Water is one of the essential things needed for life. It serves a variety of purposes, but for drinking purpose, it should be cent percent pure and mineralized. Mineralized water is necessary because it is beneficial as it contains some dissolved salt and ions which are required for some metabolism in the body.

In today’s scenario, there is competition everywhere, so production of mineralized water is also growing popularity day by day as many brands are coming up with their products. Water is the key to a healthy life. So let us check out the most well-known mineral water brands in India in 2019.

10. Pure life

Best Mineral Water Brands in India 2019

It is sold by Nestle group of companies. It is growing at a faster striking rate in the mineral water manufacturing industry. It is marketed as 300mil bottles and also found as 18.9l water jars, which is mainly for commercial uses like in offices etc. It is sold with a tagline saying ‘A healthy, active lifestyle starts with staying well hydrated with Nestle Pure Life Purified Water’ which is entirely convincing as its purity has been checked by a group of experts.

9. Manikchand oxyrich

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is sold by Dhariwal industries. It claimed to be only packaged water in India to have 300% more oxygen. It is available in 200ml bottle, 500ml bottle, 1l bottle, 1.5l bottle and also in a 2l bottle providing a wider variety for the buyer as per their choice. Its main plus point is that it can be found in remote parts of the country too. It provides an essence of coconut too in their packaged water. It is ISO 22000:2005 certified.

8. Tata water plus

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is sold by Tata group of companies. It claimed to be India’s first nutrient riched water. It has a brown covering in the bottle which signifies the old Indian tradition of drinking water from copper vessels for the cause of purity. It is a NourishCo product developed jointly by Indian nutritional experts and international scientists too. It contains mineral elements like copper and zinc, which improves our overall body functions and immune systems. It is sold in 1l bottles or 200mil pouches.

7. Qua

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

Narang groups sell it. This brand is mainly famous in the northern part of India, but now also proliferating in different regions of the country. It is known for its electrolyte content. Its water is derived from the Himalayas and packaged with utmost perfection giving unique shape to its bottle. Its ingredients include mineral, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, fluorides, chlorides, nitrates and bicarbonates. It claimed to be 100% natural and organic. It is said to be untouched by humans until opened by us.

6. Kingfisher

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

UB group sells it. It is sold in the market by the name of Kingfisher spring water. It is believed to be one of the cleanest packaged mineral water brands in India. It passed BIS safety parameters. It is rigorously checked against different parameters for ensuring good quality and purity. It is natural in taste and found in various packaging options.

5. Himalayan

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is sold by a joint effort of Stalwart Tata Global Beverages and Global leaders PepsiCo. It takes fame of making purest water from the foothills of Shivalik range. It has an international certificate for its shiny cleaned water bottle and purity in content. It is mainly sold in 200ml bottles, 500ml bottles, 750ml bottles, 1l bottles and 1.5l bottles mostly. They have smaller variant but is spreading its marketing area. It claimed to be coming straight from the arms of nature hence cent percent purity assured.

4. Bailley

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is a product of Parle Agro group. It is mainly sold in southern part of the country and nearly all railway stations throughout the country. It has a broad range of market in almost every small towns and cities after its launching in 1993. It is assured to be a source of pure packaged mineral drinking water. It is available in 200ml bottles, 300ml bottles, 500ml bottles as well as in 5l jars, 20l jars, and 25l jars.

3. Aquafina

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is manufactured by PepsiCo. It is known for its unique purification system and great taste. They have 19 plants all over India. It is available on the market in bottles of 300ml, 500ml, 1l, and 2l, and jars of 25l. its purification process includes five step state-of-the-art. It has gone through some promotional events to drive the youths. It proved to be a fast gainer in this competitive market. It consists of both unflavored and flavored water. Though it is mainly originated in united states, it has gained popularity in the Indian market as one of the top brands in packaged drinking water industry.

2. Kinley

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is a product from coca cola company. It is known to produce clean, and mineral enhanced packaged drinking water. They are available in 500ml bottles, 1l bottles, 2l bottles and in 20l and 25l jars also. It contains sodium and magnesium in a quantity of 0.3mg and 0.1 mg respectively. It goes through a purification process called five step state-of-the-art cleaning. It was first launched in 1999 in Mumbai. It has now become India’s one of the most leading brands of packaged water.

1. Bisleri

Best Mineral Water Brand in India

It is produced by Bisleri International Pvt Ltd. It is now available in bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 1l, and 2l. They also provide 1.2l and 300ml bottles in some selected cities only. They are consumed in mass rate and always occupies the top position in the race of best packaged drinking mineral water. They hold around 40% market shares in the industry of packaged water in India.

Apart from these, there are also many notable names in this industry, but all are not reliable as they failed purity test by governments. So while choosing any brand, we should not trust it blindly and should analyze every aspect. So let us walk extra miles by consuming healthy water for a healthy life.