The modular kitchen is a big hit among the interiorly decorated homes. People are more concerned about the usage of the kitchen properly. A perfect lifestyle is a sphere of life, in which the modular kitchen plays a significant role. The kitchen appliances are arranged in such a way that it is easier for the person to work with those.

The associated amenities of the modular kitchen includes a proper function with enough security measures to keep away from difficulties. The proper ways of cleaning are also very evident in the kitchen so that food can be cooked in a hygienic manner.

The modular kitchens are a part of evolution where the modern age appliances and facilities are used. The cooking environment is required to be hygienic for the use of customers. The modular kitchen offers the perfect solution who want to keep their appliances handy and oriented as they want. So, the modular kitchen brands offer many distinctly different varieties regarding designing of the kitchen. The unique facilities in the kitchen attract the customers, and among all the companies in the industry, some are perfect in their job.

Here you can check the Top 10 Best & Most Renowned Modular Kitchen Brands in The World in 2019

10. Hettich

Hettich Top Most Famous Renowned Modular Kitchen Brands in World 2019

They are one of the well-known company around the world with a great deal of function, quality, and comfort of the furniture. The Hettich company symbolises the perfect trade and craftsmanship with happy customers with the services. They offer a vast range of designs and fittings with new edge technology and appliances. The designs can be customised if necessary according to the choice of customers. These features make the service of Hettich more engaging.

Contact Number: 1800 209 2096

9. Sleek


Sleek is a company for complete solutions related to kitchen and wardrobe. They are one of the leading brands with innovative works and efficient designs, which is of a great quality and also comes handy with different types of designs and are excellent examples of craftsmanship. The services given by Sleek are perfect, and the manufacturing facility is perfect for mass production to meet demands of the customers.

Contact Number: 1800 2120 200

8. Hafele


Hafele offers the perfect solution for getting designs for the kitchen. It is an international company providing the appliances and systems with modern tech-friendly facilities. The company relies on customer proximity and innovative thinking. Hafele has grown perfectly into a modern age manufacturing facility which also offers advice to the customers about the designs that are best suited for them. The functionality and the longevity of the products are perfect.

Contact Number: +91 1800 266 6667

7. Meine Kuche

Meine Kuche

Meine Kuche is an internationally certified company with a big name in the Kitchen industry. They provide solutions to satisfy the needs of the customers. The modern practices, environmentally friendly products are the special characters of Meine Kuche. The kitchen fitted with best quality appliances come with a special warranty. The things are perfect as they offer high quality and longevity.

Contact Number: They offer direct chat service to get advised about best designs.

6. Nobilia


The company is regarded as the best brand in the world. Nobilia offers various facilities regarding designs to its customers, and they offer some accessory services like planning tools, instruction manuals for self-building, retailer searching, timed delivery and are perfect in the industry. The kitchen competency is very high, and in it, the appliances and accessory features come up with a great amount of longevity and warranty. These are the reasons why this company is the first choice of the customers.

Contact Number: They can be contacted only by applying through the contact form, where they reach the customer.

5. Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine

This is a 40-year-old business which transformed from a local enterprise to one of the international standards. The Veneta Cucine group is an organisation in Italy who holds a major amount of service around the world. The group has a vast area of space for their work management and production purposes and are a huge hit in this industry for the vast number of choices they offer about kitchen appliances, models, and systems.

Contact Number: +39 0422 8471

4. Hacker


This is a modern organisation with special influence on quality, functioning, and design. It is committed to its customers and offers a great amount of guarantee and durability in the future. The employees work with the single interest which is customer satisfaction. The flexible team management is best for maintaining this German made kitchen business organisation. The huge administration and production area are the reason for which this is a famous name in the world market, with perfect delivery before deadlines and accountability in work.

Contact Number: +49 (0) 5746 / 9400

3. Schmidt


With an eight-decade-long experience, the tailor-made designs are unique and way out of the league of other interior design organisation. Schmidt is also the first to build a total of 450 stores with the tailor-made development around 25 countries. The designers are experts here, and the customer service is perfect around all stores. The Schmidt family company is still a leading brand in France with a huge manufacturing area and perfect delivery before the deadline.

Contact Number: 03 90 57 45 45



ALNO is a German company of kitchen manufacturers working since the last nine decades. The modern age future-oriented designs are all that caused the company to be one of the best till now. The reasons behind the success are timed delivery, best customer service, highest quality products. They help the customers in choosing the right kitchen for them and thus the management is perfect. ALNO has made a huge difference in the market with planning and giving enough choices for the customers.

Contact Number: 0113 3315 100

1. Schuler

Schuler Top Most Popular Renowned Modular Kitchen Brands in World 2019

The company is always a step forward and is in the field since 1966. This company is now the best in the industry. It is always involved in creating new things and making new kitchen designs. The German company now operates internationally, and the employees are oriented to bring out the best in their job. The huge area is best for the immense supply of kitchen appliances. They have evolved with time perfectly, and that is why they turned being the best.

Contact Number: +49 (0) 9825 83 0

Final Verdict

The various modulation in the kitchen with apparently various facilities, designs are the reasons that make the company best. The renowned modular kitchen companies are offering facilities like timed delivery and helping customers choose their design, which makes them modern and perfect for the society.

The companies that help in decorating the kitchen and modulate the placement of the appliances and accessories need to be customer friendly and also should offer a timed delivery. The best companies offer the better services and unique facilities, and by this, they become the best choice for the people.