Thoughts drive human mind to every corner beyond imagination; very few become reality while the rest fade out. Thoughts have the power to spread peace and hatred when they are converted as written amendments. Despite the surging digital revolution in all the fields, literature is never complete without pen and a paper.

Even today writers are comfortable with pen and paper and they are least dependent on E-books, kindle and other digital products. They believe that this setup makes them feel like a creator. Here is the list of 10 best branded pens 2019 that is close to heart for most of the writers in the world.

10. Papermate

Best Pen Brands 2019

This company is notable for its stylish pens and its affordable price. Though this brand is not short of any best in class features, they are not available all over the world. It is specific only to certain countries and this hinders the growth of this company. They are also manufacturing color pens, felt pens, erasable pens, ballpoint pens, and markers.

9. Hero

Best Pen Brand

Hero is quite famous among all the literate people because it is available in almost every stationery shop in the world. Hero’s cheaper price makes it a first choice for its customers in the market. They are known for their fountain pens. Some of its popular pens include the hero, wing sung, lucky, huafu, and gentleman. Most of its designs remained somewhat similar to the designs of Parker pens.

8. Cross

Best Pen Brand

Cross is an American company started its journey in writing, way long back in 1846. It produces pens of all types like ink pens, refill pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens etc. It is special for showing a unique creativity in its design that attracts the customers at their first sight. Some of its bestsellers include click chrome Ballpoint Pen, Classic century rollerball pen, Satin black multifunctional pen and so on. It embeds some valuable metals like gold and silver that makes it slightly expensive.

7. Reynolds

Best Pen Brand

The brand name Reynolds is derived from its founder Milton Reynolds who is the first to introduce ballpoint pen in the year 1945. Till date, they are as world leaders In producing the finest of all ballpoint pens available. Some of its models include trimax, jetter series that include jetter classic, jetter metallic, jetter youth and Reynolds 045, racer gel, brite and so on. As their tagline suggests it stands as a common trust for all its users.

6. Parker

Best Pen Brand

The Parker-Pen company founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker is engaged in providing finest styles of Pens for more than a century. The engineering behind every Pen delivered fascinates the customers with its perfection. This is the only Pen that claims the first position in all parts of the world. They are travelling with the technology changes by showing their innovations in every model. Some of their famous models include Jointless, Duofold, Classic, Sonnet, Vector and so on. They are providing Pens of different metals like plastic, steel and of different types like fountain pens, ballpoint pens, ink and refill pens. They may be quite expensive but the price is worth for their quality, which is practically experienced when one of them is owned.

5. Sheaffer

Best Pen Brand

Sheaffer Pen Corporation is known for manufacturing luxury fountain pens. Sheaffer pens have the tendency to accept ink, cartridges or a converter that allows the use of bottled ink. The Targa which comes with 80 different finishes and two different sizes, The Connoisseur, School pen are the three popular Pens from this company that tops the world charts. They also manufacture leather pen pouches, stylus refills, skip bottled inks and Sheaffer converters.

4. Aurora

Best Pen Brand

Aurora an Italian company is aimed at producing high-quality pens with a unique artistic legacy. This is the Only company to manufacture the nibs on their own with goldsmiths and silversmiths. They produce ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and mechanical pencils. They produce special pens for authors and it serves as the favorite pen for most of the authors. Some of its notable pens include aurora ipsilon, aurora hastily, aurora talentum, aurora torino, aurora kappa and so on.

3. Camlin

Best Pen Brand

Camlin is an Italian based company started in 1931 with its headquarters in India. It is also called as Kokuyo Camlin. They started their career by manufacturing Ink powder and now they grew up and are into the business of manufacturing adhesives, Brush Pens, Fountain Pens, markers drawing books, Gel crayons, Notebooks etc., but still they are known for their best in class Pens. They are always ready to produce the finest quality to meet the diverse demands of customers throughout the world.

2. Cello

Best Pen Brand

The Cello brand of pens is well known for their tagline “the joy of writing”, which is felt when it is tried once and for its frequent advertisements in social media. They are less expensive when compared to the other top brands. It is more comfortable to use and its smoothness soothes us to write an extra line every time when you decide to wind up. Some of the popular brands from this Indian based company include tristar, butterflow, techno tip marky etc. Now, the company is the ownership of a French stationery major BIC and is now with the name BIC Cello. They are also into the business of producing permanent markers, Whiteboard markers, fountain pens, roller pens, color markers and other stationery.

1. Mont Blanc

Best Pen Brand

Mont Blanc is known for producing writing instruments since 1906. Mont Blanc is well known with the white styled 6 pointed star pens with rounded edges. It owns the fame for producing the most expensive and classy pens in the world. It has limited access only to certain parts of the world. They produce handmade pens with the help of their well-trained craftsman which is one of the reason for their high price. Some of their famous brands include contemporary starwalker, bejeweled Boheme and sleek.

Reading with a pen in hand makes us feel like virtually conversing with the author. The writer’s end product can take any digital form but to create a literature its always comfortable to have your favorite pen in hands with heartfelt emotions and mindful thoughts thereby delivering a soulful piece of creation ensuring fruitful memories.


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