Traditional kitchen has lost its popularity since past decades as people are opting for modular kitchens as they are appealing and attractive and add a modern touch to your kitchen. The traditional kitchen gives that age old look with no basic accessories but modular kitchen comes with great functionality, crockery, and culinary drawers, comes in vibrant colors and shapes, and very classy and elegant to look at. It makes your kitchen more stylish and appealing to see and cook as well.

Modular kitchens are more spacious and have various units of drawers, unlike traditional kitchen which has limited space with shelves and cabinet system. The kitchen comes with ample of features and infinite pattern of colors that enhance your mood to cook for your family. To make your kitchen well-planned, organised, and sorted Modular kitchen will be a smart choice to transform your traditional kitchen to the modern ones.

Let’s look at the top 10 best and most renowned modular kitchen brand in India in 2019

10. Ebco

Ebco Top Most Famous Renowned Modular Kitchen Brands in India 2019

Ebco is a certified brand of kitchen utilities which comprises of assorted kitchen units for the house holders who want to uplift their kitchen look with modern finishing. The brand is renowned for its best quality of high defines design and pattern which satisfy the needs of their customer with infinite choices of kitchen units and varied options of colors. They provide varied of products like kitchen system and accessories, drawer slides, hinges, and drawer accessories. They have a range of series for drawer slides that includes premium series, heavy duty series, side mounting series, full panel series, and sleek telescopic series.

9. Hacker


Hacker kitchen provides the best customised and assorted kitchen for your kitchen furnishing that will give a complete makeover for your kitchen look. It will enhance your kitchen outlook with modern fittings and functionality. Hacker provides their services in many cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The brand speciality is that they offer German made kitchens to give an international look. They have two kinds of modular kitchens one is Classicart and another is Systematart.

8. Johnson


Johnson kitchenware comes in great innovative functionality which will turn your cooking skill into a real experience. They are specialised in modern finishing and manufactured in high-quality design. They make a commitment to their valued customers for the proper installation of the kitchenware during the time of delivery. Their dealer locator can be found in most of the major cities with satisfying customer services. They have a varied range of modular kitchens like Indian Kitchen, L Shape Kitchen, Island Kitchen, and German Kitchen.

7. Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine is one of the leading brands in kitchen utility which manufacture modern and classic kitchens for the customers. It provides the most trendy and modern kitchen units for a wide range of customers to change the boring outlook of their kitchen. They have a varied range of modular kitchen categories like Oyster Pro, Like.Go, Pavese, Start-Time .J, Artemisia, Oyster Decorativo, Dialogo, Elleganta ShellSystem, Tablet.GO, Villa’d Este, Oyster, Dialogo ShellSystem, and much more varied options for the customers.

6. Evok


Evok is one of the popular brands which manufactured modernised functional kitchen for a wide range of customers. They offer latest kitchenware fittings and drawer slides to enhance your kitchen look with an international touch. They offer an upgrading look with full service for better performance. Its modern kitchen features give a stylish and classy look to your kitchen that will urge you to make a variety of cuisines for your family folk. They offer modular kitchen range like Island Kitchen, U-Shaped Kitchen, Straight Line Kitchen, Parallel Kitchen, and L Shaped Kitchen. They add a style statement to your boring kitchens.

5. HomeTown


Hometown Kitchen brand is there in every major city with their satisfying services to a wide range of customers to fulfill their needs and preferences for the outlook of their boring kitchen. They have stylish and modern finishing modular kitchens which will make anybody to drool over your kitchen outlook. They add a perfect style statement to your kitchen lifestyle. They will help you to build your dream kitchen with a range of customized options and features according to your own need and preferences.

4. Hafele


Hafele is one of the kitchen brands which produce and offer German made kitchenware with a wide range of kitchen units for their customers. They offer modern fittings and techniques with customisation facility and services. Along with this, they offer hassle free kitchens with a wide range of modern features. They provide a unique storage system and large cabinets for your heavy food items. They have installation facility in each city for better performance services for their satisfying customers.

3. Hettich


Hettich is one of the leading brands with a wide range of features and modern techniques for your modern kitchens. They provide international functionality with a huge range of storage ideas for their customised customers. Flexibility and durability are the key motto of this popular brand. They provide the pull-out unit for the different storage system of the kitchen. Their customised features add an appealing feature of your kitchenware with classic finishing.

2. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is a popular Indian kitchenware brand which offers exclusive design and modern techniques of kitchenware for your smart kitchen. It helps to provide storage units that are flexible and easy to access and also offers hassle free kitchen accessories keeping in mind the convenience and needs of the modern customers. They provide door to door benefit for easy installation and monthly service for your kitchenware. They have a series of modular kitchens which include L-Shaped, Parallel Shaped, U-Shaped, and Single Wall Kitchen.

1. Sleek

Sleek Top Most Popular Renowned Modular Kitchen Brands in India 2019

Sleek is the top most leading kitchenware brand in India who believes innovation at its best. They offer modern architectural look with global finishing. It adds a touch of sophistication to your boring kitchen that will give a treat to your eyes. It offers bold, wood finishing, and desirable design which will complement and enhance the look of your kitchen. They add new features like hand-crafted design, classic English look, and design in sync accompanying with modern storage techniques and units.

Teaming with the modern generation preferences these modular kitchens has given an ecstatic and euphoric look for your modern kitchens. These are the top best 10 modular kitchen in the world that pledge to enhance your boring kitchens with high sophistication and elegant look.


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