Sleep is one of the most important aspects of every mortal life. A person with good sleep is considered to have all luxuries. Each and every human needs a good sleep for the easy-going of life. A great mattress makes a comfortable sleep possible. In today’s scenario, everything has multiple options and mattress is not an exception to it. In the Indian market, the variation of mattress found is greatly diversified.

The mattress industries are flourishing nowadays with leading models. Not only they are sold within the Indian subcontinent but these products are exported to other countries also. They are known for providing a healthy sleep after a whole day long hectic schedules as sleep cannot be compromised. Below is the list of top ten mattress brands in India in 2019 that are famous for the quality they impart and are quite popular in Indian market just by their names.


Best Mattress Brands in India 2019

This company was founded in the year 1938 and focuses on the health, comfort and quality. They also won several awards which include Consumers digest best buy award. Their models include Health rest, Comfort care etc. Their top models are Peps single restonic Geneva mattresses; Peps single size restonic Sanibel mattresses etc. They are manufactured by carefully following the medical advice and are beneficial for people with allergy problems.


Best Mattress Brands in India

It is owned or acquired by Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt Ltd. and is one of the best mattresses brands in India. They are the oldest mattress selling brands renowned for their quality. They are the best spring mattresses selling brands in India. Their popular mattress model includes Galaxy Bonnell Spring Mattresses, Europedic Organic Latex Spring zone, Memory foam etc.


Best Mattress Brands in India

This company founded in the year of 1898 and is regarded as one of the leading mattress manufacturing brands in India. They use the latest technology to produce best mattress and export their mattress in more than hundred countries throughout the world. According to the body index and keeping in mind the effect on spine and muscles they produce their mattresses. Their top models are King Koil Ortho Duet 5-inch Single Size Rebonded Foam Mattress and King Koil Ortho Firm 5-inch Single Size Rebonded Foam Mattress.


Best Mattress Brands in India

They are known to offer a wide range of mattresses for the customer initially established in 1957. They are under the company M M Rubber Company Limited. Sincere mattress, spring mattress, Coir mattress and Dual mattress are the four different kinds of mattress produced by them depending upon the needs of the buyer. Beside these, they produce Bonnel Spring Mattresses, Rubberized mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses and Natural Latex Mattresses. Their top models are Pincore, Hardcore and Multicore.


Best Mattress Brands in India

They are a renowned brand of mattresses established in the year of 1963. They offer a wide range of mattresses covering various ranges. They have a certification of ISO 9001 to 2000. They use the best technologies to produce good product mattresses since ages. The different types they manufacture are a Luxury mattress, Puff mattress, spring mattress and Rubberized coir mattresses. Their top models are Duroflex Bodyline Mattress, Duroflex White Quilted Spring Mattress etc.


Best Mattress Brands in India

They are founded in the year of 1931. They have mattresses of different sizes and models. TempSmart, Classic, Harmonize and Fusion is four top models they offer. They are the first mattresses brand to innovate latex mattresses around 1931. According to the body contours, they manufacture mattresses. They are known for the comfortable sleep they provide. Their leading models are Amor, Coral, Cashmerian Luxe, Alegra and Adora. Compare to other mattresses they are known to produce flexible and elastic mattresses providing a greater amount of scope for a comfortable sleep.


Best Mattress Brands in India

They are US based company serving Indian market since ages established in the year of 1992. They produce mattresses which support person’s body and maintain the spine. They are offered in many varieties including Cloud collection, Contour collection, and Simplicity and Weightless collection. Their mattresses are perfect for providing cure to body aches and pains. Their top model is Temper Sensation.


Best Mattress Brands in India

They are produced by Rubberized Coir Mattresses Division under Kerala’s State Rubber Cooperative Limited. They are known to provide comfort to people of any age group with great sleep, especially for the older peoples. They produce nearly seven kinds of coir mats including Dosth, Safal, Heal, Relief, Yathri, Hi-tech and Heaven. They also manufacture orthopaedic mattresses. From luxury to comfort they cover a wide range of products. Their top models are Heaven plus Mattresses, Dreams Mattresses etc.


Best Mattress Brands in India

They are known to produce sleep supported mattresses in India having an ISO 9001 certification. Their products are high quality, long lasting and comforting. They mainly produce the robust type of mattresses for the purpose of a long run. Their most famous models are Spring Fresh, Back Support, Flexi Puff and Premium. Sleepwell Innovation 5-inch Single Size Foam Mattress, Sleepwell Nano Plus 3-inch Single Size Coir Mattress is the top-selling models of Sleepwell. Sleepwell uses latest technologies for fulfilling buyer’s needs and they can be highly trustworthy.


Best Mattress Brands in India 2019

They are produced with the latest technology and high-class quality materials. They provide us with a variety of mattresses for the deep and smooth sleep. They offer different types of mattresses like mattresses made of foam, spring, and rubberised coir and therapeutic. They are among the best and most selling mattresses brands of India and ranking top on the list. They are most reliable mattress brand in India producing mattresses from ages, established in 1962. This trusted company owned many prizes for their quality including Shrestha Suraksha Purashkar award. Their top models are Kurlon Dream Sleep 6 inch King Spring Mattress, Kurlon Convenio 4 inch King Foam Mattress etc.

Beside these few best mattresses there are many others available in the market. For all those seeking for a great sleep, this list will ease your work of choosing, will guide you to the market and will help you to get a peaceful and proper sleep after your busy day.


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