Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in 2017

Making good quality android and iPhone articles is pretty expensive so if the manufacturers and creators of the application want to charge more expensive for it, then it means that the maintenance of the app is equally expensive. It is not always the case though, some apps do not translate effectiveness despite being very expensive to purchase but reading reviews usually helps give you an idea of what you can get from purchasing some of these apps. There are so many apps in circulation right now but we want to focus on the most expensive and see why exactly they are so expensive to use and what it takes to maintain them on your gadgets.

Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Apps

10. TouchChat AAC with WordPower

TouchChat AAC with WordPowerThis is an amazing app made for people who have a hard time naturally communicating, people with speech deficiencies as well. The app is very useful for people with conditions such as Down syndrome, ALS and autism. The app makes it possible for people suffering from speech deficiencies to communicate easily with other people. The app is very useful and it actually can be customized to fit the specific needs of the user. The app costs $299.99. The great thing is that it gives value for money though.

9. Agro

Agro Top 10 Most Expensive Apps 2017This is an app made for agricultural needs. The app uses science and tech to make easy planning for agronomists. The Agro app helps one file paper work and keeps track of the things one needs to do through a sort of agronomy schedule. Things such as field inspections, application of pesticides are scheduled for you and the app tells you what to do in case of pests. The app is said to help make the work load easier when it comes to matters of managing agricultural projects. The app costs $299.99.

8. Tap Menu

Tap MenuThis app is specifically designed for people in the food business. With the changing times and trends, even the food industry has to move with the current trends in technology. The app helps restaurant owners and business owners in the food industry to help design their digital menus. That is pretty cool because with so many people online, it gets easier for potential customers and visitors to find your menu online. The app costs $399.99.

7. DDS GP Yes!

DDS GP Yes! Top Famous Expensive Apps 2019This is quite the interesting app. Made for dentists, it helps to educate dentists on what to do in case of certain dental conditions. The app is quite informative and it explains certain dental diseases. The app also has some cool tutorials on how to communicate effectively to a patient. It also has audios about oral healthcare and it really does make work easier for dentists and people who are just interested in knowing more about dental health. The app costs $499.99.

6. Cybertuner

Cybertuner Top Most Popular Expensive Apps 2018Cyber Tuner was created mainly for the professional piano players. The app is useful to help musicians tune their pianos right and ensure that they stay on the right key at all times. Though not a lot of people have downloaded it, possibly because of the expensive price of the app, those who have used the app have given great reviews so it most probably is very effective and helpful. The app promises a great experience for the price of $999.99.

5. App.Cash

App.Cash Top Most Famous Expensive Apps 2018This is the modern day digital cashing system app. As the name of the app suggests, the app is all about the money. The app is easily connectable to printers so you can print out cash statements and even receipts. App.Cash is a great buy if you are looking for a way to help balance out your cashing system in your small business. The app is on the pricey side though so you have to consider if it really is worth the almost 1000 dollars you will be spending on it. It is $999.99.

4. QSFFStats

QSFFStats Top 10 Most Expensive AppsThis is a sporting statistics app that helps keep track of games, their locations, their times and the teams playing against each other. The app is designed for sports enthusiasts that like to be organized about their sporting enthusiasts. This app is found in the app store. The question of whether the app is worth the amount of money it is sold at still remains edgy as most of the things the app does one can manually do but at the same time it does save one the energy and time. The app is $999.99.

3. VIP Black

VIP BlackThis app as the name suggests is designed with serious VIP treatment there. The app is a lifestyle app for wealthy people. It is also known popularly as the Millionaires app since you have to have a net worth of one million or more dollars to be eligible to buy and the app. The app allows the purchaser to get VIP treatment from all the partners of the company. The app spells out luxury and the finer things in life. It will cost you $999.99 to get this app and you must be wealthy too to use the app.

2. Alpha trader

Alpha trader Top Most Expensive Apps 2017This is a great app that helps traders to digitally monitor markets and stock prices. What’s raising and what’s falling. The app is quite efficient for the investors and corporate markets that need to monitor the state of things in the business world. It gives real time reports and graphs of how the stock prices are doing. The app is said to offer value for its worth. It is expensive to purchase, to get it you need $999.99.

1. LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn Ignition Top Popular Expensive Apps 2019

This app allows you to log into your computers files from your Mac and access any files and information you may have on any of your computers. The app when bought on subscription basis is expensive though not so much as buying it at one go. It is worth the buy though because it allows you access to connect to other computers through any of your Mac gadgets. They keep updating the app to ensure that you get value for your money. The app costs a whopping $1399.99.

The above mentioned apps make up our list of the top ten most expensive apps. They are all very useful, whether it is to make your life easier or just to add a little bit of entertainment in your life, they each serve a good purpose. As they say, good quality is always expensive so it is better to spend more and get more than to spend less and keep finding a replacement for the cheap low quality app you got.

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