Spices of India are impossible to separate from cuisine. Every place has different choice of spices and when you are in India then the first thing we mention is of the delicious foods.

The spices of India are so popular that it has attracted the people from the 12th century and explorers have taken sea routes to participate in the spice quest. The people are going gaga over these spices as it has an exotics and unique taste that adds a rich flavor to Indian cuisine.

Indian is the home of exotic spices and they are exporting quality product to other places across the globe. Some of the famous Indian spices are Bay leaves, fennel, cumin, fenugreek, pepper, mango powder, cardamon, mace etc. There are many spice brands that are serving the spice industry for a long time with their purity, honesty, and taste.

Here are the Top 10 Best Masala(Spices) Brands in India in 2019

10. Maggi

Maggi Top Popular Masala(Spices) Brands in India 2019

This is owned by the famous brand Nestle. This brand is more than making quick noodles as it sells a wide range of spices. They sell an excellent range of pastes and spice mixes and they are the first brand who has sold vegetables and as well as cubes of chicken stock. They also sell curry pastes and generations after generations people are starting their day with Maggi noodles or its products. This brand has earned huge popularity with its purity and honesty. The products of this brand have a unique exotic flavor of spices which have added an entirely new dimension to the Indian taste.

9. Nilon’s


This was a cottage industry which was founded in the year 1962. It started as a small business which has now become the largest makers of Tooty-Fruity, Roasted Vermicelli, and pickles. They are the fastest growing industry of processed food. The basic spices of this company are said to bring a taste and flavor to dishes. It sells products like papads, tomato ketchup, spices, Macaroni, pickles, jams, sauces, pasta etc. Their masala for Pav bhaji and chats is worth buying.

8. Ramdev


It is the queen in the spice market of India. They have an exotic range of masalas. It is serving the Indian spice market for centuries and Ramdev has maintained all the values of Indian spice in their products. Ramdev has maintained the quality and purity in all its products. They sell a great variety of ready to make mixes for khaman, dhokla and Gulab jamun. Their product got the first certification with the agmark in their product of asafoetida. It has gained more popularity because of its food items than spices.

7. Pushp


This brand has originated from Indore that is the central part of India and was established by “ The Munimji Group of Companies”. This brand excels in the field of hygiene, honesty, and purity. This is an expert brand in the field of spices. They are selling their products in Indian markets for more than 25 years and has gained a great marketing network in India. A quality food product is certified by the mark of “Agmark” and this brand has this mark in all its products.

6. Priya


In earlier days making pickles included picking of fresh ingredients, then washing them, cutting them in pieces, pounding and then grinding the ingredients and to make sure to avoid any sort of contamination and preserve it for a long period. After 1980, the Priya brand was founded by Sri Ramoji Rao and now it has become an international brand. They sell 6 varieties of pickles and millions of people across the globe are purchasing their products to get the authentic taste of Indian spices and pastes. Starting from Rasa powder and garam masala this brand has occupied a position on the kitchen shelves of every home.

5. Cookme


The brand has been serving people from 1846 and was established by Krishna Chandra Dutta. It is a famous Indian brand of spices. From the previous five decades, this brand is presenting exotic spices and they are unlocking as well as revealing all the excellent blends which are mainly used in famous Indian dishes to get a distinctive taste with excellent aroma and flavors. The brand started its journey by selling cumin, chili, turmeric, and coriander. It has mainly emerged as the brand the sells excellent Bengal pastes and powders. All the spices are produced by using good technology and they do not include any sort of adulteration.

4. Mothers Recipe

Mothers Recipe

This famous spice brand by established by Shri Haribhai V Desai. This company is of Rs 550 crores and it is the largest employing company in the entire nation. They sell products starting from chutneys to ethnic pickles, condiments, spices, Appalams, papads, mango pulps and instant mixes. The spices have an exotic blend that can turn any food into a delicious one. They export the products to 30 countries all around the globe. Mothers Recipe is also gaining immense popularity in the land of US, Australia, Middle East, Canada etc. Their products are mainly found in Defence canteens or Police canteens.

3. Catch


Catch has been a favorite brand as they provide with a unique product quality which is matchless and they a have an innovative approach. The spices are produced by grounding it by using grinding technology at low temperature that retains the delicate oils present in the spices. The brand was founded in the year 1987 and these spices have a beautiful aroma. The spices contain no fillers or colors in them which make it more healthy as well as delicious. They sell different types of whole spices, sprinklers, spices mixes and blended spices.

2. MDH


The founder of this famous spice brand is Shri Mahasha Dharampal. The brand sells ground spices along with spice mixtures. The spices under this brand have a uniqueness and they are all high quality. Hence it has gained huge popularity and they have built their own manufacturing units in five different places. There are 60 products which are sold under this brand.

1. Everest

Everest Top Famous Masala(Spices) Brands in India 2019

This is a famous Indian manufacturer of good quality spices. They are also the distributors and they export spices to other parts of the world. It is currently the largest brand that sells spice in Mumbai. Millions of users use these spices on a regular basis. The brand has 42 blends and they export the products to the places of Singapore, East Africa, US, and others. This brand is serving people for 45 years and they have dominated the entire industry of spices with its excellent quality spices at a competitive price.

These are some of the top 10 spice brands of India serving us for a long time with their excellent range of exotic spices which adds a unique taste to our foods. All these brands provide tested and checked products.


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