Your makeup and your outfits are incomplete without the best shade of nail polish on your beautiful glowing hands. Being a feminine personality how can one go out without the essential makeup needed to make you more beautiful and appealing to yourself and to everybody.

This imparts a style quotient to your building personality. This little thing about makeup like lipstick, kajal, lip gloss, eye liner, nail paint, compact all these things illuminate your beautiful image in a more enhanced way to give you a perfect radiant look for all day. A makeup is quite incomplete without good appealing nail paint. It has now come in numerous colors matching with your best outfit every day. It tends to give your hand and nails a super glossy finishing with their wide array of a collection to choose from.

These nail polish brands have newly launched their matt finishing range that gives a bold and classy look to your personality without a doubt. It is a necessity item in every woman’s makeup kit without which she is an incomplete lady. They come in neon colors, bold colors, nude colors, glossy colors that give an everlasting trendy look to your personality. The available brands in India have imparted good and high-quality nail paints for various Indian customers nationwide.

Let’s look at the top 10 best nail polish brands in India in 2019

10. Avon

Avon Top Popular Nail Polish Brands in India 2019

Avon is an international brand in the production of various cosmetics including colorful and long-lasting nail paints for your beautiful hands. They are not quite easily available in the market; they have various dealers and distributors in various parts of India selling Avon products. But an added advantage that you can easily avail their products from various online stores available over the internet.

Avon comes in varied price range keeping in mind the budget of various customers. They offer an array of a collection in nail paints like Nail Enamels, Top Coat, Speed Dry Nail Enamel, Gel Nail Polish, Gold Shine, and much more in various other price ranges for the convenience of the customers. It’s starting range is 120 INR which is quite affordable to buy for all without worrying of spending more.

9. Chambor


Another leading brand in the production of nail paint is ‘Chambor’ which imparts beautiful different shades of colors for your nails that give a supreme quality of gloss finishing range on your nails. Though the brand is little pricey for its range but Chambor gives a good quality of makeup product for all skin tone. Their range of nail paints gives a glittering finishing that gives a lustrous and shines to the nails. It is very easy to use and apply and leave a smooth texture on your nails. The best part is that a single coat is enough to build the color and get the actual pigmentation. They have a wide range of solid colors as well that doesn’t chip off even after a several washes of your nails.

8. Elle 18

Elle 18

Elle 18 is among the favorite among the young girls especially for the students and college goers. The nail polish comes in cute little round bottles and also very cost-effective to manage your pocket money. Its price range starts from only 40 INR that leaves a long-lasting glossy finishing on your nails. It has introduced the Pop Color Enamels with bright solid colors along with nude colors as well for your well defining nails. They give a high-quality luminous effect on your nails. They give quality product that makes application really easy and super dry up power in less than a minute.

7. L’Oreal


A good choice of nail paints come in with the L’Oreal brand that gives a lasting beauty on your nails for every occasion or event. It has a wide range of solid colors, nude colors, glossy colors, glitter colors, and much more according to the customer’s choice and preferences. It’s best range of nail paint product is ‘Rich Le Vernis’ which is the highest gross selling product in the Indian market. Again this brand comes in bit pricey which is not that cost-effective for everybody. But to look glamours you need to spend a little more to get that lustrous for your nails.

6. Lotus


Lotus Herbal as its name suggests gives the natural beauty product keeping in mind the skin care and skin regime of various customers. It offers various products from top to toes in various affordable ranges. They use good natural nail enamels to protect your nails from breakage and dullness. This brand is suitable for every type of nails from soft to hard without damaging it from harmful chemicals. The application is very smooth and consistent and can use for daily office going women as their shades of colors are very subtle for everyday use.

5. Oriflame


Oriflame is a global brand but widely used and popular among the Indian customers. Oriflame offers ranges of varied products from top to toe giving an impeccable look to your beautiful personality. They offer long-lasting with super gloss finishing effect on your nails. It is very easy to apply with just a simple stroke of nail paints to get that lasting finishing on your nails. The Oriflame long wear stays for two whole weeks without breakage or brittle. They varied range in nail paints like Very Me, Pure Colour, and The One Long Wear for every purpose and occasion.

4. Revlon


Revlon is an American brand that imparts long lasting nail wear for your perfect nails. Revlon nail paints are totally recommended for everybody though it comes in bit pricey for not everyone use. But they do give a lustrous effect on your nails that people around you get amazed by the high-quality nail colors o your hand. It leaves a lasting impression on everybody with their fab collection of nail paints. Their colors are super consistency with smooth texture and glossy finishing which leaves a shine and shimmer on your nails.

3. Colorbar


Colorbar is a great choice of varied nail polish available in the Indian market. They have a good bottle packaging with air tight lid which is of great value and of great choice. They are very easy to use and mixed on the nails for every nail structure and types. They have used perfect ingredients keeping in mind that care routine of every customer. They come in high-pigmented colors with super long lasting power.

Their range of nail paints is under the protection of UV rays i.e. SPF protected. They have improved texture for every nail without damaging it with harmful ingredients. They offer high-end collection of nail paints that look gorgeous in different solid, neon, glossy, satin, and glitter colors which give trendy and peppy look to your image.

2. Maybelline


Maybelline New York is a global nail polish brand which has an increasing sale demand in the Indian market as well. Indian customers are highest buyers of Maybelline products. They come in varied range, colors with matt, satin, and glossy finishing. They have an affordable starting range of 200 INR in the Indian market. It also comes in huge availability with numerous available colors. It has achieved great popularity among the Indian customers with their wide array of the collection with a smooth texture and long-lasting finishing without leading into breakage or dullness on your nails.

1. Lakme

Lakme Top Famous Nail Polish Brands in India 2019

Lakme is the top selling Indian brand where it exhibits makeup products for the Indian customers with the best suitable colors for every Indian skin tone. They captivate their Indian customers with their cost-effective ranges which come in super gorgeous colors at pocket-friendly prices. They offer a wide array of nail paint shades that give you a lustrous and bold look on your hands. Its starting range is from 100 INR which is really very reasonable for every bodies pocket and budget. They offer a high-texture and high-pigmented colors for every nail types that impart a long-lasting impression on the people around you.

Therefore, these top 10 nail polish brands give you the perfect luminous nails that give a long-lasting precious look on your personality.


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