Humans encourage anything and everything that can add beauty to their being. Women are especially fond of artifacts that feature shiny precious gemstones. They are forever attracted to these jewels and several companies have been established to make these jewels more and more elegant.

The evolution in crafting techniques and jewelry designs has resulted in the production of exquisite jewels and several luxury brands. These are top 10 jewelry brands in the world which are popular for their quality designs and exotic collections.

Below are the Top 10 Best, Expensive and Most Famous Jewellery Brands in The World in 2019

10. Chopard

Chopard Top Most Famous Jewellery Brands in World 2019

This is a Geneva-based international luxury brand founded by Louis Ulysse Chopard in the year of 1860. Its designs often include precious stones such as ruby, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. Its line of jewelry is usually listed among the prestigious segment of the industry. It is a very popular brand and is spread across the world with over 100 outlets. Chopard produces an impeccable design for both watches and jewels alike with quality crafting.

9. Graff


This brand is exclusively for diamond-based ornaments and jewels. It is widely recognized for the large sized stones coupled with expert craftsmanship and expensive gemstones. This is a London-based brand founded by Laurence Graff in the year of 1960 and is still adhered to the Kimberly process. They are the best diamond brand in the world and are always preferred and admired by the rich society. Some of their notable works are The Paragon, The Delair Sunrise, The peacock Brooch and many of these are encrusted with the rarest gems in the world.

8. Buccellati


It is an Italian jewelry label which is widely celebrated for its unblemished design quality of their gold ornaments. Most of their jewelry especially bracelet cuffs and necklaces are Roman inspired. This brand was first started in the year of 1919 by Mario Buccellati and it grows out to be a luxury brand of the modern times. Their jewel collection has a very appealing look encrusted with precious gemstones and diamonds with unimpeachable craftsmanship.

7. Van Cleef Arpels

Van Cleef Arpels

Salmon Arpels and his nephew Alfred Van Cleef started this french jewelry label in the year of 1896. Their jewelry is known for incorporating designs animals, flowers, and fairies into their jewelry design. They are especially known for their expert manufacturing and designing precious stones. Their groundbreaking gem-setting techniques which enable them to give the maximum exposure for the gems in their jewelry design. Van Cleef Arpels usually include the old world designs for their jewelry and these are mostly fashioned by iconic people across the world.

6. Harry Winston

Harry Winston

This is the most extravagant jewelry brand which was founded in 1932 in America. The brand name resonates with expert craftsmanship, innovative designs, and fine diamonds. Harry Winston provide a very exquisite and elegant collection and are tested to be durable in the course of time. The sale of their expensive collection of jewelry usually is to the celebrities and royalty who can be seen on most of the red carpet entrances. They are known for owning many of the greatest gems including the Hope Diamond which they donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958.

5. Mikimoto


It is a Japanese pearl company which was founded by Mikimoto Kokichi in 1858. He is also the first person to feature cultured pearls into the design and crafting of jewelry and he was elected as one of the top 10 inventors of Japan for accomplishing this. They are known to produce the world’s best pearls by employing expert craftsmanship to produce timeless designs. The phoenix Mikimoto, worn by all the Miss Universes is a work of this company. They only use the finest pearls such as South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls, and high-quality diamonds and stones for their jewelry.

4. Bulgari


It is a well known Italian luxury brand which was established by Sotirios Bulgari in the year of 1884 and has been run for generations by the Bulgari family. Their Rome-based designs have a touch of both contemporary and classic jewelry. Some of their notable works are encrusted with cabochon stones in bold shapes and are colored with a variety of shades and large gemstones as centerpieces. The company uses a trade alias Bvlgari instead of Bulgari.

3. Piaget


This Swiss-based luxury watch and jewel company were established in the year of 1874 by George Piaget. It is now considered to be one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world because of its exquisite designs encrusted with chosen and tested diamonds. Initially started as watchmaking company it later extended its expertise into jewelry designs and was trademarked in the year 1943.

2. Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co.

It is one of the most reputed and popular brands in the world which is widely recognized from the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Their elegant collection designed to be a feminine fashion has never failed to impress the seekers. They are very popular for their diamond works by expert artisans combined with many precious gemstones. This company was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in the year of 1837 and it is grown out to be an oldest luxurious brand in the world.

1. Cartier

Cartier Top Most Popular Jewellery Brands in World 2019

Cartier has a long-standing history of producing the world’s most expensive jewelry collection starting from 1847. It is renowned for the craftsmanship that is applied to its jewelry designs. This was founded by Louis Francois Cartier in Paris. The works of this brand were in high demand from the royalties and celebrities who wanted to have a personalized collection. Hence it was called as “ the jewelry of the kings”, a deserving title placed by the King Edward VII. The diamond necklace for the Maharaja of Patiala and Bhupinder Singh are some its notable works. The outstanding design quality coupled with flawless craftsmanship has made it one of the leaders of the business.

Jewellery has been a part of the mankind’s evolution for a long time. One’s prestige and social status are often measured by how they present themselves. Fashioning jewelry with flawless designs and exotic stones is one way to do it. These are most preferred luxury brands for jewels and most of them are in the center stage for more than a century.


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