Humans depend a lot upon toiletry to keep themselves hygienic and disease free. One of the toiletries that play an important role in our lives is the soap. From washing to cleaning, one makes use of it continuously without fail. Even the early man in the past ages used various herbs and plants to keep himself clean.

In the modern era, many of the soap brands have toxic chemicals that are used to give the color and aroma but are dangerous to health. Apart from cleansing skin, good soaps also impart glow and radiance. It is important to choose the best brands to nourish one’s skin.

Let’s check the list of Top 10 Best & Most Popular Soap Brands in The World in 2019

10. Dove

Dove Top Most Popular Soap Brands in World 2019

Originated in the United Kingdom, Dove is a personal care products manufacturing brand. Their products are manufactured in the US, Turkey, India, Germany among others and are sold in more than eighty countries all over the world. Their products, for both men and women, include deodorants, body soaps, hair care etc. Their soaps are unscented and are available for all types of skins from extremely dry to extremely oily. A customer can choose whichever suits the best. The company induces in all its products a mild cleanser to moisturize the skin and help bring out the inner radiance. For sensitive skins, these bars are recommended by Dermatologists because Dove soaps do not dry the skin.

9. Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Primarily known for hair styling products and beauty schooling, Paul Mitchell also manufactures tea tree body bars. The body bar is made from parsley flakes (a yearly flower with white leaves and great aroma. and tea tree oil. These soothe the skin naturally and tea tree oil comes with the extra benefit as it acts as a natural antiseptic. Most of the soap brands add gluten but Paul Mitchell products are completely gluten-free, so those who have an insensitivity towards the ingredient can opt for this brand.

8. Aveda Rosemary

Aveda Rosemary

Made with an evergreen herb full of fragrance, Aveda Rosemary bar soap is completely organic and a natural antiseptic. Costing around eighteen dollars, this bar soap is around two hundred grams. It also contains peppermint components deliver a delicate aroma that stays for hours together after the bath.

7. Dettol


Headquartered in England, Dettol is one of the leading companies in toiletries and manufactures numerous cleaning products that are used by a number of countries across the world. Dettol soaps are the best choice after intense workouts or after outdoor activities. It is one of the leading companies in the disinfectant field and its products are sure to remove most of the microbes that may linger. It has a medicine like the smell and cost a dollar or so, the company promises you the best germ-free results you can get.

6. Hamam


Established in 1931, Hamam is headquartered in India. Long before using natural ingredients to manufacture soaps began, Hamam was the only company at the time to do so. Among all the soap brands available today, Hamam still carries the purity and fragrance of the natural ingredients. Manufactured with tulsi and neem extracts, Hamam soaps are one of the best fragrance body bars in the market. They have a variety of products which a customer can choose from depending upon the skin type.

5. Pears


One of the oldest brands in the world, Pears began its journey two hundred years ago and records indicate it is world’s first brand to get registered. It is also world’s first soap that is transparent in nature and was sold by Andrew Pears, whose name eventually influenced the company name. It is enriched with glycerine and natural and vegetable oils and is prescribed by doctors all over the world. They have a wide range of soaps, each specifically made for one skin type, making it one of the best choices. Few of them are even sprinkled with lemon flower extracts and mints to target oily skins.

4. Beessential


Headquartered in the United States, Beessential manufacture a complete a whole range of beauty products ranging from shampoo, conditioner to body washes and lotions. They are one of the best brands in manufacturing soaps from natural products and are available for all skin types.

3. Badger


Badger is another brand that manufactures pure organic soaps. Their products are unscented and do not contain any detergents or artificial color. This makes it a great choice for those who have sensitive skin as the possibility of allergies and rashes is avoided. This soap has a soothing effect on the skin and leaves a sense of relaxation after the bath. Since no foaming agents are used, people with any skin type can go for it.

2. Caswell-Massey


Another company that is headquartered in the United States, this is the best selling soap which is made up of proteins and mineral salts. Its rich protein content moisturises the skin and the honey used in it leaves a healthy glow. The company uses goats milk in their products and it’s good for sensitive skins. They also have other beauty products such as oils, grooming and scents sets.

1. Mysore Sandal Soap

Mysore Sandal Soap Top Famous Soap Brands in World 2019

People usually have a judgemental view that government products and services are low quality. Mysore Sandal Soap, despite being a government company, has been one of the top soap manufacturing companies in India for more than a decade. It is quite obvious that there is a special intrinsic scent in sandalwood. Around a hundred years ago the Maharaja of Mysore set up a Government Sandalwood Oil Factory whose purpose was to extract oil from sandalwood.

A few years later, the Maharaja began manufacturing soaps from these sandalwoods and wrapped them in delicate white covers just like jewelry is packed. As years progressed, the company set up their headquarters in Karnataka and slowly earned name and fame for their products. The only body wash bars made completely from sandalwood, Mysore Sandal occupied a special place in everyone’s hearts. The company is famous for its sandalwood bars and the aroma, healing and cooling properties that come along with it. It also moisturizes the skin with its glycerine content and vegetable oils.

Soaps have been an essential part of our lives. They are both inevitable and necessary. A customer can choose the brand depending upon their products, what they are made of, and more importantly, the customer’s skin type. Not all products work for every skin type. It is usually mentioned on the cover itself which skin type the soap works the best. A person may also consult a doctor to determine the type of skin and the best kind of soap to go for. There is no shortage of brands and choosing the best-suited one would help improve a person’s health.


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