LED lights have been the most efficient form of energy that consumes less electricity and save your monthly electricity bill at a relatively low price. The usage of LED has been increasing in recent times for its unique features of being safe and cooler than other incandescent lights and it is also more resistant from breakage.

It is very convenient and safe to use at every home, offices, and even in shops to reduce your electricity bill and consumes less heat and power for your better and healthy living. This new technology has changed the society in a better way and with its increasing demand, it has higher grossing sells units in the Indian market. So, to get an overview of the whole thing we have list top 10 best LED companies in India:

Following are the Top 10 Best LED Light Companies In India 2019

10. Surya

Surya Top Popular LED Companies in India 2019

Surya LED bulbs show impeccable features of producing energy efficient bulbs and other LED products at a cost-friendly range to afford your budget. They are commonly known as ‘Surya Roshni’ for their advancement of showing over 50 products under their company name. They give their customers mercury-free products which prevent from unhealthy emission from the lights to protect your home and offices. It is user-friendly and consumes less electricity to maintain your monthly budget. Their range of products includes commercial lights, bulbs, ceiling lights, street lights, wall lights, tube lights, linear lamps which tend to give safe mode of lighting.

9. Moser Baer

Moser Baer

Moser Baer is formerly known for its computer storage items like CDs and DVDs that earned them great popularity all across India with impeccable success and recognition. But now the company has come up with its new features in LED products for the increasing demand for LED products everywhere. They have introduced their new range of LED products like bulbs, tube lights, ceiling lights, commercial lights, street lights, down lights, spot lights, and much other with energy efficiency and consume less heat and power as well for a better living. They last 5 times longer and it gives UV free safe lights.

8. Oreva


It is one of the leading brands with high energy efficiency and cost effective LED product for the advancement of the new living in a healthier way. It tends to provide mercury-free LED products which will not hurt your eyes from the burning heat. It is often cooler than other incandescent lights which soothe your eyes. They have a wide range of other products like wires, calculator, switches, telephones, and much other. On the other hand, LED products ranges from bulbs, street lights, tube lights, down lights, spot light, and varied available options.

7. Syska


Syska LED is one of the leading brands in producing high-quality LED lights in numerous price ranges to suit your monthly budget. It offers to give durable products with high energy efficiency with less power and less heat to give you and your family a better and safe living. It comes with a range of choices for the customers to match what suits them the best for their home and offices. They have a numerous range of products which includes corn lights, commercial lights, industrial lights, bulb, tube lights, down lights, street lights, decorative luminaries, parking lights, flood lights, tunnel lights, garden lights, balcony lights, track lights, and much more with varied options.

6. Eveready


Eveready has always known for its energy efficient batteries for wall clocks and TV remotes. It is a 100 years old company with enormous success and recognition all across India. They have now come up with their specialized range of LED products which is illuminating every home and offices in a better and safe way to acquire more trust and faith of their valued customers. However, they range their products with long-shelf life which include tube lights, ceiling lights, bulbs, decorative luminaries, and other available products. It is the most trustable and reliable brand which needs no description much as the brand name says it all.

5. Bajaj


Bajaj is the oldest manufacturer of various electrical products ranging from fans, vehicles, kitchen appliances; switch boards, lights, and much more. They give durable products with high energy efficiency for the safe lighting mode. To avoid high breakage they have come up with their new LED feature of non-breakable and long lasting products. Their range of products includes bulbs, street lights, spot lights, flood lights, down lights, commercial lights, tube lights, and other as well.

4. Havells


Havells is the most popular and trusted electrical brand of India with 100% satisfying customers. They look after the needs of their customers by selling them a genuine quality of LED lights that uplift their home décor and give them a peaceful sleep at night with the assurance of high safety and flame free LEDs. They offer lights for both commercial and residential use with high defines design and pattern. They give a range of LED products which includes commercial lights, lamps, Tube lights, Street lamps, Bulbs, Spot Lights, COB Fixtures, and much more options in their LED range. They give genuine quality products by giving a tough competition to the other brands in the Indian market.

3. Wipro


Wipro is a leading brand in India which provides safe, durable, long lasting, and reliable LED lights for all purposes like commercial, residential, and industrial as well. The lights have unique finishing with an absolute stylish pattern that enhances the beauty of your home and offices. It is a fast growing company for producing high-quality LED products in every part of India. Nonetheless, Wipro is always a smart buy for any customers. Their range of products includes Linear Lamps, Flexible Strip Lights, Ceiling lights, Bulbs, street lamps, Suspended Luminaries, and much more.

2. Osram


They offer safe, high quality, modern, and exclusive design LED that not only will keep you safe from fire but also it will give a unique touch of the modern look at your home and offices. The brand is noteworthy and popular for its premium quality of product and end to end services to the customers. They have a longer-shelf life at an affordable price range to meet the daily needs of the customers. It provides their products both in rural and urban areas with 24X7 help support. They comprise less power and less energy of LED products to enhance your home and office in a safer way. It supports products like Bulbs, street lights, ceiling lights, flood lights, Luminaries, down lights, and much more in options.

1. Philips

Philips Top Famous LED Companies in India 2019

Philips is the top leading brand in various electrical products maintaining certified quality in their various ranges of products. They undoubtedly give energy efficient products with consuming less voltage and less power for your home and office purpose. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of electrical products over more than 75 years service in India. They have a varied range of products which include bulbs, tube lights, decorative luminaries, down lights, garden lights, track lights, ceiling lights, flood lights, spot lights, and various others in options.

These top 10 best LED companies in India are the pioneer of durability, tenability, and reliability. These companies provide services with integrity for their valuable customers.