Lipsticks colors come in various shades to help enhance women lips by giving them a striking resemblance. Lipsticks colors accentuate women personality by making them appear classy and elegant. In fact, glossy lipstick enhances women beauty and this makes women attractive to men.

Different shades of lipsticks are available in cosmetic and beauty shops. Therefore, this makes it easy for women to obtain lipsticks with ease. However, it is important for women to choose quality lipsticks from renowned brands because they are many counterfeit lipsticks in the market. There are various instances whereby fake lipsticks have corroded women lips causing them to chip and turn black. As such, this article will outline the top ten international lipstick brands that are famous and adequate in grooming women lips.

Let’s find the names of Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands In The World for 2019

1. Mac

Mac Top Famous Lipstick Brands in World 2019

Mac is the most recognized lipstick brand in the world because it provides superior and quality lipsticks. The brand targets women from the high-end because its products are expensive and durable. In addition, film stars, models, celebrities, utilize Mac products because it has a touch of class and elegance. Mac offers a variety of glosses, lipsticks and tints that come in all colors. Mac offers a wide selection of lipstick colors that covers all skin type, which makes it difficult for women to run out of selection. Thus, Mac offers shiny lipsticks that give women a gorgeous look that will suit their appearance in different occasions.

2. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a worldwide successful cosmetic brand that is popular among the makeup artists. The brand achieves its success through producing classy lipstick colors and numerous glosses globally. In addition, the brand reaches the heart of various women because it also offers different products that serve humanity such as nutritional food. The most remarkable thing about Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is that it contains antioxidant substances as its primary element. The antioxidant element in lipsticks helps keep women skin healthy and allows their lips to have a shiny appearance. Nonetheless, the antioxidants element helps women with dried and chapped lips because it moisturizes the lips and helps its recovery.



NARS provides the best skincare products in the world. Francois Nars founded this company with an aim of providing the best cosmetic and skin care products. Therefore, the brand is widely known to produce lipsticks with a fruity taste. The lipsticks use fruit extracts because they aim at maintaining the health of the lips as well as furnishing the lips with nutritional ingredients. Moreover, NARS offers durable and waterproof lipsticks colors that suit the skin complexion of various women across all age groups. As such, NARS is a trusted brand name among women who identify with healthy lifestyles.

Some of the most typical NARS products include bronzers, lipsticks, blushes and eye palettes used in eye shadow. Nonetheless, the brand is known to provide the best red lipstick shade in the world. More importantly, it provides unique names for its lipsticks that entice women senses and persuades them to purchase the product. For example, NARS offers a lipstick product known as “Orgasm.”

4. Dior


Dior is a common brand name among celebrities and Hollywood actors. Dior is a brand that many makeup artists utilize because of its exceptional quality and smooth finish. Dior comes in three categories, which are Dior Rouge, Dior addict and Diorific. The categories are a couture collection that provides matte lipstick with pigmented finish to provide a lasting comfort. Dior provides 16 hours comfort and maintains a magnificent lip color without drying the mouth. In fact, the brand offers long lasting lipsticks that come in a myriad of colors, which include vibrant corals, iconic reds, romantic rosewoods and bold mattes.

The different shades help women to express themselves in a sexy and bold manner. Nonetheless, Dior is enriched with a hydrated mango butter that helps revitalize the lips and creates an elegant effect. Therefore, a lipstick from Dior is necessary because it is easy to wear, it is vibrant and it is alluring. To appear trendy and a stylish woman, one should not miss Dior lipsticks because of their excellent quality and ability to revitalize the lips.

5. Lancôme


Most models, artists, fashion experts and celebrities first lipstick choice is known as Lancôme. Lancôme is an elegance French cosmetic brand that is famously known for delivering valued skin care products to women worldwide. Lancôme Company collaborates with various celebrities in unveiling the finest lipsticks shades in the world. Lancôme produces premium matte lipstick that varies from high pigmentation lipsticks to addictive colors. For instance, Lancôme innovatively created a liquid lipstick shaker whereby the liquid turns into a beautiful matte after few minutes.

The liquid matte leaves behind an elegant stained look for women that choose to remain bold. The liquid matte comes in seven colors that range from opaque to high bright colors such as red and purple. The most intriguing bit is that the liquid matte is enriched with silicone oils and this helps to reduce chances of lipstick sticking on the skin. The silicone oils also revitalize the lips and prevents them from drying, hence leaving the woman lips looking enticing.

6. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is the world famous manufacturer of makeup products and prestigious fragrances. Estee Lauder is a top lipstick brand that produces various lipsticks that match females’ personalities and qualities. The brand is worldly recognized for creating long lasting lipsticks of pure color that can be utilized by both young and mature women worldwide. Estee Lauder is the best brand in New York because it is about style, elegance and beauty.

7. Chanel


Chanel is a brand that speaks for itself when it comes to style, elegance and colors. Chanel is a brand known to produce various shades of lipstick that are lightweight and favor women that are laid back. Chanel lipsticks are long lasting and do not chip easily making the woman to feel comfortable and classy for more extended periods .The lightweight lipsticks allows women to apply it easily and it ensures that their lips are hydrated the whole day.

Examples of Chanel brand lipsticks include Chanel Rouge and Rouge Coco. Rouge Coco lipstick is enriched with an extracts from apple seeds, coconut and jojoba oil. Nonetheless, the lipstick derives its ingredients from beeswax and silk powder to help create a visible smooth and 3D shine on women’s lips. Chanel lips are convenient, and have a twist up applicators that enables an individual to swipe it with ease.

8. Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever is a brand lipstick famously recognized for its appealing and dominative matte and pearly lipstick ranges. The MakeUp forever lipsticks are highly pigmented thereby leaving long lasting and bold effects on an individual lips. The brand produces artist liquid color that is a long lasting color, readily applicable and with a comfortable texture. Nonetheless, the brand provides lipsticks colors that are long wear, high coverage and transfer proof. As such, the brand gives women a gorgeous and stylish look that matches their trendy lifestyles.

9. Bobbi brown

Bobbi brown

Bobbi brown is an expensive lipstick brand that provides lipstick colors that contain multivitamins and wax. The brand manufactures lipsticks that meet trendy women requirements and demands. As such, the company aims to make ladies look like stylish icons of their era. The ingredients used in the manufacturing process of the lipsticks intends to act on the lips delicately and providing them with a revitalizing look. Bobbi brown lipsticks give lips a fuller textures and a soft finishing. Indeed, the lipsticks also contain extracts from Vitamin E and C, which aim to nourish the lips in a natural manner.

10. Guerlain

Guerlain Top Popular Lipstick Brands in World 2019

Guerlain is a brand publicly found in classic cosmetic lists. The brand prides itself in providing makeup products from various ranges. However, the most recognized Guerlain product is the lipsticks because they are produced in standard and bold colors. Guerlain lipsticks have long lasting impacts and depict and enduring sign of beauty and elegance among women. Thus, Guerlain lipsticks give women fuller lips that are stunning and attractive.

In conclusion, we cannot ignore the significance of lipstick in women’s lives. Whether a woman chooses a famous brand or expensive brand, they should make a careful selection. There are wide ranges of lipstick brands and it is important that women identify the makeup content of lipsticks. It is vital to choose a lipstick brand that suits a woman skin texture and matches your budget limits. So, the lipsticks discussed above will provide a clear description of the best lipstick brands to make women lipstick selection convenient and easy.


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