Electric power can be generated through various different methods. It is really necessary for countries to have power because of how much the current times require it for all types functioning.

The world of today is largely dependent on various types of machines and these machines need electric power to function. The day to day lives revolves around the power that is generated through various power producing plants around the world. These facilities generate enough energy to power entire nations and are managed by certain corporations. Checkout the top 10 best and largest power generation companies in the world in 2019.

10. Enel

Best Power Generation Companies 2019

Enel is an Italian company which manufactures and circulates electricity and gas. The multinational company’s name was initially Ente Nazionale per I’energia Elettrica (National Board for Electricity). It was previously a public body but in 1992 it changed into a limited company and in 1999, Enel became a Private Corporation although the Italian government continues to own 25.5% of its shares. Enel ranks 56th among the companies as per its revenue. The company was founded by the Italian government on November 27, 1962. Its headquarters is in Rome, Italy and its CEO is Francesco Starace.

9. Dominion Energy

Best Power Generation Companies

Dominion Energy simply referred to as Dominion is an energy and power company. The American company is responsible for feeding electricity to Virginia, and North Carolina. It has power generation facilities in numerous areas such as Indiana, Illinois, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It even supplies natural gas to different parts of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and eastern North Carolina. The company was founded in 1983 in Virginia, US. It has headquarters at Richmond, Virginia and the electrical utility company’s utility is Thomas Farrell.

8. Iberdrola

Best Power Generation Companies

Iberdrola is a multinational electric utility corporation. It is one of the biggest power supply company in the world with its customers being present in many different parts of world amounting to 31.67 million. The Spanish company has a number of subsidiaries including Scottish Power, Elektro holding, and Avangard. It is the biggest energy group in Spain according to market capitalisation. It is also the worldwide ruler in wind energy sector and is among the best in electric utility by market capitalisation. The company was founded on November 1, 1992. Its CEO is Jose Ignacio Sanchez Galaz and its headquarters is in Bilbao, Spain.

7. Engie

Best Power Generation Companies

Engie was previously named Gaz De France Suez but it was changed after April of 2015. Engie is a multinational company specialising in electric utilities. It works in the field of electricity generation and also its distribution. Moreover, it also operates in natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy. The multinational company was the foremost company to start nuclear energy in Europe. The French company was founded on July 22, 2008. Its CEO is Isabelle Kocher and headquarters is in La Defense, Courbevoie, France.

6. China Yangtze Power

Best Power Generation Companies

China Yangtze Power simply is known as Yangtze Power is a Chinese electric company dealing with hydroelectric industry. Its majority share is held by China Three Gorges Corporation which is a state-owned enterprise. The company was founded on November 4, 2002. Li Yongan serves as the chairman of the enterprise and its headquarters is in Beijing, China. It manages the Three Gorges Dam Plant which is the biggest energy-producing facility in the world.

5. Southern Company

Best Power Generation Companies

Southern Company is an American company dealing with energy and telecom sectors of business. The electric holding company ranks 2nd among the biggest utility companies in the USA in terms of numbers. It has numerous subsidies such as Southern Company Gas, PowerSecure, Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Mississippi Power, Gulf Power, Southern Company Services, Southern Link, Southern Company, Southern Power. The company was founded in 1945. It serves in 18 states of US and has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

4. EDF Energy

Best Power Generation Companies

EDF stands for Electricite de France (Electricity of France). It is a French electric utility corporation which is primarily retained by the French state. The company’s energy generation capacity is more than 120 gigawatts. The multinational company operates in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It was the largest producer of electric energy in 2009. The primary production done by EDF is through nuclear energy. It has 58 currently active nuclear reactors just in France which are dispersed to 20 different sites. The company was founded by Marcel Paul in 1946. Its headquarters is in the beautiful city of Paris, France.

3. NextEra

Best Power Generation Companies

NextEra is an American company which pursues Electric Utility industry. It is one of the Fortune 200 Company because of generating approximately 45,000 Megawatts of energy. Its revenues are close to $17 billion and have numerous subsidiaries such as Florida Power & Light (FPL), NextEra Energy Resources (NEER) and also FPL Fibernet. The company serves in US and Canada. It was founded in 1924 and has headquarters at Juno Beach, Florida. Its subsidiary FPL is responsible for providing electricity to 4.8 million customers. It also has the 3rd largest facility in the US.

2. National Grid

Best Power Generation Companies

National Grid is a multinational electric and gas utility company. The British company majorly works in the United Kingdom and North Eastern area of the USA. Its market capitalization is approximately 40.5 billion pounds as of 2016 which ranks 20th among all of the companies. The company was founded in 1990. Its headquarters is in Warwick, United Kingdom, and John Pettigrew is its Chief Executive.

1. Duke Energy

Best Power Generation Companies

Duke Energy is one of the largest electric utility company in the world. It provides its services to more than 7 million consumers. The American company serves in 6 states of the US’s southeast and Midwest regions, it also operates in numerous Latin American regions. The power generation of the corporation is more than 55,000 megawatts. The company uses coal, natural gas, and oil for generating the tremendous amount of electricity required and it also utilises nuclear power plants to provide energy to Carolinas. It even holds 25% shares in National Methanol Company of Saudi Arabia. The company gained such position by merging with Progress in 2012. It was founded by James Buchanan Duke and Benjamin Newton Duke in 1904. Its headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

These companies are responsible for generating electric power to many different countries which is essentially the backbone of many nations. They each have various methods of producing the power though many have been trying to use renewable energy as a source. Their efforts need to be matched similarly by consumers so energy can be conserved.