Top 10 Best Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders

For ladies having a beautiful appearance is a top priority. The makeup sponges and blenders will help you achieve that. They help you look flawless, and you have a glam look.

You do not need brushes and your hand to apply your makeup easily. Just use a sponge or blender and get attractive. You may be spoilt for choice because of the many brands that are in the market. Each has distinguishable attributes that will attract you. This article will help by giving you a heads up on the bestselling so that you get to look that you desire.

Here are top 10 Best Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders for 2017-2018

10. Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge and Blender

Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge and Blender Top 10 Best Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders 2017It comes in one piece and is latex free. It is also a vegan makeup sponge. You can utilize it for liquid, powder and cream makeup. With an edgeless application, you get to look flawless. It does not soak in makeup in order to give you smooth glide. You can easily blend your cheeks with the rounded end and use the tip to reach areas that are always hard to get to. Contour around the nose and the eyes with the flat part.

9. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion spongeMade with a revolution foam technology the makeup sponge that comes in pairs will give a fine finish and smoothen your face. The tip is used for covering blemishes while the rounded side is for blending. You can use the damp sponge if you want a dewy glow or the dry sponge for full coverage. It is latex-free making it safe to use. You are recommended to replace the sponge after three months so that it can be effective.

8. Silicone Makeup Sponge Blender by Sano

Silicone Makeup Sponge Blender by SanoIdeal for liquid makeup this silicone sponge will give you a flawless look that you have been dreaming of achieving. The sponge does not soak on makeup so that it leaves you smooth and with a fine finish. You can clean it very easily by just washing it with soap and water. It is very popular for giving the best results. Get a beautiful appearance with this silicone sponge blender.

7. beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge

beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge Top Best Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders 2017This edgeless makeup sponge is the real deal. You can use it either dry or damp. It covers blemishes to give you a smooth appearance. The technique to use with it is the twist and stipple using the pointed end. Made with latex-free materials, it is not sensitive and can be used with people that have allergies and sensitive skin. It is also non-disposable. When damp you can use it to apply makeup well as it will not absorb it.

6. CAETLE Beauty Flawless Wedding makeup

CAETLE Beauty Flawless Wedding makeup Top Most Famous Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders 2018It is very affordable and will get the job of making you flawless done. It gives better results when you use it dry. The makeup does not absorb on it. It gives a fine finish, and you will get a smooth appearance. Get all glam with it by using the tip for areas that you can’t reach and the flat part for your eyes and nose. The rounded part is on your cheeks.

5. Zenda Naturals Premium Beauty Sponge

Zenda Naturals Premium Beauty SpongeYou effortlessly get to blend your makeup thanks to its edgeless design. The flat edge is for contour around the nose and eyes. The tip gives precision with covering any imperfection or blemish. It gives best results when dump and will not absorb makeup. Simply wet it and then squeeze any excess water and you are ready to get a flawless look. You can use it on powder and cream makeup.

4. MeBest

MeBest Top 10 Best Selling Make Up Sponges and BlendersMeBest comes with five makeup blender sponges that you can utilize. They are colorful and very eye-catching. You can use them for liquid, cream or powder makeup. You can use them when dry for powder makeup or wet for cream makeup. It gives a flawless look for natural and translucent makeup. It is latex free which makes is safe for the skin. It has no fragrance. It leaves the skin soft when used. If you have allergies, then use this odor free makeup blend.

3. Lifestance SiliSponge Blender

Lifestance SiliSponge Blender Top Popular Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders 2019Made from silicone in the inside and thermoplastic polyurethane this flexible blender will help you get a beautiful appearance. It is resistant to grease and oil. It helps you not to waste your make up when you are using it. You don’t get to leave any makeup on it as you use it. The blender will ensure that all makeup has been absorbed into your skin.

2. JJMG Clear Silicone Makeup Applicator

JJMG Clear Silicone Makeup Applicator Top Famous Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders 2019Packed in a trio, this makeup applicator has a smooth silicone surface for easy application of your makeup. It does not absorb any makeup making you save on the amount of makeup you use. You get to clean it easily with just soap and water. You can use it with cream makeup or powder makeup. You can now get the beautiful appearance that you have been aiming at. It will leave your skin smooth and give you a fine finish.

1. EmaxDesign 3 Piece Makeup

EmaxDesign 3 Piece Makeup Top Most Popular Selling Make Up Sponges and Blenders 2018This makeup sponges can be used by all complexion products. They are made from latex-free, anti-microbial making them safe to use on your skin. They will serve you for long as they are made with a dense elastic. The edgeless design on the trio makes it easy to use. The tip will help you cover any imperfections on the parts that are hard to reach. The flat edgeless part will help with contouring area around the eyes and nose and finally the rounded part is on the cheeks.

Use makeup sponges to upgrade your makeup game for a beautiful appearance. When buying the sponges and blenders do buy from a credible supplier. Read reviews of other customers that have used them and know the best one for you. The best selling discussed above will help you narrow down on the numerous choices that are available. Get to look flawless with makeup that is smooth and has a fine finish.

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