Travelling is always an enjoyable experience for all people. Most people like to travel to the unseen places and explore the place, life, flora, and fauna. One may face many dilemmas when it comes to travelling or to going on a holiday.

The biggest confusion is to choose which luggage brand to use to pack your belongings safely. For regular travellers, it may not be an issue, but for people who go on family trips or holidays rarely, this can cause a lot of trouble. To make the choice easier, here is the list of the top traveller bags in the world.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Best Luggage Brands in The World in 2019

10. US Traveler

US Traveler Top Most Famous Luggage Brands in World 2019

US Traveller is specially crafted for people who want to match the color of their bags with their outfit. This luggage brand provides a wide variety of colors so that you can choose one which can suit your taste. This brand is also economical so you can buy more than one if you are a regular traveller.

9. Bric’s


This brand started becoming famous around the mid-1950s. Bric’s provides you an exclusive range of bags which are of Italian design, that are easy to carry and at the same time, stylish as well. This luggage brand is used by a wide range of the population ranging from the common man to Hollywood celebrities and has ranges of bags that are affordable for all people. The company was established by the Briccola Family.

8. Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley

The main speciality of this luggage brand is that the company provides you with lifetime repair warranty for the bags purchased. The philosophy that this company follows is creating bags of sizes suitable for different demands of different people. The bags are comfortable as well as stylish; therefore, this brand is one of the favourites of the regular travellers. The bags are mainly designed for business trips but you can also find other types of bags as well.

7. Travel Pro

Travel Pro

Travel Pro, also known as the key innovator of wheeled bags, has changed the old concept of travelling bags. Robert Plath, a pilot by profession, introduced the idea of attaching two wheels to the bag, therefore, allowing it to be carried easily without much effort. This would also not compromise the quality and capacity. Travel Pro mainly crafts bags according to the needs of regular and experienced travellers. The Travel Pro bags are quite expensive but it can be matched with the quality they provide. This luggage brand is often preferred by the pilots and cabin crew members of the airlines. Travel Pro never fails to amaze its customers with the new innovations and technologies that they incorporate into their bags.

6. American Tourister

American Tourister

American Tourister is one of the oldest and most affordable bags in the world. The company is said to have been established in the early 1930s by Sol Koffler. The prime motive of the founder of this brand was to create a hard but handy bag that is suitable for regular travellers and also won’t cost much. Now, this brand is available all over the world and is one of the favourite choices of the teens due to the stylish and sleek design the company provides. Another quality of these bags is that they are long-lasting. The company is now owned by Astrum International who acquired the rights of ownership in 1993.

5. Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin has become the name of luxury in the world of bags and is named after the French designer who initially crafted it. The elegant, classy and super stylish design has won millions of hearts. No wonder this bag is the common choice for many women. The brand is expert in the production of bags that fit both men and women. They are also well versed in the production of perfumes and other fashion accessories.

4. Tumi


This luggage brand is named after a ceremonial knife that is used in Peru for sacrifice. Tumi was established in the mid-1970s by Charlie Clifford who hailed from South Plainfield in New Jersey. The brand is famous for their signature traditional black travel luggage which is synthesised from black ballistic nylon. In 2004, Doughty Hanson & Co. (an equity firm based in London) acquired the ownership rights of Tumi. This luggage bag is one of the favourite choices of the regular travellers even though the price is bit high. It is easily available in almost all malls.

3. Rocklands


Rocklands is quite famous among the travellers for the variety of bags they provide that too at an affordable range of price. The range of prices of these bags is fixed to make sure that all the people can afford to buy quality bags without burning a hole in their pocket. These bags are not highly recommended for regular travellers but can be used for holiday trips. The bag is not that durable and therefore should be handled with care.

2. Samsonite


Initially, crafted in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder who was from Denver in Colorado, these bags became one of the trusted brands in this market. The name of this brand is named after Samson, a strongman from the Bible, as the designer of this bag was a strong believer. The bag is highly durable as well as has a sleek design, thus making it the darling of frequent travellers. The design is simple but can be matched with the changing trends and never go out of style. The price range may be quite high for some range of design otherwise the prices are affordable.

1. Delsey

Delsey Top Most Popular Luggage Brands in World 2019

This luggage brand is from Paris and the authentic Paris designs have made the range of these bags quite elegant and stunning. The bag is beautifully crafted for the needs of the regular travellers and was initially created in 1946 by Emile Delhaye and the Seynhaeve siblings. The first bag was designed to carry a camera and its associated equipment and was made out of pure leather. Today, the outer covering of the bags is made of polycarbonate which makes it look beautiful and fashionable. This luggage brand has won numerous awards and has also won many patents. No wonder, this brand tops the list of famous luggage brands around the world.

The above list shows the luggage brands which are famous all around the world. When it comes to choosing a bag, one must always focus on the durability and quality of the bag because you may not be able to enjoy trip if you feel that your belongings are not safe. It is highly recommended to go for bags which offer quality without compromising the style and design.


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