The oil and gas companies in India work with the vision to produce and market the natural resources on which the modern world relies.

Natural gases and oils are phenomenal sources of energy for the growth of our country’s economy. It plays a major and a vital role in various sectors with various usage at home and industrial purposes as well. The various companies in India are the pioneer in the field of research and development which is always ready to explore new environmentally responsible ways to harvest the earth’s natural resources.

They are majorly involved in producing, developing, and exploring natural gas and oil from onshore fields across the country. Natural gas and oil are an absolute need to run a healthy economy for the smooth growth of the country. Technology and skill personal are involved in tracking down the extraction of natural gas and oil for various purposes and make sure every gallon of oil products arrives at the right place at the right time.

The major industries are of no use if they are no supply of natural gas and oil and these two are the essential supplies in running down an industry. Therefore, we have enlisted the top 10 oil and gas companies to get an overview of their function and programs in India. Let’s get an inside look of the top 10 oil and gas companies prevailing in India that has provided its services in various sectors:

Here are the Top 10 Best And Largest Oil & Gas Companies in India in 2019

10. Tata Petrodyne

Tata Petrodyne Top Most Famous Oil and Gas Companies in India 2019

Tata Petrodyne is one of the major oil industries under the Tata Group which came into establishment in the year 1993 with the vision of producing and generating the best and high-quality of natural gas and oil for the different sector and for the major industries as well. The company basically deals in crude oil and natural gas that has marked the success and achievement for its brilliant working performance all across the country.

The upliftment procedure of the company runs through three major areas of Indonesia, India, and Tanzania seeking into providing the best quality of oil and gas for various sectors. It works as an independent company with significant performance in producing and exploring various oil refineries all across the country.

9. Oil India Ltd

Oil India Ltd

The key to the art of corporate success in the 21st century is managing contradictions. Oil India with its hundred year’s heritage in the oil production has unique distinctions of having quickly recalibrated its relationship with oil in the modern world and at the same time recorded dramatic growth.

This company has extended its area of operations across the entire length and breadth of the country from the tropical rainforest of Arunachal Pradesh to the deserts of Rajasthan, the foothills of Uttarakhand, and other major parts of India. It is a fully integrated upstream company in PAN India and overseas. Oil India has taken a number of projects keeping in perspective the genuine need of the people in India. The company has played a diversified role to all part of the nation with enormous success.

8. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

The Hindustan Petroleum Corporation was set up back in the year 1954 as a ‘Stand Vac’ to quench India’s growing thrust for oil. The company became ‘Esso’ a decade later. The year 1969 witnessed the proud moment as Esso started the country’s first Luge Refinery alongside with the existing plant. Later 1979, Luge Refinery and Esso merged to form the HPCL in India. The company help illuminates Mumbai and transformed India.

The company showed phenomenal growth in Mumbai Refinery oil expansion in all across the country. It determined to achieve immense popularity and appreciation towards the preservation of the environment and human health. Mumbai Refinery invested in new technology and set up new evolved plants like DHDS, DHT, and DIU to bring down sulfur content in diesel.

7. Gas Authority of India

Gas Authority of India

The 21st century certainly belongs to natural gas and India one of the fastest growing economies of the world is increasingly competing for a secure supply of this clean energy. GAIL India Limited is one of the India’s no 1 integrated natural gas companies that has proved to provide the best and high-quality oil supply to increase the sales in the Indian market. It handles over 75% of natural gas commission in the country.

It has a diverse supply in different sectors with wide popularity and recognition. It also recognised as one of the best gas utility in Asia by Platts. GAIL has committed itself to meeting the ever- growing demand for natural gas in India. It is this very commitment that its company expansion has widely reached the overseas market of the USA, Egypt, China, Myanmar, and Singapore.

6. Cairn India

Cairn India

Carin India basically deals with various fuels and gases that have accomplished huge success over the past years that have also gained people’s trust and recognition from all across the country. They are committed in protecting the people, assets and the environment. They are the top 10 companies when it comes to providing the best quality of natural gas and oil all over the country with high esteemed customers.

5. Essar Oil India

Essar Oil India

In 1995, the Essar Oil was the first private company to start constructing a refinery in Vadhinar, Gujarat where other saw barren land but the Essar Oil Company saw blueprint for the future. From 1995 to 2019 Essar built world- class manufacturing facilities as such that are critical to India’s economic growth. The company is strategies in supplying crude oil for import and product marketing. They implement world-class safety practices, caring for the environment

4. Reliance Petroleum Limited

Reliance Petroleum Limited

Reliance Petroleum Limited is one of the largest oil refineries with the capacity of 27 million tons per year. The company is constructed on 7,500 hundred acres of barren land in Jamnagar. The largest investment made at a single location in India. It gives world-class assurance to the investors and an acclaimed and trusted company all across the country. The world’s largest Greenfield refinery was commissioned to establish world recognition globally with huge net profit.

3. Bharat Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum a fortune of oil Refinery Company where employees contribute to energizing billions of lives with the take of giving out the best quality of natural gas and oil supplies all across the country. They produced world-class fuels that are environmentally friendly and protect the wellness of human beings. They have a diverse range of petroleum products reach the remotest parts of the country through a robust logistics infrastructure.



In 1958, ONGC went to Cambay and made the first discovery with the highest possibility in oil refineries. The most important contribution of ONGC is that it is self-reliance and development in high technology and modern techniques with skilled workers and management. It has maintained the world-class standard with high-efficiency production and development of major projects. ONGC establishment has seen over more than 62 ISO certifications along with other credits and rewards in the past years.

1. Indian Oil Corporation

Indian Oil Corporation Top Most Popular Oil and Gas Companies in India 2019

The year 1964 was significant for India’s energy future; a new star was born in the industrial sky after the merger of the two companies Indian Oil Refinery Limited and Indian Refineries Limited. Indian Oil is the number one ranked Indian company in the prestigious fortune global 500 listings.

Thus, this follows the complete list of the top 10 oil and gas companies in India which has provided the high and superior quality of natural gas and oil for various purposes in the various sectors of work. These oil refineries companies have established a high-rank profile in the oil refinery industry with the pledge of protecting people and the environment with safe and secure programs all over the country.


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