Top 10 Best Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft came with additional features for its customers in windows 10. It redesigned the start menu which is wide but you can reduce, and it has Metro-style live tiles. For PC users you can use Microsoft edge as your browser has a large navigation bar and has a finger-friendly button layout.

It’s exciting to use the Cortana in Windows 10 as you have the choice to use written command or speak to it. Windows 10 devices include laptops, X-box, tablets, and phones. The devices have unique attributes that distinguish them from the rest. Here is a list of Best Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices for 2017-2018 that you can use to choose which device can best suit your demands.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices for 2017-2018


MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK Top Famous Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices 2019This powerful device can be utilized as both a laptop and a tablet. Microsoft surface book has a surface pen and an ultra-sharp display that gives it its creative personality. It is well designed giving it a beautiful appearance that you will enjoy looking at. The two in one note has a large battery. The Microsoft Surface book is costly but, it is worth every cent as it has undergone a hardware upgrade.

9. HP SPECTRE x360

HP SPECTRE x360 Top Most Famous Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices 2018Its sleek and slim body that is all-metal makes it lighter. If you’re looking for a powerful laptop, then this is the answer. It has the latest processor and 360-degree display hinges that give a great experience when using it. HP spectre is touchscreen and has a full HD webcam. You can choose between the core i5 or core i7 to enjoy the new features of Windows 10. It is expensive but has longer battery life and an updated keyboard.


HP ELITE 3 Top Best Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices 2017With the HP Elite 3 you will never have to worry about your smartphone getting in the water as it is waterproof. It’s a high-end window ten smartphone that has both desktop and laptop docks. Its high-quality hardware features make it pass the drop-test standards. It can be very productive when well utilized. It has a fast processor and a nice camera. The camera is fantastic, and it has a powerful processor.


MICROSOFT XBOX ONE ELITE BUNDLEGaming has never been exciting as it is with the Microsoft Xbox one elite bundle. It has a fast hardware that can stream up to four thousand videos. Its display is HDR content making gaming more fun. It is sleek and can run the Windows 10 apps that are available. You can enjoy the additional features of Windows 10 in this gaming device such as a browser with a broad navigation.


MSI GS63VR STEALTH PROFor gamers who need to separate work from play, you should consider this gaming laptop. It is a slim all-metal body and can run Windows 10 apps. It has a range of hardware configuration to choose from that are provided by NVIDIA’s and GTX 10-Series GPUS. You will love the 15.6-inch display that will make you have an amazing gaming experience and a four thousand resolution. It is going to cost you a fortune but is worth every penny.

5. DELL XPS 15

DELL XPS 15 Top 10 Best Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices 2017Dell has this Windows 10 laptop that has a 15.6-inch display with a 4K resolution. The body is sleek and not metallic as the other laptops, but this time it is aluminum. The battery is long lasting and can stay up to ten hours. What makes it outstanding is that its display has ultra-thin bezels which make it elegant. It has its snapper at the bottom left of the screen which will make you look down when you are video calling. You can try out the new experience that this device has to offer.


RAZOR BLADEA Razor Blade is a gaming powerhouse that is built in a laptop body and has a matte black finish. It is VR- ready and has speedy Intel that comes with core i7 CPU. Though it has desktop features, it not that thick just below three-quarters of an inch. The keyboard is designed and upgraded for gaming, and it has a quick memory. To give you the gaming experience it has a 14-inch display that will make you enjoy on a whole new level. Gaming can never be more fun with the razor blade.


MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 4 Top Popular Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices 2019Looking for a tablet that doubles as a laptop? Then the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is what you need. At first glance, it just looks like a normal tablet, but it has an attachable keyboard that you can use. It is powerful as it has configurable internals and an accurate display. On top of the portable keyboard, it also comes with a surface pen. You can get all the Windows 10 apps with this device.


MICROSOFT SURFACE STUDIO Top 10 Best Selling Microsoft Windows 10 DevicesWith an eye-catching 28-inch touch screen the Microsoft Surface Studio is a luxurious two in one desktop which is a touch screen that is ideal for graphic artists. You can enjoy the free surface dial or a stylus pen support that is 13.5 million pixels. The Intel processors are powerful and are in the small base of the desktop.


MICROSOFT LUMIA 950 Top Most Popular Selling Microsoft Windows 10 Devices 2018To get a fair price for most suitable devices is hard but with this particular smartphone you can get it in high quality at a price that is amazingly low than its rivals. The phone has a 3GB RAM with a 32GB storage not forgetting you can expand it up to 200GB with an SD card. This is the first Microsoft phone to be produced with Windows 10 which has continuum features. That is it has desktop docks. The camera is 20 megapixels and loads very quickly unlike its predecessors.

There is a broad range of devices that you can choose from that have windows 10. But it is important to decide which one to buy based on your budget and demands. You should distinguish between the different features provided by each device and the functions that they offer. This article can help you in coming up with a decision.

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