Leather jackets are among the pricey possession men adore. For generations, leather jackets have been and continue to be among the fashionable and most sought-after outfit. This has seen inflation of the market with quark who offers unsuspecting customers Poromeric imitation leather, poromerics, and faux leather that only end up being a disappointment after a number of days. Genuine, pure, real and authentic leather jackets are costly than the faux ones. Despite the design, they are long-lasting and offer comfort to the wearer especially in the cold weather.

With the numerous upcoming real designers and fake quarks on the verge of taking part in this lucrative industry, there is need for knowledge on the best brands to seek just to be sure whatever you have on the shopping cart is authentic. The top 10 best leather jacket brands in the world 2019 are designed and created of genuine leather and offer the desired and perfect experience whenever worn.

1. All Saints

Best Leather Jacket Brand

The biggest and most sought-after leather jacket brand is the All Saints Brand. The popularity of the jacket comes with its availability to both men and women who get varying designs of different colors made from high quality leather. The designs are tailored to feature varying styles and tastes as well as wear for varying occasions.

2. Marc Jacobs

Best Leather Jacket Brand

Unlike most of the leading brands with men or unisex designs, Marc Jacobs is a special brand for women. The company designs branded leather outfits in feminine designs that are classy and outstanding in appearance. The design brand is based in the US but its products are available throughout the globe. These are easily accessible through local and online shops operated by the designer. This comes alongside well stipulated shipment plans for overseas buyers.

3. Balmain

Best Leather Jacket Brand

Bailmain is one of the most popular jackets in the overall. The leather jacket brand is made of stunning leather created in unique designs that not only make it to the top of the league among the super high-quality jackets but also an accessory of class. Owing to its popularity, The France based brand is also among the most expensive brands among the leather jackets. Superstars and the trendsetters in the fashion industry are known for the high regard of the leather jacket that is gaining unprecedented popularity among the youngsters.

4. John Varvatos

Best Leather Jacket Brand

John Varvatos is a US based design company with a wide range of products for the fashions industry. They include clothes, shoes and other pricey accessories. The most popular of their name making products is the leather jackets. The John Varvatos leather jacket brands are made from high quality leather with designs for both men and women. The designs are made from different colors and this gives a variety of choice to customers. This is also an aspect that is used to enhance attractiveness of the jackets.

5. Gucci

Best Leather Jacket Brand

Gucci brand produces products based on a simple fact that leather jackets do not have to be boring always. Gucci brand is better known for its wide range of products that are not only unique but as well they always look trendy. These include shoes and accessories with a major feature to custom designs. One big defining feature of the products from Gucci is the patches, embellishments and threadwork applied to the designs in varying patterns always producing unique pieces that are not only unique but which depict power and class. Gucci is a popular brand among the young generations and celebrated by both men and women.

6. Coach

Best Leather Jacket Brand

This is one of the leading designs from leading designers in the US. The coach brand offers more than just the leather jackets to include leather accessories. The design fits perfectly for all round use from office to casual wear. The design comes with unique features that include innovative hues, leathers and natures essence to enhance the design giving them a unique and stylish attribute. The design by the famous US brand designer is available on international platforms with the brand running its own stores in major parts of the globe including china, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. The designer also runs online stores with reliable shipment arrangement for customers from around the globe.

7. Burberry

Best Leather Jacket Brand

Burberry has dominated the leather design brands since 1856 when the first design was created under this name. The style, color, pattern and texture used for this brand remain unique and outstanding in all aspects. Designers of the brand are credited with design of trench coats that served in the military and the army in the early years of 20th century. The brand has gained international recognition for trendy and versatile designs that fit to different occasions while still maintaining own class. The leather fabric used to design this jacket is handpicked and of high quality. Among the greatest features that define this brand include quilted patterns, light weight and high-quality leather.

8. Harley Davidson

Best Leather Jacket Brand

Harley Davidson is one among the leading sporting leather brands. A creation of Harey Davidson Company established in 1903, the jackets are created as part of the best biking accessories from the company. They are made of pure strong leather with ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. The brand is also designed in a way it offers comfort through the long biking hours. This is enhanced by the jackets unique feature of being breathable. The brand normally targets youngsters who form majority of bikers. More to this the designs are unisex and fit well for both men and women from all over the globe.

9. Salvatore Ferragamo S.P.A

Best Leather Jacket Brand

Servatore Ferragamo is a brand from one of the best designers in the US. The brand manufacturer also delves into leather bags, blazers, outwears and a range of other expensive outfits made of leather. The most outstanding features of this brand is use of strong soft leather that makes it soft and light to wear. The jackets are also trendy and reversible a factor attributed to popularity of the brand among modern youngsters. The popular and trending designs from this brand are available from different stores operated by the designer in different parts of the globe. Where local stores are inaccessible, the designer operates online stores with convenient shipping plans to cater for its wide range of clients.

10. Hugo Boss

Best Leather Jacket Brand 2019

Hugo Boss jackets owe its origin to the German country. They are manufactured by a leading German designer company, Hugo Boss AG that operates Metzingen a popular style house in the country. This is a popular brand found in all corners across the globe. Hugo Boss jackets are defined by the premium materials, cuts and designs that make them stand out among others. They are defined as sporty; they are casual and definitely classy. The brand is specially designed for men but is also popular among women in certain corners of the globe. Despite being a ready-made design, the brand products normally appear custom when worn.

For decades, leather jackets continue to be among the best pieces on any cloth line. They are strong, last longer and always depict class. From many years of designs, designers have managed to create unique and outstanding designs that offer a new experience away from the traditional great leather jackets story. Embattlements, threading and other fashion trends used to enhance the brands is not only bringing the new experience but opening an avenue for continued use and regard of leather jackets as unique and outstanding. The top 10 brands have made a mark in the fashion industry and stands out even when others are still around.


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