With the growing trend of online imports and exports, trading companies are playing a major role in getting all the products we require. Market capitalisation refers to the total dollar market value of a company.The one factor that can be taken to get the top trading companies is by using market capitalisation.

Companies are ranked according to their market capitalisation and are classified as large-cap,mid-cap and small-cap companies.With these developments, let’s look at some of the largest trading companies in the world in 2019.

10. General Electric(GE)

Best Trading Companies 2019

GE is an American multinational corporation founded in 1892. It’s one of the oldest trading companies in the list. Its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts, US.The industry it looks into his Conglomerate. Recently in 2017, it ranked among the Fortune 500 as the thirteenth largest firm. It produced products in the field of Aircraft engines, Electrical distribution, Lighting and also in weapons. With the revenue of $123.7 billion and having 295,000 number of employees, GE is considered as the top trading company. Inspiring the young aspirants by providing great opportunities and a world-changing job, GE offers jobs in 74 countries. Withholding the passion and integrity and also maintaining culture and values, GE is always pushing itself forward to improve, and grow everywhere they do business.

9. JP Morgan

Best Trading Companies

JP Morgan Chase is an US-based multinational banking and financial services. Its headquarters are in New York City and is considered as the largest bank in the United States. With the assets of $2.5 trillion, it is the world’s sixth largest bank. It mainly looks into banking and financial services founded in 2000. It developed products in the areas like Asset allocation, Asset management, Consumer banking and lot many. Partnering with the local organisations, JP Morgan is always ahead in providing creative solutions that respond to neighbourhood needs. Serving corporations and individuals in over 100 countries, it aimed to be the most respected financial services firm globally.

8. Johnson & Johnson

Best Trading Companies

Inspired by a speech by an antiseptic advocate, Robert wood Johnson joined with his brothers and started a company Johnson & Johnson in 1886. The products it deals with are Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Consumer health.Johnson & Johnson embrace the innovations and bring ideas, products, and services to advance the health and wellbeing of people around the world. It works in 60 countries having employees 125,000. Following the vision to help people everywhere live longer, healthier and happier the company is doing it’s best and it is in the top list of trading companies.

7. ExxonMobil

Best Trading Companies

ExxonMobil is an oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas. It’s an American multinational company and was formed in 1999. ExxonMobil is the world’s seventh-largest company by revenue. Using its technology and innovation the company is helping to meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil has a long history of leadership in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Providing safety and security to all its 73,500 employees, ExxonMobil is a rapidly growing company.

6. Facebook

Best Trading Companies

In the current generation, there’s no one who is not aware of the word Facebook. Irrespective of the age group Facebook pulled all the customers on its side with the new innovations and creative thinking. Facebook is an American for-profit corporation. It’s an online social media and social networking service based in California. The website was launched in 2004 and gained huge popularity in no time. One of the reasons behind Facebook development is that it allows you to maintain a friends list and thus, you can be in contact with many of them. Facebook is one of the rapidly growing companies and improving itself day by day coming up with new creative decisions and innovations.

5. Amazon.com

Best Trading Companies

Amazon.com is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Washington and was founded in 1994. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world and for every individual who purchases things online, the very first option is Amazon. It works in many diversified fields and develops products like Amazon echo, Amazon Kindle, and Amazon video. With its diversity in fields, Amazon has its customers in all the genres. Providing 341,000 employment opportunities, it is a worldwide consumer-based company. Currently, AWS is an evolving cloud computing platform providing online services for websites and client-side applications. Providing remote career opportunities, Amazon is also the great platform for all the future workforce. In total, Amazon is in the top list evolving and emerging with innovations and also technological solutions.

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Best Trading Companies

Berkshire Hathaway home services are designed for today’s real estate market. Providing services to high-end residential markets to middle market communities, it is a real estate brokerage franchise network. Berkshire Hathaway made a mark with the promise to keep up the integrity, professionalism and also innovation. Giving the best platform to buy a house, it made all its customers satisfied with the services offered by the company many years. Working in the industry Conglomerate it was founded in 1879 headquartered at Nebraska, US. The company mainly works in the fields of Restaurants, Food Processing, Aerospace globally. The company reached its revenue as US$223.60 billion and stood at the top company and continues to grow steadily.

3. Microsoft

Best Trading Companies

Microsoft Corporation has it’s best-known software products are the Microsoft Windows operating systems and constantly proved itself to be the best by new innovations and coming up with the new features always steadily. It was founded in 1975 headquartered Washington, US.With more than 1,000 researchers in our labs, it’s one of the largest in the world. The company gives importance to every person’s contributions and has set a dream for the future workforce to work with the company. Microsoft gives value to all of its clients and keeping it inclusive, transparent and respectful human rights. Microsoft is a rapidly emerging company with the new features to keep with the future technology.

2. Google

Best Trading Companies

Google began in 1998 that specialises in Internet-related services and products. The one word that comes to one’s mind to search for a thing is Google.Google made its mark unique even though there are many search engine companies. It mainly works on the domains like search, cloud computing, online advertising sites. Google has spread its hands in almost all the domains and actions. Google is a platform where the young aspirants can launch their career in the fields that are changing the current world. Working in the domains like AI, ML and Deep learning Google is providing the world many innovative things and making our lives easier. Google is an ever growing company with its innovative technical solutions and services offered to its clients and people.

1. Apple

Best Trading Companies

Apple doesn’t just create products, they create wonder. It’s the diversity of the people and their ideas that come up with the innovations. It runs through everything from current technology to the industry-leading environment. It was founded in 1976, headquartered California.Apple made its unique mark by helping to live in a better world.The company always took the responsibility to provide the better products and results for all of its clients considering the human relations. Maintaining a good relationship with the clients and users, Apple has always been the first choice for the users to get products including the iPhone smartphone, the iPhone tablet computer, and Mac the personal computer. Apple works in the industry of computer hardware, computer software, consumer electronics and also in digital distribution.

The importing and exporting of goods is a vast and rapidly growing business in today’s global economy. Trade often raises the standard of living and also the benefits and pitfalls of it affect the economy. As transportation has become less expensive and also an improvement in telecommunications, trading companies flourished in business. With its steady development and growth, trading companies are playing a unique role in helping customers and users with their services.


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