Luggage bags are meant for essential part of the travel or business plans. There are varieties of bags available in the market worldwide but choosing the best one is essential as it takes care of your belongings during your journey time. Moreover, while choosing your luggage bags you should take into account your need. Depending on the use they may differ in size, texture, design and based on choice there may be different colours and designs.

Best luggage bags should have qualities like durable, water resists capacity, easy to carry, lightweight, washable and most importantly affordable. The reputation of a brand also helps in deciding which one to shop rather than just comparing the price tags. India being a country with second largest population provides a wide range of market to the multinational companies. Between such varieties of choices it is difficult to choose one. Be smart, follow your choice and need and buy the one which best suits you and your personality. Below is the list of top 10 best luggage brands in the Indian market in 2019.

10. Victorinox

Best Luggage Brands in India 2019

It is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to choosing one to buy. They gained attention for their qualities like durability and strength. They are long lasting and can be expanded in case the luggage exceeds the storing capacity. They offer a wide range of designs with multiple numbers of pockets meant for storing items of varying sizes. It was first introduced in the year 1884 by Karl elsener and was a division of Swiss army knife manufacturer. It is made up of 100% nylon materials and has lockable coil zippers.

9. Reebok

Best Luggage Brand in India

It is one of the most reputed names in the market of luggage bags. There is hardly anything that goes wrong after buying reebok travelling bags. They are best known for their adjustability, detachable shoulder straps and comfort they provide while carrying them. There are varied ranges of their bag-packs available in Indian market.

8. Wildcraft

Best Luggage Brand in India

They are famous for the distinct personality they carry with them. They are more famous among the travellers because they provide utmost comfort and durability to the traveller. They are surely the best luggage bags one should invest in. They are amazing in texture and quality. The company was founded in the year 1998 with the motto of ‘come alive’. Thus they provide their best to improve their services and giving the best comfortable travel bags on which the customer could rely upon.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Best Luggage Brand in India

It is a product of American Multinational Corporation which was formerly known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. They are famous for being handy and comfortable while carrying which is possible due to its quick release strap technique. This quick release strap system inside the luggage bag makes it extremely handy. They manufacture a variety of other products of the upper market but they produce high quality of travel bags which are their best production.

6. Skybags

Best Luggage Brand in India

They are more famous among the youngsters due to their colourful nature and overall good look. They are produced by VIP industries private limited who is Asia’s largest and prominent brand based on Mumbai to produce travel bags. They are extremely light in their weight and are famous for their innovative textures. They have introduced to the concept of fashion favoured travel bags. Externally they look classy, pretty with amazing designs and colours.

5. Delsey

Best Luggage Brand in India

It is manufactured by a French-based company which manufactures travel and luggage bags of various types. They offer a unique sense of style and durability in their bags. They are synonymous with luxury in travel fields. They have a widespread network of distribution in more than 100 countries which includes India also. They have a variety of bags like rolling travel bags, laptop bags, bag-packs and other accessories. They meant for any type of destination.

4. VP neon

Best Luggage Brand in India

They have created a niche for themselves in the market of travel bags. Their bags are famous for being super spacious, smart looks and can be found in a variety of designs to satisfy every need. They come with a unique expander feature that helps in making the bag extra spacious in case your essential items overloads. The strolly bags they produce are soft-sided and are easy to manoeuvre through overcrowded railway stations, busy roads and airports.

3. Samsonite

Best Luggage Brand in India

It was manufactured by Jesse Shwayder and was founded in the year 1910. They have a variety of designs, finishing and patterns of different textures. They are also very light in weight and durable in nature. They are definitely one of the best travel bags in this industry. They also provide the buyer with a luggage cover by understanding the caring nature of the buyer to protect their bags during travelling time.

2. Safari Spartan

Best Luggage Brand in India

It was the first luggage bag introduced with a fixed three-dial combination lock that makes it extremely secure. They are available in various forms like a suitcase, trolly or backpack. They gained more attention due to their hardy nature that can endure both wear and tear. They are just perfect for the one who aims to travel constantly. They are made of polyester and protect the luggage in cold or snowy weather.

1. American Tourister

Best Luggage Brands in India 2019

They are one of the most reliable travel bag brands in the Indian market. They fulfil all requirements that one looks for in an excellent travel bag. Their bags are light in weight, highly durable, high in quality and available in best designs. Some of the unique features include fixed combination locks, ultra-light construction technique, four-wheeled spinners, zippered the sturdy back design. It was owned by the Samsonite group and was established in the year 1933.

There are many other branded luggage bags available on the market giving a healthy competition to each other. Finding the brand which best suits you are difficult. So make it easier by comparing them with each other and buy the best quality of luggage bag which serves your purpose and taste completely.


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