Whenever one talks about books, magazines, novels, and authors, one always ignore something; actually, one ignores the most important thing of that block i.e. publisher of that material. No one cares who is the publisher of that book, author or the story but actually, they are the real heroes behind the scenes who finds out the best from a known as well as an unknown person and gives them a platform to speak and write their heart out and to make their own identity.

The major publishing houses in the world have given some of the classics which are deemed as the pillars of modern literature. The literary works of authors of every genre has been regarded for their work only because it was published by these houses. The contribution of the houses to literature as well as in the educational field is unfathomable. So, below are the top 10 best publishing houses in the world in 2019 which have done a brilliant job in the field of publishing.

10. McGraw Hill Education

Best Publishing Houses 2019

The house has produced unparalleled resources for a students all over the world pursuing any science field for their higher education. The publishing house makes sure that the students get the best materials when preparing for entrance exams. They publish in almost sixty different languages. They hold an estimated revenue of more than two thousand million dollars.

9. Hachette Livre

Best Publishing Houses

Hachette Livre is again a publishing house which has made a significant contribution in the world of education by publishing textbooks for students. The publishing house has also left its mark in the non academic field by contributing to literature in general which involves illustrated books for the youth and children’s books for the children.

8. Holtzbrinck

Best Publishing Houses

The German based publishing house holds a revenue of $2000. Holtzbrinck has its market mostly in Germany, US and Britain where they publish in massive numbers. They are mostly the educational related publishing house and owing to their reputation in the academicals they are regarded as one of the top notch publishing houses in the world.

7. Thomson Reuters

Best Publishing Houses

Thomson Reuters is a publishing house which easily sweeps the title for Jack of all trades. They print on topics related to law, finance, accounting, tax, business, management, healthcare, media and many more. They are primarily the publishing house who print the news for the public sector. With a turnover of around $2, 222 million, Thomson Reuters are the second best publishing house in the world.

6. Pearson

Best Publishing Houses

The Pearson Random House, after their merger with the Penguin Random House, are now the top and the largest publishing house worldwide and thus they land the first position in this list. The lead in the educational frontier and owing to the merger they also have a reputation in in the literary field. Pearson can be termed as the leader when it comes to publishing on a global scale. In 2012, it managed to pull in over $9 billion in revenue, far more than any other publisher around. They always strive to achieve what they say in their motto. Just for the fact that they do so, you can find their products all across the country USA and its long-lasting good will proves why the publishing house has made it to the list.

5. Scholastic

Best Publishing Houses

A household name which has been popular among the students of all generation, this publishing house has made a reputation for publishing children’s books and books related to the school curriculum, making sure that children develops the habit of reading from quite an early age. The US based publishing houses, holds a revenue of more than a thousand million dollars.

4. China South Publishing & Media Co. Ltd.

Best Publishing Houses

Brought to the world in 2008, the publishing house has the Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group as its owner. The group primarily manages state-owned assets and public institutions which is again held by the former Bureau of Press and Publication of Hunan Province . Relatively new in the publishing world, the house has made a significant contribution to the industry and has also a revenue of more than two thousand million dollars.

3. Harper Collins

Best Publishing Houses

The one publishing house which has revolutionised the English literature by publishing the best materials from reclaimed authors like Agatha Cristae and undoubtedly is one of the largest publishing house which has printed the most number of books in English. The house has been in the business for a long time and celebrates its 200th year this year.

2. Wolters Kluwer

Best Publishing Houses

Wolters Kluwer is a publishing house which prints media on topics which can be related to almost anything like legal, tax or accounting. They also publish on technological information on software. The publishing house holds an impressive revenue of more than four thousand million dollars and essentially makes the second best publishing house in the world.

1. Penguin Random House

Best Publishing Houses

The merger with Pearson, has resulted in a publishing house which has a glamorous history for producing literary works like no other. They have marked their name in almost all sections and genres of literature starting from the children’s book to some of the best classic works. They hold an estimated revenue of more than $4000 million and quite evidently is regarded as the best publishing house in the world.

So, these are the top 10 best publishing houses which successfully maintained their position in the list of top publishing houses in the world. Publishing houses always play an important role in the society as they transform a common people into a writer, editor and much more. Not to take the credits from the authors, it’s surely their dedication and hard work which urges the publisher to give them a breakthrough.

The above list shows the best publishing houses in the world 2019 which has made an impact in the publishing industry over the years and has provided the world with the best materials for both the academic world and the non academic world.