Seeds, barks or fruits of plants are often used to flavor or garnish dishes. Many spices exhibit antimicrobial properties and are mostly used in warm climates when the infection causing bacteria are high in number.

They are often ground into powder and sprinkled upon a dish. Different regions in a country have different flavors depending upon the climate of that particular area and the spices’ taste depends hugely upon where they come from. Some spices are also used for medicinal purposes. Spices and their uses have been written the most by Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures.

Spices have a strong taste and are usually added in tiny amounts to the dish but they have the capability to contribute minerals such as iron and magnesium when used in large amounts. The trading business of these spices began when the Egyptians used them for mummification and their demand for the best spices gave rise to the world trade. Here are the top 10 best masala (Spices) brands in the world in 2019.

10. Radhuni Spice, Bangladesh

Best Masala Brands 2019

With a vision to provide ready-to-cook food ingredients to modern housewives, Radhuni produces and exports spices of different kinds and is a huge hit in the market. Located at Pabna in the northern part of Bangladesh, its manufacturing units are up to date with modern machinery and it ensures attractive packaging, quality and good coverage all over the country. The company is also known to drive initiatives on spices and their hazards to educate people about adulation and its effects.

9. MDH, India

Best Masala Brand

Mahashian Di Hatti is an Indian company known for producing ground spices and spice mixtures under the name MDH. Founded by Mahashay Chuni Lal, it started as a small shop and went on to export these spices to several countries. The company has also installed five new plants to meet the demand. It obtains the spices directly to maintain its standard.

8. Freelan, Sri Lanka

Best Masala Brand

With a mission to provide best quality spices to consumers, Freelan Industries Pvt Ltd is a spices company that provides good quality food to the Sri Lankan Community. Founded in 1984, the company was started when the founders realised people, especially Sri Lankan women, had a liking towards food and they have ever since strived to provide the highest quality spices.

7. Catch, India

Best Masala Brand

Catch uses Low-Temperature Grinding Technology (LTG. to grind the spices. Their innovative approach and unique technology make them the foremost spice manufacturers in India. This method prevents the evaporation of oils from the spices and retains the aroma. Based in Noida, it was launched in 1987 with a mission to provide the best spices that satisfy all the regulatory and food safety requirements. The spices undergo strict quality checks to ensure safety.

6. Everest Spices, India

Best Masala Brand

Everest Spices, based in Mumbai, is an Indian manufacturer and exporter of spices under the name Everest. It is India’s largest spice brand with 20 million households using it every day. The company exports mainly to Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. With more than 42 blends, Everest spices have around 400,000 outlets in 1000 towns across India.

5. Mother’s Recipe, India

Best Masala Brand

Founded by Sri Haribhai Desai, Mother’s Recipe is now a 500 crore company and one of the largest employers in the nation. They hold a strong presence and export constantly to the Middle East, Australia, and Canada. It also includes the production of tobacco products, speciality chemicals, and health care. This company is also the market leader in Pickles and they export to more than 30 countries. Their distribution reaches to more than 150,000 retail shops. Their mission is to become the National Leader in food processing. Their products include cinnamon, coriander, and cumin seeds.

4. Cookme, India

Best Masala Brand

With main branches in Kolkata and Bangalore, Cookme was founded in 1846 with an objective to make cooking easier for daughters and housewives without compromising on taste. The company began its journey with basic spices such as cumin, chilli, coriander, and turmeric. They have invested time and effort to ensure that the spices preserve their therapeutic essence while also adding flavor to the dishes.

3. Baskota Group, Nepal

Best Masala Brand

Founded by Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota, this company has had more than sixty years of contribution in producing and marketing organic products. Every worker in this company has a stake and their company exports include spices, juices, coffee and other agricultural products. Baskota Group is Nepal’s foremost producer.

2. Sadaf Foods, USA

Best Masala Brand

A wholesaler and a manufacturer, Sadaf Foods is a family owned company and is rapidly becoming the most trusted company for spices in California. They also provide GMP quality assurance for all of their products. Their products range from 1200-1500 items and can be grouped into spices, tea, and canned vegetables. Their spices include thymes, rue seeds, leek seeds and cumin seeds, among many other nutrient-rich spices. Sadaf Foods products also include coffee, tea, Persian foods and frozen foods. Their vision is to become a world brand and to achieve this, they have been constantly updating their technology to increase the customer satisfaction.

1. Priya, India

Best Masala Brand

A part of Ramoji Group, Priya is the trademark of Ushodaya Enterprises headquartered in Hyderabad. They began their journey with bottled pickles and have now expanded to spices, commodities, snacks and instant mixes. This company has received the Outstanding Industry Achievement Award and National Productivity Council Award. Their products in spices include coriander, cumin, chili, and mustard powders.

Spices have been used as toppings for food ever since their herbal value was understood. Even a little amount of spice adds a delicious flavor to the dish. The companies producing and exporting these spices have to make sure not to evaporate and destroy the aroma and antimicrobial qualities while processing them. Since spices are available in various forms, the companies use various state of art technologies to process them in an efficient manner and deliver them to numerous retail outlets. Spices, when added in large amounts, also deliver important minerals. India is the highest contributor of spices (76%). Other top spice producing countries are Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and China.


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