Top 10 Best Nail Polish Remover Brands in India

We all love to experiment our nails with a variety of colors and hence we need to use a good quality nail polish remover so that our nails stay healthy. A bad quality remover can ruin the quality of your nails and hence try to select the remover of a good brand to retain the skin and health of your nails.

There are many types of nail paint removers like the sequins, bright hues and glitters. When the colors fade or peel off then you need to remove them and hence you need good quality nails paint so that it can easily clear the dark nails paints easily.

Nowadays nail polish removers comes with vitamins B5 to other essential oils or extracts for healthy nails. Some are also acetone free. There are many new techniques on nail polish removers like the sponge balls to make the process easier and less messed up. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to buy the best nail paint remover as here there are many removers that are affordable and are healthy for the skin. Here in this article 10 ten brands of nail polish removers are discussed so choose the one that suits your requirements.

Here are the Top 10 Best Nail Polish Remover Brands in India in 2018

10. Bare

Bare Top Famous Nail Polish Remover Brands in India 2017

This is by far the best nail polish remover. It is very much mess free as there you don’t have to use a cotton ball and you just need to use the pads that will contain the remover. They are very much easier to use and they can easily remove the nail enamels without leaving stains behind and won’t make your skin or nails feel dry.

9. Maybelline


This is a good brand for nail paint removers. They will come with foam center and are present in small containers. You need have to dip the nail in the center to remove the nail paints. It will leave your nails tad dry so to make it moisturises you can use strengthening cream. Some of them have almond extracts and hence they smell very good. This is a good quality nail paint at an affordable cost.

8. Faces


If you have delicate nails then this nail remover is suitable for them. You need to use a little amount and won’t have to use again and again as it easily clears the nail paints. It has not no acetone content in it and hence do not harm the nails or make it brittle. They are worth the buy and the bottles look very cute.

7. Streetwear


This is a good brand that produces good quality nail removers. This are sold in small bottles which make them travel-friendly. They have a good fragrance that is not too strong and will linger for few minutes. It can easily remove the dark nail polishes and won’t leave any minor traces and can easily remove the nail paints. It resists the use of any harsh chemical and hence won’t make your nails dry and brittle. They are all cost-effective.

6. Oriflame


Oriflame is a good brand when it comes to good beauty care products. They have a great range of nail removers. The nails remover can easily clean stubborn nail enables you to clean your nails paints without leaving any whitish marks on it. It also calms down the skin near the nails and won’t make the nails feel dry or brittle.

5. Revlon


This remover can easily remove the nail enamels quickly and won’t leave any residue of the nail paints. It has acetone in it but won’t dry out the nails. It won’t leave the whitish effect on the nails. You will need a small amount of remover and hence the remover will last for a long time. They come at an affordable cost.

4. Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen

This brand produces products that will take care and protect your nails and hands. Their nail remover is worth the cost. It may be pricey but it gives a lot of quantity. It will easily clear dark nail polishes easily and it will last for a long time. It helps to strengthen the nails and makes the nails look healthy and shiny. The nail polish remover has camomile in it that helps to calm down the skin present near the nails.

3. Avon


This nail polish remover is packed in a bottle with a stopper and a hole in it. They have a good fragrance and it will linger for more than 5 to 10 minutes. They are acetone free and hence it won’t dry out the nails and can easily remove the nail enamels without making the nails brittle. They are travel-friendly and sturdy. They are also cost-efficient.

2. Colorbar


They have a good quality remover and many come with some sponge inside to make the process easier. You have to just dip the nails in the sponge and then twist it to remove the nail paint. Most of them are very much handy. This nail polish remover is worth a try. Then are travel-friendly.

1. Enliven

Enliven Top Popular Nail Polish Remover Brands in India 2018

This brand produces good quality nail remover that contains provitamin B5 in them that helps in strengthening the nails. They give a good amount of remover that will surely last for a long time. They can remove many dark nail polishes easily and won’t make your nails dry or brittle. They do not use harsh chemical and hence they don’t have any harmful effects on your sensitive nails. If you are a nail paint liver and yiu like to change them frequently then you can surely give it a try.

These are some 10 top nail polish removers in India that is worth a try. Selecting the right nail polish remover is very important as not all remover will suit your nails. Try to select the nail polishes with low acetone content and free from harmful chemicals. A branded nail polish remover will easily remove all the nail polish stains without using a huge amount of remover and won’t make your nails feel brittle or dry. Try to select a nail paint that won’t be pricey and will give a moderate amount.

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