Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Bracelets – Gold, Silver and Leather Bracelets

A new trend has set in to ensure that men are not left behind in the ever-changing dynamic fashion world. This is the emergence of the of the men’s bracelets.

The bracelets come with a variety which ranges from leather bands, braided cords, wooden beads and the metallic cuffs. Bracelets accentuate the hands making them look more beautiful and at the same time making the wearer look classy and sophisticated with minimum effort. The pieces are masculine so as to effectively differentiate them from the ladies’ bracelets which in turn is an added advantage.

Here are the 10 Best Selling Men’s Bracelets for 2017-2018

10. Corter Leather Ring and Hook Bracelet

Corter Leather Ring and Hook Bracelet Top Best Selling Men’s Bracelets in 2017These bracelets are beautifully designed with professional crafters who hand make them with the aid of traditional methods thus making them more beautiful and authentic at the same time. The bracelets are made from braided leather which gives it a fantastic look that brings about a natural look. The bracelet boasts of a unique hook closure and ring and therefore the name. For a classy and convenient look then the Corter Leather Ring and hook bracelet is the best choice.

9. David Yurman Large Box Chain Bracelet

David Yurman Large Box Chain Bracelet Top Most Famous Selling Men’s Bracelets in 2018The bracelet is of moderate size, and this gives it an outstanding feature from its counterparts. The chain is made up of solid metal that does not easily rust thus it easily maintained. The bracelet provides a masculine feel as it is simple and not complicated. The bracelet is neither too thin nor is it too bulky thus making it the best choice. For an amazing bracelet that is simple and unique then the David Yurman is the way to go.

8. The Guitar String Bracelet

The Guitar String BraceletThis bracelet is creatively and uniquely designed with the use of real guitar strings. This makes it a creative piece and appealing to art lovers. The bracelet is versatile and convenient as it can be bent to fit any wrist size. This is an added advantage as it does not limit the size and weight and can, therefore, be purchased by many. The bracelet comes with a variety of color that is Silver, Gold or rainbow of colors. This is suitable for ensuring that your needs are satisfied. The bracelet is budget friendly thus making it amongst the best picks.

7. Maritime Supply Co. Captains Link Bracelet

Maritime Supply Co. Captains Link Bracelet Top Famous Selling Men’s Bracelets in 2019The bracelet is eye-catching as it is made up of pure leather thus making it more appealing. The bracelet is wallet friendly which ensures that you do not put a strain on your budget. The bracelet consists of a unique feature, and that is the “Duncan loop” Which can be described as a traditional knot that was used in sailing. This is an amazing gift for sailors and yacht lovers as it effectively touches home.

6. Cartier Love Bracelet in White Gold

Cartier Love Bracelet in White Gold Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Bracelets in 2017This is one of the brands most popular bracelet. However, the bracelet is a bit unique from others as it requires the use of a screwdriver to remove it The bracelet is classy, and this brings about a sense of sophistication and confidence. The bracelet is valuable and is not likely to lose value which makes it outstand from its counterparts. The bracelet though a bit costly is worth your money as you will never feel disappointed.

5. Salti Third Wave Bracelet

Salti Third Wave Bracelet Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Bracelets inThis bracelet is nautical inspired and is creatively handmade from Halifax in Canada. These bracelets strive to satisfy the various consumer tastes and preferences as it is available in a variety of different colors and combinations of texture. The bracelets are not too flashy enabling you to remain trendy while at the same time pulling off a classic look. The bracelets are built with over the top materials like the military-grade steel closures to ensure that they are durable even in salty water. For a durable bracelet that is unique and affordable then the Salti third wave is your choice.

4. Skagen Vinther Perforated Leather Bracelet

Skagen Vinther Perforated Leather BraceletThis leather is appealing, and its faded gray color makes it more eye catching The bracelet is essential in that it is not shouting and can be worn with anything making it appear more outstanding The bracelet exudes simplicity giving the wearer a more professional look. The bracelet is more masculine, and this provides a sophisticated look that is trendy and at the same time fashionable. For a more professional and serious look then the Skagen Vinther Perforated Leather Bracelet is the right pick.

3. Shinola Double Wrap Bracelet

Shinola Double Wrap BraceletThe bracelet is made from pure leather, and it boasts a unique design that is double wrapped. The bracelet features a shiny brass buckle that gives it an incredible look which is eye-catching. The bracelet is convenient as it comes in several different colors thus ensuring that the diverse tastes are met with minimum effort. The bracelet is versatile as it can be worn with any outfit making it reliable. The bracelet is beautiful and cost effective making it amongst the best picks.

2. Miansai Brummel Hook Bracelet

Miansai Brummel Hook Bracelet Top Popular Selling Men’s Bracelets in 2019The bracelet is uniquely designed creatively and incredibly making it outstanding. The bracelet is made from Italian calfskin leather which makes it classy and authentic. The bracelet is not shouting, and it provides a professional look and can, therefore, be worn when going to work. Though a bit costly the bracelet Is worth your money as it will leave you satisfied and with an over the top feeling.

1. LHN Carpe Diem ID bracelet

LHN Carpe Diem ID bracelet Top Most Popular Selling Men’s Bracelets in 2018The bracelet is manufactured by a jeweler based in Brooklyn. The bracelet is made from a unique material that is of pure metal that is solid brass. The bracelets give a manlier feel as it exudes confidence. It brings about the seriousness and the wearers determination and focuses on conquering the world and taking it by surprise. This is more attractive as every man wants to feel dominative and fruitful.

The above bracelets are essential in providing a trendy and fashionable look. They are of high quality and come in different materials such as metal, leather, and beads. The bracelets listed above are worth spending your money as they bring about satisfaction. The bracelets can never go wrong and will help boost your confidence more effectively.

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