Laptops come in all shapes and sizes these days and no matter whatever is your budget you are going to have tons of options to choose from. To get a good customised laptop you need to know first how much you are willing to spend.

The Laptop can easily cost well over a lakh if you going to go high-end. But the good news is that the starting range is just 10-15 thousand rupees. The mainstream laptops have 13-15 inch screens and Intel core processors where the price start at around 25 thousand and goes up to well over a lakh. The more you spend the better hardware you can get.

So, let your budget be the main deciding factor to choose the best laptops according to your needs and preferences. The word ‘Ultra Book’ is used to describe slim-light laptop from ultra-low cost to extremely high-end. Gaming laptop tends to be the most expensive because you need high-end hardware. You should get the most powerful CPU your budget allows. The Core i3, i5, i7 in laptops will help with multitasking and heavy apps.

More rams mean less waiting for things to happen. Therefore, today we have enlisted the top 10 best and most popular laptops brands in India in 2019 which tends to help to decide the best budget-friendly laptops for easy usage and customised specifications and programs to run your work smoothly and fast at the same time.

10. MSI

Best Laptop Brands in India 2019

The MSI laptops are the most powerful and cheapest gaming laptops which are said to be an entry-level gaming laptop to those who like portable PC gaming on a tighter budget. Its specification includes Intel i7-7700HQ core at 2.8 GHz. It comprises of 8 GB DDR4-2400 MHz ram upgradable up to 32 GB. It has a 15.6 inch with TN panel display which signifies the highest-quality panel with a better viewing angle. It comes in pre-installed 64-bit windows 10 which is the upgraded version of the Windows laptops. It is steel series keyboard you get with a very good gaming keyboard.

9. Toshiba

Best Laptop Brands in India

Toshiba is one of the popular and acclaimed brands in handing varied kinds of PCs and laptops which comprises of fully fictionalised features and programs with being technologically advanced and fast. The brand came with its first laptop features back in the year 1875 with worldwide recognition and high-quality cutting-edge technology. It comprises of three types of laptop services which include Techra, Satellite Pro, and Portege. They offer laptops in varied designs and style with the ultra-portable device to enhance your life in a more faster and superior way. They have shown remarkable performance over the past 30 years in creating and developing laptops under the superior guidance of tech-savvy engineers and developers to a large extent. It shows a presence of durability and high-class features to meet up the end needs of every customer.

8. Samsung

Best Laptop Brands in India

Samsung is known for its superior services in all kinds of electronic devices ranging from the gadgets, electronic items, home appliances, personal care, and much more. It also has an immense presence in the global market of gadgets and operates in the region of South Korea. In India, the demand for Samsung Laptops has shown remarkable growth after the highest-selling in their mobile devices to a large extent. The product they contribute in making and creating laptops are of highest durability and maintain standard quality to meet the end needs of varied customers particularly with hassle-free functions and programs. The laptops come in varied shapes, colors, and sizes with innovation and technologically advanced and superior in all terms of services and functioning.

7. Sony

Best Laptop Brands in India

The Sony laptops were unbelievably cool once upon a time with huge selling due to its innovative features and design added with vibrant colors like red, silver, green, orange, and purple. So, gradually it became very popular especially among girls as its Sony Vaio range comes in cool vibrant solid colors. One of the highest selling products of Sony was when it launched its first notebook in competition with Samsung Notebook and eventually, people liked Sony Notebook a lot and it has increased sell in the Indian markets of computers and gadgets.

6. Lenovo

Best Laptop Brands in India

The Lenovo Laptops has earned great popularity among the Indian customers as it is user-friendly and at the same time it is budget-friendly as well. Their laptops come in very handy, compact, durable, long-lasting, superior-quality hardware and software, and highly-technologically advanced and unique. They comprise of a varied range of Notebooks at an unbeatable price compared to other laptops available in the market. Thus, the demand for this brand is highly appreciable than other major brands because it’s inbuilt features make it impeccably innovative than others.

5. Acer

Best Laptop Brands in India

Acer Laptops also belongs from the house of affordability and good-built laptops both in software and hardware in the Indian market to a large extent. The availability of this brand is easily found in the major cities in the leading Acer’s stores. The brand has its remarkable presence not only in the Indian market but in the global market as well with huge demand among the worldwide market. It allows you to simply customize, adjust, and upgrade that enables the users to upgrade rather than replace.

4. Asus

Best Laptop Brands in India

Asus Laptops are a smart choice to choose for your desired laptops as it is absolutely budget-friendly, compact, user-friendly, and fits your budget perfectly with high-quality configuration and upgraded programs to satisfy your desired needs and preferences. They are highly well-built and of high-durability featuring in attractive colors, shapes, and sizes to enhance your personal and office look in both ways. This brand has consistently under the record of good books and has set up a new benchmark for the Indian customers for its well-built features at a great price. Asus has also come up with its new service in the mobile device as well but its service in mobile has not reached up to the mark just like their laptops.

3. HP

Best Laptop Brands in India

HP Laptops are also very handy and compact to use to fulfill your basics as well as for your office works very well in an organised manner. Their laptops serve a balance service for both personal and professional work at the same time to a large extent. HP laptops are known for its amazing body material. HP Laptops are good but it has a short span of life as it lasts for only 2-3 years as they try to innovate so much that they always care about software rather than hardware.

2. Dell

Best Laptop Brands in India

The second leading brand ‘Dell’ has been established in the making and creating of high-quality desktops and laptops in varied range and size in the Indian market to a large extent. Dell is just next to Apple has it has the highest grossing in the Indian market with upgraded features, functions, setups, and programs which is absolutely stunning and gives a remarkable performance for your personal and professional usages.

1. Apple

Best Laptop Brands in India 2019

Apple has secured the first position in the making of laptops which is popularly known as MacBook and has been widely used by the people in the global market to a large extent. Apple as such needs no introduction much as its brand name speaks a lot without mentioning anything much. It is very popular among the young generation with super fast, sleek-built, highly secured, compact, user-friendly but not at all budget-friendly. These laptops are generally for high-end users who are actually looking for a world-class brand to serves as a status quo as well serves every detailed purpose one ever look for to get the best buy.

Thus, this sums up our entire list of the top 10 popular laptop brands in India which has made our life easier, simpler, fast-forward, and manageable definitely to a large extent. The Laptop has become an essential commodity to balance your professional and personal life simultaneously with hassle-free functions and programs. Once you got your preferred style and hardware specifications locked down look for features like black led keyboards, touchscreen, and metal construction to help you decide between models.


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