Top 10 Best Microwave Brands in India

India is a country with diverse cuisines along with the modern way of cooking methods which are highly technological based and is highly recommendable for fast and healthy cooking at a very affordable price range keeping in mind the taste and preferences of a wide range of customers across the country.

Today, the use microwave oven has become a basic necessity and an essential component at every home for daily use which is highly advanced and also saves your valuable time as it only needs a very minimal time to cook your tasty food with added nutritious value to a large extent. It’s truly an amazing and revolutionary device which is preferred at every home for the best convenient mode of cooking in less time with easy recipes. This basic commodity in India at every home has sparked a growing demand and has made highest gross selling in the Indian market of cooking appliances.

These microwaves come in best shape, color, and designs with various cooking features and modes and which also tends to be both national and internationally acclaimed with warranty certification of 1 year from the date of manufacture. They are highly user-friendly as well as eco-friendly keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the Indian customers considering its durability and advanced technology for fast cooking in less time.

It is one the perfect design for electronic cooking method which eradicates the heavy burden of cooking everyday; especially it works wonders for the independent working women who have to manage both home and office simultaneously. Therefore, today we have enlisted the top 10 microwave brands in India which have supremely changed the cooking lifestyle at every home in a far better way.

Let’s look at the top 10 best microwave brands in India in 2018

10. Onida

Onida Top Famous Microwave Brands in India 2017

Onida is one of the oldest and trusted brands in India which has been successfully ruling the Indian market since 1981. The brand works wonders for various electronic devices which include television, microwaves, washing machine, refrigerator, and much other in varied options. Onida microwaves work wonders for a perfect cooking solution which comprises of 3-in one cooking options. It comes in grill and combination cooking which allows you to cook every kind of food with the hassle-free mode in less time. It comprises of healthy and fast cooking for your daily required needs and preferences with the given cooking features and options. It comes in a very stylish and stainless steel body which eventually enhanced the beauty of your kitchen to a large extent.

9. Bajaj


The Bajaj microwave oven from Bajaj is a simple low cost with no frills appliance for basic cooking and pre-heating needs. The microwave has a safety lock system which opens the door only if you push the button. This is great if you have kids at home who might try to open the door when it’s running. For added safety, the microwave will automatically switch off if someone does open the door accidentally while it’s running. Inside you get 17 litres of capacity which is big enough for a small family. The glass plate with the rotating feature ensures that your food gets heated evenly. The glass plate also covers most of the surface so even if you spill something it doesn’t fall on the microwave surface and you can easily pull it out and clean it.

8. Panasonic


The Panasonic microwave comes in a stainless steel finish with wide interior and has push-button release for the door. It also comes in inverter mode feature to defrost and heat food both quickly and evenly by applying consistent microwave energy to the food. There are 12 sensor cooking options which include soup, frozen pizza, fresh and frozen vegetables, and pasta. The Panasonic brand came into incorporation back in the year 1918 and since then it has gain immense popularity and recommended trusted brand for every Indian customer in terms of various electronic devices.

7. Kenstar


The 7th popular brand in microwaves features the Kenstar brand which is recommended as the oldest and finest microwaves in every home and every kitchen with multifunctional usage in India to a very large extent. It has strongly maintained consistency in bringing up the best models of Kenstar microwaves at a very affordable price range for the highly convenient cooking purposes. It gives a fine cooking with world-class taste and features.

6. Electrolux


The 6th popular brand in microwaves features the Electrolux brand which came into incorporation back in the year 1918 with highly advanced features with easy cooking methods for every home and every kitchen usage purposes. You can easily bake crispy cookies, delightful cakes, and tasty muffins along with mouth-watering homemade tikkas, exotic kebabs, and other kinds of delicious cuisines in less time.

5. Godrej


The 5th popular brand in microwaves features the Godrej brand which is highly recommendable for every home for easy usage and less electric consumption along with various cooking features and mode in the latest technology. Its stylish feature and articulate design make it more attractive and instill class and beauty at your home at a very affordable price range.

4. Whirlpool


The 4th popular brand in microwaves features the Whirlpool brand which also serves as the oldest and trusted electronic brands in India with dynamic cooking features with an easy mode for your preferred cooking options. They offer microwaves at a very economical price rate keeping in mind the rising demand for all types of microwaves with advanced technology and latest methods. It is featured as a world-class convection microwave oven. With unique features and versatile functions like bake, grill, and crisp and ensure to bring out the chef in you.

3. LG


The 3rd popular brand in microwaves features the LG brand which gives you perfectly crisped and brown dishes which preferably enhanced your cooking skills more and more in a healthier way. They come at best price range with high-quality design and shape in various color range and make your cooking very affordable consuming less time and cooking space.

2. Samsung


The 2nd popular brand in microwaves features the Samsung brand which comes in a world-class finishing with high-quality design and structure. They basically offer convection microwaves oven for the convenience of a wide range of customers in the Indian market who looks for more advanced and handy mode of cooking features or methods with versatile options.

1. IFB

IFB Top Popular Microwave Brands in India 2018

The 1st popular brand in microwaves features the IFB brand which exhibits world-class cooking with advanced technology and latest methods keeping in mind the needs and preferences of a wide range of customers in India. You can easily try your best cooking skill and raise your cooking chef in you by making easy and homemade delicious mouth-watering delicacies for your family and friends with added compliments from everyone.

Thus, this sums up our entire list of the top 10 microwaves brands in India which is highly recommendable for every home and kitchen with super-efficiency control mode and user-friendly features that enhance your kitchen more beautifully in a world-class manner with a tinge of an artistic look. A perfect combination feature with durability and sustainability comes in every major brand available in the Indian electronics market.

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