Sometimes it’s okay to show off a lil’ bit and be the centre of attraction. Leather seems to be a thing that makes your look bolder and stylish. It’s a very elegant material and gives a classy appearance to the wearer. Well, in most places of India, the perfect time for leather clothing starts from the onset of winter. Indians do have a craze for leather jackets and why not! It surely does elevate one’s fashion or style quotient manifolds.

This sophisticated yet classy thing in fashion has been in the trend from decades and will surely hold its position for eternity. Leather jackets are tough, stylish and most importantly, saves you from the cold. Indian fashion market has gained positive momentum in this regard and becomes one of the best places to seek for leather jackets.

But when it comes to quality plus style plus trend, some brands need to get themselves be reminded of. So, we have got you few of the top brands which are ought to deliver you with the best leather jackets in India in 2019.

10. Justanned

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India 2019

Justanned makes the perfect collection of leather jackets when it comes to youngsters wearing it. This brand adds a retro feel to the leather jacket range which the new generation would love for sure. Their range of collection provides a mixture of style, trend, quality and attitude. They have some of the quite sophisticated designed jackets in their stock. Flaunting the fresh look and endless comfort are few factors which brings this brand in the Top 10 list.

9. US Polo Assn

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

United States Polo Association makes it next in the list. They have also taken fashion to a whole new level with their innovative yet classy designs. Solid colours have been their favourite and some jackets, as said before, comes with innovative design like detachable hood and spread zipper pockets. Their exclusive ranges of leather jackets for bikers are amazing and something or other will surely get stuck to your wish list. Indians can look out for their products in many online sites and choose whatever suits best.

8. Fossil

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

To get the better of your first impression with the factor of comfort simultaneously, Fossil brand comes to the rescue. They have got some of the great designs of leather jackets with them that you will surely love to have. Fossil is one of the companies which have wide range of products in this category. Fabulous finish and high end quality is guaranteed in Fossil’s leather jackets. They will surely make you ponder with products available for both men and women.

7. Burberry

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

Burberry has made a quiet reputation in the Indian market as they probably have the hugest range of apparel with them. Nevertheless, their leather jacket has become a wish for most. Burberry releases you with the tension of what to choose as they have one of the most authentic leather jackets with huge variation. They have the best finishing with the greatest quality that is always superfine. You may seek their products with leading retailers or browse online stores.

6. Lee

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

Exclusive designs, great colours and quality finishing makes Lee one of the best Leather jacket manufacturing company in the world. They manufacture jackets with awesome yet simple designs which gives the wearer elegant look. They use finest genuine leathers in their products to make you the utmost comfortable when you have them on. Be it occasions like nightclubs, club wear, proms or just simple winter-wear, they have something or the other to get a place in your wardrobe.

5. Gucci

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

Gucci, a world famous brand, makes some of the must have apparel in your wardrobe. Be it for casual or party wear, they have it all. This brand can be trusted blindly, but condition is that you ought to have a heavily filled wallet. The good and authentic leather that they use for the leather jackets are the most genuine ones. The versatility that this brand’s product hold is surely attention grabbing. Gucci remains to be a trusted brand in the Indian market and can be easily relied upon.

4. Andrew Marc New York

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

This USA based brand has lit up the Indian market with their eye-catching products including leather jackets. They have a great vibrant range of leather jackets. The studded leather jackets will bring up the style quotient of yours with the stylish yet sober look. If money isn’t a factor and style & quality is all that matters to you, Andrew Mark could be the ultimate brand to hook with.

3. Schott NYC

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

This brand is gradually setting up its hold in the Indian market and customers are really going mad over its product. Be it for bikers or bombers, casual or party wear, their amazing range of collection will surely make you one of the trendsetters. Wearing their leather jackets will grace your presence be it any occasion. Its assured quality brings it in the must have a list for men and women. They are set to become one of the most desired and popular brands in India.

2. Levi Strauss & Co.

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

It is probably the most renowned brand in India, as everyone knows the name and quality it’s product posses. You will never have to face the need for a second thought as Levi provides you with the top-notch quality that you with your hard earned money deserve. Products have great fittings and ultimate comfort. Buying from them may lighten your pocket slightly, but you will never feel regret once you wear it. With undisputable leather quality, you can always flaunt of your style with their amazing leather jackets.

1. Denim

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

Making it first to the list is Denim. Their leather jackets are considered to be the most durable ones with great designing that will make you awestruck for a moment or so. The authenticity has made them sit at the first place in the list. Wearing one of their leather jackets will give you the ultimate badass look. Their wide range of jackets will meet every purpose of yours.

Smartness and stylishness go hand in hand when you wear a good leather jacket. Above are few of the best brands in India market that will surely provide you with the best of these. So get one for yourself and be ready to flaunt your look.


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