Top 10 Best Selling MP3 Players – iPods and MP3 Players We Love

There are various types of mp3 players on the market. Identifying one that is best for you can at times be a difficult thing to do.

Some mp3s are purely dedicated to playing music while others have added functionalities like taking photographs, playing of video content, viewing of images and storage of files. I know that multiple mp3 players are on the market that is why I have prepared a review that has the best-selling mp3 players whereby the iPod ranks top in this field.

Here are the 10 Best Selling MP3 Players for 2017-2018

10. FecPecu MP3 music player

FecPecu MP3 music player Top 10 Best Selling MP3 Players 2017This music player offers long hours of playback up to 80 hours. A single full charge will usually take three to four hours. The player can be charged through a computer or a standard 5V charger. The player has a lock screen button that spares you the trouble of pressing another button accidentally. There are buttons for adjusting volume and changing the song playing. The music player has the universal 3.5 mm jack that most headphones and earphones will comfortably fit.

9. Mifine Portable Mp3 player

Mifine Portable Mp3 player Top 10 Best Selling MP3 PlayersThis is a music player that was specifically designed for the elderly. It is awesome portable and convenient and gives a decent sound quality. It has eight to ten hours of playback time that are attributed to it the 2200 mAh battery that is replaceable. It has added functionalities like the integration of an FM radio, a built-in clock for time keeping, and an emergency flashlight. If you want a Mp3 player that offers the best sound quality you can think of, then this is the ideal product you should buy.

8. SanDisk Clip Sports MP3 Player

SanDisk Clip Sports MP3 PlayerIt has an LCD screen that displays the current song being played, the battery and volume levels. The player has a slot for a memory card that will allow you to play more music from this small secondary storage device. The player has an audio jack that allows you to enjoy high-quality audio sounds. The gadget is sold in various stores around the world at affordable prices. At times when you buy the device, you will get free earphones that are sold together with the player.

7. Multi LCD 16GB Support Flash MP3 player

Multi LCD 16GB Support Flash MP3 playerThe gadget assumes the shape of a typical USB flash disk. It can function as a flash drive. One end is a USB that allows it to mount to a USB port with ease. There is an LCD screen that displays the current song being played. It also has FM radio functions whereby the earphones serve as the aerial. There are buttons for playing the next song in the playlist, for adjusting volume levels and for turning on the FM radio.

6. Goldenseller Music Players

Goldenseller Music Players Top Most Famous Selling MP3 Players 2018The music player has no internal memory. It has a 16 GB Micro SD card that can be casually changed. It is easy to handle and has a choice of different languages. The player supports playing of videos of the AMV format and viewing of various forms of images. It is lightweight and straightforward in design, and it has a built-in battery that lasts for long hours. The music player is small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack and purse. Its buttons are easy to press, and they do not stick.

5. HONGYU R06 Portable Hi-Fi music player

HONGYU R06 Portable Hi-Fi music player Top Most Popular Selling MP3 Players 2018The gadget has been made with the lasts technology that incorporates Bluetooth technology will allow you to play music via your wireless headphones. The Bluetooth technology is compatible with cars. It also supports for FM radio playing and audio recording. The mp3 player produces amazing sound quality. This player will enable you to shuffle songs in any folder or playlist that you select. The battery is durable enough to last up to 50 hours. The battery can be charged via a computer or a universal charger.

4. IntelliTouch OHP-800 Mp3 music player

IntelliTouch OHP-800 Mp3 music player Top Famous Selling MP3 Players 2019This is a ready-to-go out of the box product. You just need to power up the player and connect it to your phone system. When you buy the player, you realize that it has been preloaded with hours of fully licensed music. It has a USB Flash Drive functionality that allows you to copy any Mp3 Audio file to the included USB Flash Disk for immediate playback. It has an auto start feature that allows it to resume from where it stopped before the power loss immediately.

3. Tomameri Compact and Portable Mp3 Music Player

Tomameri Compact and Portable Mp3 Music PlayerThis is a compact and a portable MP3/MP4 player that easily connects to your computer via a USB cable. The gadget comes with a 16 GB micro SD card that will store your music and files. The SD card can be removed easily and replaced with another one if the current 16GB size runs out of storage space. The player has excellent quality sound for arrays of music. It has a built-in battery that can compromise long hours of music play.

2. GenLed MP3 Mini Digital Music Player

GenLed MP3 Mini Digital Music Player Top Best Selling MP3 Players 2017The gadget has a unique and elegant design that adds a classy feel and texture. Other than playing music, the mp3 player has a built-in high sensitivity FM radio with an excellent signal quality. Its battery supports long hours of music playing. It also has a super bright LED display that shows the songs being played. The portable gadget features an acrylic design and a colorful lighting function making it more fascinating. It also has an aluminum alloy shell with a high –power diaphragm micro-speaker that provides clear treble and deep base.

1. IPod

IPod Top Popular Selling MP3 Players 2019At first sight, you can think that this is an iPhone. It until you touch the gadget that you realize it is nothing more than a music player. The gadget has most features that are found in the Apple smartphone apart from making calls and sending text messages. They come in various storage sizes, and their batteries can last up to forty hours of continuous audio playback and 7 hours of video playback on a single charge.

When picking the ideal music player for you should consider the gadgets price when compared to the functionalities being offered. You should go for a music player that can perform all your functions but is still yet affordable.

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