distinct products and businesses like communication equipment and systems, information technology, industrial and social infrastructure systems, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, power systems and office equipment. The multinational company was founded in the month of July in 1875. It now has headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is the ranked as the 7th biggest semiconductor manufacturer.

8. Fujitsu

Best Electronics Companies

Fujitsu is a multinational company which specialises in computer equipment and services pertaining to it. It is the 4th largest information technology company according to revenue in the whole world. It has also been dubbed as one of the most admired company by Fortune and it is also a Global 500 company. The Japanese company was founded as Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing on June 20, 1935, at Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Its headquarters is in Shiodome City Center, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Masami Yamamoto is the company’s chairman.

7. Dell

Best Electronics Companies

Dell is an American computer technology company. The multinational corporation is one the biggest tech companies in the world. Its services include manufacturing, selling, repairing and supporting Personal Computers, network switches, servers, computer software, computer peripherals, printers, high-definition televisions, cameras and also different electronics constructed by other manufacturers. The company was founded on February 1, 1984, by Michael Del who is also the Chairman and CEO currently.

6. HP

Best Electronics Companies

HP stands for Hewlett-Packard, the surnames of its two founders William Redington Hewlett and David Packard. The multinational company focuses on computer hardware, computer software, IT services and IT consulting for small and medium-sized business and also to large enterprises. In 2015, the company split into two divisions Hewlett Packard and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HP handles personal computer and printer branch and HPE manages enterprise products and service business. The company was formed more than 75 years ago on January 1, 1939. Its headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, USA.

5. Sony

Best Electronics Companies

Sony is a multinational conglomerate which specialises in consumer and professional gaming, entertainment, electronics, and financial services. The Japanese company is one of the best manufacturers of electronic products which are suitable for consumers and professionals. It was even present in the Fortune Global 500 list. It is also the leaders in sales of semiconductors and ranks 5th in the biggest television manufacturers among the world. The Japanese company was initially called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo KK for 11 years. It was founded on 7 May 1946 in Tokyo, Japan by Masaru Inuka and Akio Morita.

4. Foxconn

Best Electronics Companies

Hon Hai Precision Industry Corporation’s trading name is Foxconn Technology Group. It is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company which operates under contracts. The multinational company is the largest contract manufacturer in the world and ranks 4th in biggest information technology companies by revenue. It is the biggest employer in the country of China and among the biggest in the world. Foxconn is responsible for the manufacturing of many top products such as Nokia, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One. The company was founded by Terry Gou on 20 February 1974. He is also the Chairman and President of the company presently.

3. IBM

Best Electronics Companies

IBM is one of the biggest companies in today’s world. It has operations in more than 170 countries all over the world. It was originally named as Computing-Tabulation-Recording Company (CTR) but in 1924 it was renamed to International Business Machine (IBM). The American company manufactures and sells computer middleware, software, and hardware. It also provides hosting and consulting facilities to varying big areas from the mainframe computer to nanotechnology. It is a vital research organisation and has the record for most number of patents created in a business. IBM is responsible for some of the biggest inventions ever such as PC, ATM, Floppy Disk, Hard Disk Drive, SQL programming language, UPC barcode, DRAM and magnetic stripe card. The multinational company was formed more than a century ago on June 16, 1911, by Charles Ranlett Flint. Its headquarters is at Armonk, New York, USA.

2. Samsung Electronics

Best Electronics Companies

Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate which operates in many different fields such as chemicals, consumer electronics, semiconductors, DRAM, solid state drives, DRAM, ships, telecommunications equipment, electronic components, apparel, retail, shipbuilding. The multinational company is the biggest South Korean business conglomerate. Samsung Electronics is the information technology division of Samsung. It is the 2nd biggest IT Company in terms of revenue and is responsible 70% of the parent company’s revenue. The multinational company is one the principal manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, hard drive devices, chips, semiconductors, and flash memory. The Samsung Galaxy lineup is responsible for its being the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world.

1. Apple

Best Electronics Companies

Apple has been reigning in the information technology and electronics market ever since its inception. Its revolutionary products have been directly responsible for ushering an era of advancement in the technological field. The multinational company’s biggest products include iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod. The American tech giant is also the owner of macOS and iOS operating systems. It is the biggest IT Company in the world by revenue and 2nd largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Its online music store iTunes Store is the largest music store in the world. It has been ranked as the Most Valuable Brand numerous times. The company was created by the legendary Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. Its headquarters is in Apple Campus, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, USA.

Many of the companies on this list had faced these tough choices but they have managed to survive and thrive through smarts and now they stand not just atop the electronic industry but also the corporate world.


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