The craze of online shopping is increasing at a very fast speed in India. In the present scenario, people prefer to buy online because online shopping has a very large number of advantages than buying any stuff online. When it comes to furniture, there is possibly nothing wrong to say that purchasing the same online is now possible. It’s because of several online shopping websites and E-commerce stores.

You might be wondering whether it is actually possible to buy furniture online in India or not. However, it is true that you can place your order anytime and the product will be delivered at your doorsteps in the shortest possible time. A few online stores are also delivering the products same day. In fact, the same day delivery has become a leading reason for the success of several online stores that deal with furniture.

The biggest benefit of buying furniture online is the variety that you can access. There are designs and styles from some of the highly professional designers. Another good thing is you can choose the furniture as per the theme of your place. If you are looking to buy the furniture online for your home or office, the following are some of the best options to consider.

Here are the Top 10 Best Online Furniture Stores In India 2019

10. Pepperfry

Pepperfry Top Best Popular Online Furniture Stores in India 2019

It is one of the best online platforms to buy furniture in India. A lot of people have reviewed it one of the best online stores where you can buy quality furniture without compromising on anything. This online store was first operated in the year 2011 and they have enabled many people to save a lot of money on furniture as well as home décor products. They have headquarters in Mumbai but they deliver products all over the India. In addition to furniture, they also deal with other products that you can purchase from the website.

9. Aarsunwoods


Aarsunwoods is another popular online shopping arena for quality furniture. You might have no idea but they furniture is praised and recognized all over the country. This online store provided a lot of choices and there is no strict upper limit on the overall number of products from which you can choose. There are several people who prefer this website for furniture designed by some of the very talented designers who are associated with this online store. There are seasonal deals that can help you save money up to some extent through this website.



If you want to buy modern furniture without spending a lot of money, this is the store that you must visit. They have a very large number of highly satisfied customers and the good thing is there are no delivery charges on most of the products available to buy. Also, they deal in quality and not something which is cheap. You can buy furniture for your home, office or any other place. In India, it has been considered as one of the leading furniture providers.

7. Afydecor


Afydecor is a very popular website for purchasing quality furniture. Something that has made them extremely popular is nothing but some amazing deals they often come with on most of the products available on their website. You can always choose from a very large number of options irrespective of the type of product you want.

6. Snapdeal


Snapdeal is a very popular online shopping store in India. Actually, they are not just famous for furniture, but you can purchase several other items from this store. You might have no idea but Snapdeal has come with some of the best deals on quality furniture in past few months. Presently they are selling furniture worth Rs 30 lakhs per day on an average basis. A lot of people choose Snapdeal for buying furniture because of a very wide range of furniture available to them.

5. Flipkart


Well, the biggest Indian online store and the one with a very large customer base, Flipkart has grabbed a lot of attention of a very large number of people as a premium seller for furniture. In the present time, you can choose the most luxury options on this online store when it comes to buying furniture. Also, there is no need for you to worry. There are options to make money through any of the options suitable for you. Cash-on-delivery option is also available on a lot of products which makes Flipkart as one of the best choices for buying furniture and other home décor products.

4. InLiving


Since past few years, InLiving has become very popular as a reputed furniture seller in India. There are several furniture lovers in the country who have reviewed this store best in every aspect. Actually, they have around 20 plus years of experience in dealing as well as manufacturing furniture. In addition to selling their products in India, they also export them in Japan, Brazil, Europe as well as in several other parts.

3. FabFurnish


Another furniture seller with a lot of reputation in India is FabFurnish. They have a very strong customer base all over the country and since past few years, they have come with some of the fabulous styles and designs on furniture. You can find around 3000 plus designs and styles in the furniture category over this online store. There are several factors that had made them successful in addition to offering quality. A few of them include after sales support, product demos on the site, online product tracking, customized designs as well as top standards.

2. Wooden Street

Wooden Street

Wooden Street is very popular online shopping platform for quality and stylish furniture. You can purchase whatever you need from this store. The good thing is they offer customization services all over the India. You are free to choose the style, type of wood, finishing type, colour as so on. This is exactly what that has enhanced their popularity up to a great extent in India.

1. Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder Top 10 Best Online Furniture Stores in India 2019

Furniture lovers in India are well familiar with this name. Being one of the top furniture sellers in India, Urban Ladder has successfully set up a base of around 90 thousand highly satisfied customers. Although they started their journey in furniture market in the year 2012, a lot of people in India called as the best furniture providers in the world. Even some of the well-known organizations, celebrities as well as business tycoons use their furniture.

All the online stores listed above are widely considered as best for dealing with quality furniture in India. With most of these websites, you can assure free delivery on most of the products. Also, most of these stores give opportunities to people to save their money through various promo codes, discount coupons depending on the product availability as well as demand. It really doesn’t matter even if you are a first-time buyer, you can simply save more. Thus it’s always a wise choice to consider these stores when it comes to buying furniture online.


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