The consumption patterns of the world have undergone very drastic changes in the recent times. This has called for advancements in the delivery of services. The packaging of products has steadily undergone changes in order to ease up the process of availing services. A good quality packaging also ensures a better shelf life for the product and it is essential to shield the item from harm until reaches the consumer. Here is a list of top 10 best packaging companies in 2019 that are popular all over the world.

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10. Amcor

Best Packaging Companies 2019

This is an Australian based global packaging company operating with bases all around the world. They provide a wide variety of rigid and flexible packaging for food, beverage, healthcare and beauty care items and even for tobacco. The banner of this company is spread across 43 countries in the world with over 40,000 employees working under the company. This company is headquartered in Victoria, Australia.

9. Crown Holdings

Best Packaging Companies

This company has made its mark in the metal bundling industry with its ability to bring the best quality services to the business seekers. They specialise in beverage packaging, aerosol packaging, food packaging, and metal closures. This is one of the pioneers in the container industry. Crown holdings were founded in 1892 and are headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. This is one of the largest companies which happens to be operating in European, Asian, and American continent with over 30,000 people serving in the business.

8. Owens-Illinois

Best Packaging Companies

Most of the world’s popular refreshments and nourishment products are packaged by the glass bundling methods of this company. Owens-Illinois has an experience that is a century-old in driving glass compartment making and feasible glass bundling. This company’s brand is associated with the glass bundles of several products including beer, wine, beverages, spirit, beauty-care items, and pharmaceuticals. It also holds the position of being the largest manufacturers of glass containers in the American and European continent. It has continued rendering quality services since 1929 and achieved a great deal including being one of the largest industry in the business.

7. Reynolds Group

Best Packaging Companies

Reynolds group is the main manufacturer and distributor of shopper refreshments and food packaging services and items. They manufacture and retail quality items and services since 1999. Their packaging films and items and mostly eco-friendly and adaptive to the timely development which makes their services one of the most wanted in the world.

6. WestRock

Best Packaging Companies

It is the leading company in the business with a very long history of leadership, entrepreneurship. They turned the tables with their innovations and improvements in papermaking, bundling outline and business arrangements. Their way of handling the business and strengthening the fundamental structure of their company managed to get them a world-class recognition. WestRock is an American packaging company started in 2015 and is spread across in almost 30 world countries. It has its headquarters in Georgia, United States. Within a short span of time, they managed to become the icons of the industry with their ideas and strategies for the business.

5. Ball Corporation

Best Packaging Companies

This is an American based company situated in Colorado, United States. It was founded in the year 1880 and has continued to put its century-old experience into making quality packaging products. This company supplies metal bundling for refreshments, aviation, and even for family care items. It is popular because of its early entry into the industry of making lids and other packaging related items. It has extended its reach into almost all the industries including aerospace industries and hence became one of the largest manufacturers of metal containers and beverage packaging.

4. International Paper

Best Packaging Companies

International Paper is an American paper and pulp company which also is one of the leaders of this industry. It is the largest manufacturer of plastic and paper cups in the world and renders its services especially to the fast food chains like Subway, McDonald’s and Wendy’s. It conducts its operation in more than 30 countries with more than 55,000 people serving under the banner. Its key operation centers are located in the regions of Europe, Russia, North America, and South Africa. This company is renowned for its recyclable products manufactured by means of renewable energy which are incredibly useful for the citizens of the world.

3. Mondi

Best Packaging Companies

Mondi is a South African packing company whose services center on packaging, pulps, containerboard, and paper. The company extends its services to more than 30 countries with more than 25,000 people employed by the company. The company develops innovative and useful packaging solutions for the consumers by following an integrating policy with packaging and paper manufacturing chain by managing forests, producing pulps and compound plastic packaging items. This company was founded in 1967 and it is headquartered in Johannesburg. Their center of operation is located in the regions of Russia, Central Africa and South Africa rendering world-class packaging services globally.

2. Sealed Air

Best Packaging Companies

This company has a very large operating base which covers over 175 countries in the world with more than 20,000 people working for the company. They offer protection to commodities through their service and ensure that the consumer gets what they want as they want it. This company was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. This organisation specialises in food security, product protection, and hygiene.

1. Smurfit Kappa

Best Packaging Companies

This company is the world leader in paper-based packaging with a chain system that supports recycling and manufacturing paper-based packaging products. This group is a European based company which was established in 1934. It is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It operates in over 30 countries across the world with over 45,000 employed in the company. It operates in the pinnacle of excellence and deserves to be called the largest industry in the world in this business.

Packaging is essential for enabling ease of access and convenience for the transportation of goods across places. These are the companies that led this industry into the currently developing world. Understanding the need for quality and safe packaging of items and retailing these services have become as important as manufacturing essential goods or even agro products.


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