A good shirt can easily do a great talking whether you are going for a business meeting or party. Shirts are the best way of making a good first impression and hence everyone should have a stock of good shirts in their wardrobes. A good fashion sense and a good shirt can enhance your attitude and personality. A good formal shirt or a casual one can help you to steal some limelight.

The textile industry of India is very famous for their excellent range of shirts. Starting from polo shirts, formal shirts, casual shirts and unique shirts Indian brands has it all. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 best men’s shirt brands in India in 2019.

10. Allen Solly

Best Men Shirt Brands in India 2019

This is a shirt manufacturing company and they market their brand under the popular Aditya Birla Nuvo limited. This brand is popular for Indian men who like to dress up in the classy tones. They produce good quality shirts and never compromises on the appearance. If you like to style formal then this is the right brand for you. This brand is famous for their quality clothes, classy look, charming shirts, and formal shirts. They are style fit and durable as they have a smoothness and extra finishing in their clothes. Allen Solly gives both professional and comfortable performance.

9. Arrow

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

His brand brought a new revolution in the market of shirt making. This was established in 1851. They produce shirts with the perfect amalgamation of comfort, style, uniqueness, and quality. They have earned more fame in the sector of producing shirts. They have set a good benchmark for the other companies with their prolific send in design, unique fashion and dressing. Some of the famous collection of this brand is Arrow sports, arrow new york and arrow formals. If you think, a good comfort and style are more important than money then go for this brand.

8. Parx

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

This is also a great brand when it comes to shirt manufacturing. They are owned by the great textile brand name Raymond. They have shirts varying from casual to formal, fashionable to professional, expensive to affordable and the main thing that is constant in their every product is their quality. They have an astounding collection of cool shirts of vibrant designs and adorable colors. This stands as a unique brand because if it’s cool and vibrant hues. You can gift anyone the shirt of this brand and will surely love it. They have earned huge fame due to their durable clothes, reasonable price, and unique style.

7. John Players

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

Everyone is familiar with this famous brand name and they are very much popular among the passionate and ambitious youth of our country. This brand offers vibrant colors and lovely looks. The brand was established in the year 2002 under the famous ITC. They offer great quality products at a great jaw-dropping price. John players is one of the bestsellers in the shirt market as they have stretched their network all around the country. They have many stores approximately has dominated the textile industry of India. To fit into the rough and tough day these shirts are the best thing to choose.

6. Raymond

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

We all have heard about this brand that goes with a tagline of “The complete man”. This brand is the hot favourite because if their uniqueness, comfort, quality, and elegance. They have a huge range of products with a variety of colors and fabrics. They can fit into any occasion like for outing, travelling, dating or gaming. Raymond is known for its durability, comfort, and compatibility.

5. BlackBerrys

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

This brand hunts the position of 5th among the other famous textile brands. It started in 1991 under the Mohan clothing private limited. This brand produces a fine fabric and has more than 1000 outlet. They have a great range for both casual and formal dressing.

4. Louis Philippe

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

Louis Philippe is a great brand that is an extension of famous Aditya Birla Nuvo limited. It started in the year 1989. Louis Philippe is famous for its good quality shirts which are comfortable and durable and will suit every style starting from normal to casual. There are many outlets of this brand.

3. Peter England

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

Ruling the market of the textile industry from the year 1889 and has then debuted in India in 1997. This is the bestseller and has already 1000 stores. This brand tops the charts when it comes to the selling of more than 50 lakhs of garments in a single year. 35 shades of 201t are by far the best inventions of design and style by this company. They became famous due to its excellent combination of vibrant colors. Starting from casual to formal this brand has excel in the field of pattern, styles, price range, and colors. Some of its new clothing collection are the linen comfort, summer spring and feather touch and these are all shirts.

2. Park Avenue

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

This brand has a great control on the men’s fashion and has been manufacturing stylish and unique shirts. They are owned by Raymond group and Park Avenue has taken the clothing of men to a whole new dimension. They give a tough competition to other brands by manufacturing anti-UV shirts, wrinkle-free shirts, and the non-iron shirts. They have new incorporated the Autofit collar shirt in their brand’s collection. This brand is the amalgam of style and comfort at a great price.

1. Van Heusen

Best Men Shirt Brand in India

Coming to the brand that has secured the first position by giving stiff competition to the other brands with its excellent affordability, style, and comfort. This brand is recognised globally for their excellent innovative designs. They set their foot into the Indian market in the year 1990 and has grown by leaps and bounds within a very short time. This brand is ruling the textile market. Notable best editions of the brand are Tropical drift, Paint Box, and the graphic tee. Van Heusen provides the soft-folding collar for formal dressing up and other unique styles for a casual night.

These are some great brand when it comes to shirts for men. All of them are excellent in the field of style, comfort and price range.


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