The shipping companies play a vital role in the economic development of the country. The large coastline of India is the main reason for the contribution of these companies towards the economic growth.

For all round development of any nation, trade is necessary. The import and export of goods and commodities are now possible with the help of the shipping corporations that facilitate the process of transportation and conveyance. Moreover, a lot of time is saved for which the economy relies on this mode. Hence the role of the shipping corporations is immense and the top 10 shipping corporations of India are as follows:

Here are the Top 10 Best & Largest Shipping Companies in India in 2017-2018

10. Shreyas Shipping

Shreyas Shipping Top Most Popular Largest Shipping Companies in India 2017

It is one of the private limited shipping companies that were established in the year 1988. The services that are provided by this shipping corporation are logistics related services, regional services, feeder services, port company services and various others. Originally, Shreyas shipping and logistics limited is a group that is based in Mumbai. On an average, it is estimated that the work strength could range from 2500 to nearly 4000 employees. The turnover of this private limited shipping corporation is nearly INR 190 crores.

9. Global Offshore Services Ltd

Global Offshore Services Ltd

It is also one of the gigantic shipping corporations that have its headquarter situated in the city of Mumbai. It is a private limited company with an approximate turnover of INR 640 crores. Some of the services provided by Global Offshore Services are cargo and goods transfer, transferring of passengers, and even operations related to anchor handling. The man behind the establishment of this company is Dr. B.D. Garware. The estimated work strength of the said corporation is around 2100 to 4100 employees.

8. Gujarat Pipavav

Gujarat Pipavav

Gujarat Pipavav well known as Pipavav Shipyard stands at the eighth position with an approximate market capitalisation of INR 1513 crores. Unlike the others, it is very much new in the market and started its operation in the year 1997. It is also a private limited company whose CEO is Mr. Rajiv Shukla. The services offered by Gujrat Pipavav are manufacturing of ship, the building of the pressure vessels, construction of merchant’s vessels as well as offshore supply vehicles, etc. the estimated work strength of the said company is around 3400 to 5100 employees.

7. Varun Shipping

Varun Shipping

Varun Shipping is again one of the well-known and reputed shipping companies in India. It is a private limited company that has been in the market for the last 27 years and providing its customers with valuable services. The estimated revenue of this colossal shipping corporation is nearly INR 1520 crores. The headquarters of Varun Shipping at present is in Mumbai and the employee strength of the company is around 3500 to 5500. Apart from the principal business of energy transportation, it has nearly 3 tankers of crude oil, 10 carriers of LPG, and about 20 vessels.

6. Mercator Limited

Mercator Limited

Mercator Limited is a Mumbai based private company that was founded in the year 1983. It ranks sixth in the list of the shipping companies and has work strength of more than 2500 employees. The operations of Mercator Limited comprises of offshore related business activity, shipping business, dredging business and even coal. The estimated turnover of this eminent business corporation is nearly INR 1833 crores. The present chairman of Mercator Ltd is Mr. H.K. Mittal. It has become a successful enterprise for its first class support for shipping throughout the country.

5. Bharati Shipyard

Bharati Shipyard

Bharati Shipyard is itself a reputed brand. It started with its operation in the year 1973 and since then it has become prominent. Presently, the headquarters of Bharati Shipyard is located in the city of Mumbai. It is again one of the companies having enormous work strength. The number of employees is estimated to be around 3500 to 5500. The men behind the birth of this private limited company are Mr. Vijay Kumar and Mr. P Kapoor. The estimated turnover is nearly INR 4700 crores. It is mainly involved in the business of construction, repair, and designing of ships.

4. ABG Shipyard

ABG Shipyard

ABG Shipyard is just like Bharati Shipyard in terms of their business related activity. Both of the shipping corporations focus on the manufacturing and designing of ships and are not involved in any sort of transport related activities. ABG Shipyard started its operation from 1985 and at present, the total number of employees is nearly 3500. The present chairman of this company is Mr. Rishi Agarwal. The estimated annual turnover of ABG Shipyard is nearly INR 4900 crores. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai and has its largest repairing unit located in Goa.

3. The Great Eastern Shipping Company

The Great Eastern Shipping Company

The Great Eastern Shipping Company is also known as the GE shipping comes third in the list of the top shipping corporations of India. It is again one of the companies that are based in Mumbai and is quite popular among the people for their precision and excellence in business activities. The real men behind the birth of this giant corporation are Bhiwandiwallas and Sheths. The present chairman of this private sector company is Mr. K.M. Seth. The principal business of GE shipping is offshore related business and shipping business. It also assists in the transportation of crude oil and has more than 20 vessels that serve the purpose. On an average, the work strength of this company is nearly 2500 to 3500 employees and the revenue generated annually is nearly INR 8200 crores.

2. Essar shipping

Essar shipping

Essar Shipping was established in 1945 and it takes the second position in the list. It is more popular among the people as Essar Shipping Ports and Logistics Ltd. It is considered to be one of the largest shipping companies in the private sector. At present, the headquarters is located in Mumbai and various other regional offices along the prominent parts of the nation. The chairman of Essar Shipping is Mr. Shahshi Ruia. It also assists in the transportation of heavy goods and crude oil and has a large number of vessels. The estimated turnover annually is INR 8300 crores and the employee strength lies in between 3500 to 6500.

1. The Shipping Corporation Of India Limited

The Shipping Corporation Of India Limited Top Most Famous Largest Shipping Companies in India 2018

The Shipping Corporation Of India Limited was established in the year 1961. It is an undertaking of the Government that has its headquarter situated in Mumbai. The present chairman of this public sector shipping corporation is Mr. B.K. Mandal. The estimated annual turnover is nearly INR 1400 crore with an employee strength of 3000. The principal business activity is shipping and it has a large number of vessels that operate in the sea.

Although many shipping companies operate throughout India, we have selected a few according to their functioning and services provided. All of the mentioned has been providing India with the best services for a long time.



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