Headphones are one of the most commonly and inevitably used gadget in everyday life. Wherever you go, you can find someone with their headphones on, totally unaware of what is happening around them. There are people too, having different types of headphones for their different uses. Such is the value of one’s personal music experience, of which they expect no compromises or adjustments to be made.

Given below are a few top branded headphones that people go crazy over, and some might even make it their goal to experience music from these brands at least once in their lifetime.

Let’s check the Top 10 Best & Most Popular Headphone Brands in The World in 2019

10. Grado

Grado Top Most Popular Headphone Brands in World 2019

Recently, Grado released a model in 2016, in the market, which can be said to have indisputably upshot Grado’s position in the market as one of the best leading headphones’ manufacturer. This model R2SE then received a lot of positive reviews and became the one thing people went crazy about and made a ginormous reach among people. It comes with a combined headphone amplifier, which provides a very clear treble and a tight bass, making the sound silkier and crispier for the listener.

9. AKG


This brand produces models of headphones which are optimally used in recording sessions, studio and live to mix. One of its models K 845BT, an upgraded version of its previous model K550, made its name and became the bestselling brand in the year it was released. It was made with the sole intention of providing a better version of K550 with a few additional features, i.e., more enhanced bass response, better fitting ear-cups and Bluetooth connectivity with control buttons on the ear cups.

8. Panasonic


Panasonic undoubtedly is a world-renowned brand for countless electronic appliances and gadgets and has managed to stay at the top among similar advancing companies. It’s headphone products are unequivocally welcomed and highly sought after, in the market. With excellent bass and sound quality, Panasonic never even compromised on build quality and user-convenience.



V-MODA is one of the most singularly sought-after headphone brands in the market. One of its recent models Crossfade M-100 earned the recognition of almost every audiophile and became the reason for an obsessive frenzy among people to try out this headphone. This consists of patented 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers to explicitly separate bass from mid parts and highs, and an uncompromising Ultra-compact exoskeleton case presenting V-STRAP system along with the product. Altogether, it provides a more dynamic sound experience and diminished outer environmental disruption to the listener.

6. Beyerdynamics


Beyerdynamics has long since been the unflinching choice of obsessive audiophiles and audio-hobbyists, and it still stays so. Thanks to the latest uncovered Tesla technology, it’s low impedance sound transducers help to explicitly unleash the full audio potential of even the lowliest, inefficient smartphones and easily the best high-resolution players. The cable is textile covered and dual-sided, to prevent wearing off, and for providing best usage even in the most rugged conditions. It is highly capable of tuning out any external noise, without compromising quality on the sound being played, thereby offering a rich audio experience to the users.

5. Pioneer


Pioneer is reputed to produce the best sound products, over the many years since it was found. It’s one of the many purposes is to deliver excellence without any compromise whatsoever. One of it’s best models SE-MASTER1 is solely specialized to provide impeccable standards of sound experience, along with promising utmost comfort for the users. It’s lightweight aluminum diaphragm excessively adds to enhance it’s performance and sound quality, with minimum noise interference. The user can change the lateral pressure of the headphones on their heads and enjoy strong sound isolation and comfortable wear even for long periods.

4. Ultrasone


Ultrasone’s got an absolutely amazing product review for almost all of its products unilaterally given by the most obsessed audiophiles from all over the world. Many of its recent models possess the undermentioned features which greatly contribute to their uproarious success. In addition to Titanium plated tri-bass-tube driver, they follow the latest techniques to provide the user a most neutral sound. It also has provisions to reduce magnetic field emissions to almost 98%, compared to other headphones. It also has dynamic principle and a closed system to provide an enriched experience for the users.

3. Monster Inc.

Monster Inc.

These headphones are exclusively for live music experience where one needn’t choose his setting over bass and crystal details. The advanced noise isolating cushions provide comfort for hours to the wearer keeping the noise out, as well as keeping your music from disturbing others, if it is a silent environment. With ultra-stylish structure and customizable looks, these headphones present themselves with also durable, yet light materials to withstand the most rugged conditions of use without any damage to the ear-cushions or the cables.

2. Bose


Bose produces headphones, more in the wireless area without foregoing quality in the basic sense. Its most highly reached product model is 35 II Quietcomfort, which heavily focussed on noise reduction as huge criteria of sound quality. Here, the users can adjust the volume and also the level of noise cancellation over the ear-cups itself. Volume – optimized EQ provides balanced sound performance at any adjusted volume. It also has an unbelievably enormous battery capacity, with almost 20 hours of wireless and 40 hours of wired playtime.

1. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica Top Most Famous Headphone Brands in World 2019

With the new ATH-W1000Z audiophile headphones, one can uplift his quality of listening to a surpassingly high status. These headphones possess the ability to reflect thick natural bass sound contributing to its ability to deliver warm, resplendent audio and better sound quality. It also consists of two magnetic circuit parts that provide increased efficiency and rich audio profile. Resonance is highly reduced and nullified by voice coils, which provide the clarity to enjoy certain intricate and hard to observe nuances in the audio.

Though all these factors might come into play when one decides to choose the best among the best, the prospect of choosing the perfect headphone entirely lies in the mindset and the personal music taste of the user.


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