Top 10 Best Selling Nail Polish Colors

As different weather seasons come, there is always a frenzy about fashion. Some lipstick and nail colors are mostly worn during certain seasons.

Various nail polish colors are usually introduced each year by pros who want to show you the accepted methods on how to frame your nails. These pros can even tell you how to pick the best nail colors that will match with your hands and the events that you will attend.

Various brands make their nail polishes using different approaches. One thing that is, however, universal about them is that they are applied the same way regardless of the color or quality. If you are a lady that wants to look trendy and beautiful, painting your nails is something you cannot afford to miss. Here are some nail polish colors to consider.

Here are the top 10 Best Selling Nail Polish Colors for 2017-2018

10. Black Carbon Shades

Black Carbon Shades Top 10 Best Selling Nail Polish Colors 2017

Achieving a dark nail shine can be a challenging thing to do, but it is a shockingly a simple style. This color usually stands out from the rest, and it can match with most attires that you have in your closet. The color can also match with bracelets and earrings. You can never go wrong when using this color shed. The Black Carbon color is mostly available in winter where it is among the ideal nail colors that you will find most ladies wearing.

9. Dark Green

Dark Green Top Most Selling Nail Polish Colors 2017

Winter is known to bring dark shades. During this year’s winter, you will see most ladies having dark green nail colors. This deep color will be trendy during that time of the season. There are different ways in which the color comes. Among the tints that are common include lighter emeralds, shimmery enamels, and even darker timberlands. Darker nail hues are known to connote the colder months, and we have no option but to cherish this extreme change from the beautiful pastel of summer.

8. Metallic Colors

Metallic Colors

Metallic colors spring into life during the spring season. After months of dreary weather and moody colors, this nail color will help you dive into spring’s pastel trends. Some manicure shades like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure will blend perfectly against a backdrop of other soft shades such lavender and periwinkle. This Sally Hansen brand makes the best nail polish colors that you can put on your finger. If you use a nail polish that has a metallic shade, your fingers will look vibrant.

7. Deep Cherry Red Nail color

Deep Cherry Red Nail color Top Most Popular Selling Nail Polish Colors 2018

You cannot talk about nail polish without the mention of this color. This is a wicked deep and dark creamy red polish that can be ideal for you. Ladies love a great classic hue paint to color or decorate their nails. Deep Cherry Red Nail color will help you to create a beautiful home manicure. I know some ladies fancy going a bit darker color on their nails. I can guarantee you that if you use this shade on your fingers, you will make a statement when going to those red carpet events.

6. Dark purple

Dark purple Top Popular Selling Nail Polish Colors 2018

Purple is my favorite color. It is a favorite with most girls. Some girls always buy a purple sweater, purple tops, purple shrugs or even purple undergarments. What greater way to add purple to your body than to paint your nails with the color. This color enhances your aesthetics and makes your fashion sense to seem more complete. The purple color is widely known to be famous for clothes. All I can do is advice you wear this color on your nails. I can guarantee you that you will not regret putting on this shade.

5. Glittery Nails

Glittery Nails Top Famous Selling Nail Polish Colors 2019

This type of shade is not ideally a color; rather it is a shade that most girls like. It has become a constant favorite among most ladies. Most girls would love to have glittery nails as the tone tends to give an extra edge to nails. This shade is always good for the winter, especially during the holidays. There is a collection of more than 70 glittery nail art designs that you can put on your nails. They will make your nails to sparkle, and you will receive a lot of positive comments from the people that see your fingers.

4. Pink


This nail polish color will give your hands a soft and gentle look depending on the shade of pink. It is very feminine giving that fantastic touch of femininity to them. This color can be used on the nails to complement almost all occasions with just a few coats. It also goes well with all types of skin tones as well as outfits. This color can also help in making a woman elegant and very sophisticated as well. Make sure you get yourself this color to enjoy its effects.

3. Midnight blue

Midnight blue

This blue color will help in making your hands more noticeable and bright. The color gives the user a bold and wild personality. Blue goes well with almost everything and would be perfect if it is accessorized with nail accessories. Some of the brands offering this color provide a shiny finish while others have the matte finish. You can apply several shades to get the color that you want. It is very trendy making it the most preferred by most teenagers.

2. Grey color

Grey color Top 10 Best Selling Nail Polish Colors

Grey colored nail polish is used preferably during the cold seasons such as winter. It comes in different shades ranging from light to dark which tend to be very trendy. This color helps in expressing an individual’s attitude and the weather. Grey does not have to be dull since you can mix it with accessories to make it look fun, classy and very elegant. It will be perfect for formal occasions and gives a warm look to your nails

1. Nude color

Nude color

You can never go wrong with a nude colored nail polish. It will give your nails a decent look and at the same time maintaining their cuteness. The Nude color will enhance the fairness of your hands making them to look neat. Your fingernails will look more feminine and super clean at the same time. This color blends perfectly with all skin tones depending on the shade the user selects.

Most of these nail colors are used by prominent brands. You should take care when applying these colors as the might significantly affect your general outlook. I know some of you might be having trouble picking the ideal nail color for you. First, you should be aware of your skin color, the weather season, your attire and most importantly, the occasion you plan on attending.

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