Lubricants are key to any engine’s working. They allow the engine parts to glide over each other smoothly, reducing the friction between them. In turn, the wear and tear is also reduced. This allows the engine to function for longer periods of time without repeated need of maintaining it. Below are top 10 best lubricant companies in the world in 2019.

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10. ConocoPhillips

Best Lubricant Companies 2019

Headquartered in the United States, ConocoPhillips is a multinational company that focuses on energy. It was established in 1875 as a candle and grease distributor. It soon shifted its goals to research, develop and produce natural gas on a global scale. It brings in a revenue of 16 million dollars.

9. PetroChina

Best Lubricant Companies

China’s biggest oil producer, PetroChina is headquartered in Beijing and was founded in 1999. It is believed to be the most profitable company in all of Asia. Unlike many of the world’s lubricant companies, PetroChina has been taking precautions to avoid environmental damage with its products. Though it was careful in its manufacturing, there was an oil spill in 2005 that spanned eighty long kilometres. The spill caused the company a million yuan for its mistake. That is the maximum amount of money the country could charge.

8. Pemex

Best Lubricant Companies

A petroleum company headquartered in Mexico, Pemex was founded in 1938. Most of the company’s shares are held by the Mexican government and are not known publicly. It is believed that Mexico has much larger reserves that cannot be discovered because Pemex lacks the infrastructure and technology. To explore the Gulf of Mexico, among other reserves, the Pemex would require help of foreign companies.

7. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

Best Lubricant Companies

Focusing on research and production of petroleum, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is one of the largest and most trusted businesses. It was established in 1980 under the government control. Since then, it has grown to export to many countries under the brand name Q8 and has more than four thousand service stations across the world. It also engages in offshore businesses and has companies in more than twenty countries around the world. The company has also ventured into marine transportation and petrochemicals. Crude oil, petroleum and fertilisers are some of the company’s most popular and most demanded products.

6. Castrol

Best Lubricant Companies

Headquartered in India, Castrol is a lubricant producing company that focuses on automotive lubricants. The company serves over seventy thousand retail outlets with around five manufacturing plants across the country. Castrol company did not always manufacture lubricants. Back in 1990’s, it used to import oils from a certain CC Wakefield company. Wakefield company was making an entry into the Indian market. The company later changed the name to Castrol and focuses on prevention of corrosion products. Its revenue is estimated to be around three hundred million dollars.

Ever since the properties of lubricant oils were realised, the demand has been growing exponentially. Lubricants are great friction reducers, and almost every industry in today’s day and age makes use of these lubricants for smooth functioning of its systems.

5. Royal Dutch Shell

Best Lubricant Companies

Based in Netherlands, Royal Dutch Shell is a British company famously known as Shell. Active in almost every area in the oil and gas industry, it was founded in 1907 through an interesting merger of two rival companies: The Royal Dutch Petroleum and Shell Transport Company. The merged company was later incorporated in the United Kingdom and has operated from there ever since. The company also made headlines a few years ago. Its pipelines were old and toxic to the environment. Its presence in the Niger Delta area led to severe damage in the nearby environment. There were also mass protests demanding the company to shut down that were staged outside its headquarters. Nevertheless, it still remains one of the most influential companies in the lubricant manufacturing field.

4. British Petroleum

Best Lubricant Companies

British Petroleum became one of the world’s largest company because of its merger with the Amoco Corporation. Headquartered in London, it quickly rose to popularity before the British government reduced the amount of its ownership by selling the company’s shares to the public. The company then went on to broaden its horizons by establishing its presence in several countries. It built numerous refineries and oil fields, gradually making its way up towards the top.

3. Valvoline

Best Lubricant Companies

Reducing friction and any signs of wear, Valvoline manufactures engine oils. Many of the vehicles’ engine parts have a thin lubricating film that helps glide them easily over each other. Valvoline is the leading company in the field of engine oils. It produces its products using latest technology and precision methods. The company was founded by Dr. Ellis when he was looking for medicinal values in crude oils. The crude oils’ lubricating properties caught his eye and since then, his company has had more than 150 years of experience in this field, making it the leading company and the most trusted one.

2. Indian Oil Corporation

Best Lubricant Companies

Also known to locals as IndianOil, this enterprise is headquartered in Mumbai. It is India’s leading company in the field of oils and accounts for more than half of the country’s petroleum products. Bharat and Hindustan Petroleum companies are now believed to be its competitors. The company has around thirty thousand employees and has a revenue of nearly 96 billion rupees.

1. Petronas

Best Lubricant Companies

Established in 1974, Petronas is a Malaysian company that focuses on the oil and gas industry. With its presence in more than thirty countries, the company is headquartered in Malaysia. It is believed that more than half of the Malaysian Government income is dependent on this company and its dividends. One of the key factors that led to the formation of Petronas was Malaysia’s heavy dependence on foreign oil and gas companies. Malaysian government sought to become independent and at the same time, the technology required was developed. These, and several other key factors led to the creation of Petronas.

Lubricants are the most important part of any engine that is being manufactured. Without the presence of lubricants, the engine parts suffer severe tear and would not be of much use. Lubricants help ease the friction by providing a thin sheet of protection upon which these parts can slide over each other.



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