Regardless how good and great your business whether a retail or an online store may look and function, the success of such a business heavily depends on how effective and efficient your products are being sold to your customers.

To be able to succeed and make sales you first have to win the trust of your store, and site visitors. The first major step in gaining trust from customers is having a trustworthy powerful payment gateway. A payment gateway is that service that normally allows merchants to accept all cards and other modes of payment forms securely via their sites.

A key point to note is if a payment option is not verified or well set up definitely the merchant suffers losses since the bounce rate is high and one does not retain the customers since they already had a bad experience. Implementation of the right and reliable payment gateway can be a key factor in overseeing the success of a help you out here is a list of the top 11 payment gateway providers in the world in 2019 which you can choose from depending on your needs.

1. PayPal

Best Payment Gateway Providers 2019

PayPal will allow you as a person or any business with just an email address to conveniently, securely and cost effectively receive payments on your website or personal account and send payments at the comfort of your house office or anywhere that’s online. Today PayPal is the leading payment network for most online auction websites and in addition most ecommerce sites in the world nearly 99% use PayPal, any travel company, any freelancer site, service companies and any other type of business you might think of uses PayPal.

The company has over 7 million businesses worldwide that have trust on PayPal and have chosen PayPal as a means of accepting payments. PayPal accepts international payments with more than 25 curries from all over the world being accepted. PayPal has a mobile app just to help you manage your account on your mobile and did I mention they have a merchant cash advance package? The sign up is easy you just need an email, and a credit card or a bank account and you are on your way to send or receive payments.

2. Payoneer

Best Payment Gateway Providers

Payonner is another global payment getaways which has enabled millions of businesses and professionals from more than 199 countries to safely receive and send payments. With payoneer payments which are obviously first, very secure, very flexible and their low service cost anyone can send receive money globally. The company caters for businesses, ecommerce sites, freelancers, travel companies, and many more companies. you only need to sign up your details, you will get assigned a U.S bank account and the company will ship their credit card which you can be able to withdraw payments at a low cost in your local bank account and in your local currency from any ATM worldwide or even use it to pay or purchase items.

3. Western union

Best Payment Gateway Providers

Western union has been around for many years and today we can say it’s one of the leading global payment service provider. They have simplified the way people send and receive money by making sure they can be able to receive money on their mobile phones, through retail channels and even through online channels. If you are an individual and you need to send money to a friend securely you can just walk in one of their retail location near you, use their mobile app, or just their western union website, the friend will receive money in minutes. Western union has more than 500k agents around the world, in over 200 countries. They transact with more than 130 currencies and today they have transacted more than $150 billion.

4. Stripe

Best Payment Gateway Providers

One of the best ways to accept payments online and in a mobile app is using Stripe. As of today the company has been handling billions of dollars and with stripe you can be able to accept all major cards from all your customers globally and more than 135 currencies. Did I mention that you can even use Bitcoin if you have an ecommerce site, or you are raising money in crowdfunding platform this is the best platform to use. Stripe accepts all credit and debit cards and charge 1.4% + 20p for European cards and 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards.

5. Bitpay

Best Payment Gateway Providers

Today people aren’t just dealing with the dollars, you can also be a business that deals with bitcoin too. Bitpay is one of those platforms that helps retailers, ecommerce shops, individuals to receive bitcoin payment directly to their bank account. Bitpay allows individuals to turn their bitcoin into dollars and withdraw their money in any Visa ATM. Stripe has three pricing plans which are starter plan which is free, business plan charges 1% per transaction and enterprise.

6. Due

Best Payment Gateway Providers

Due is one of the free digital wallets that helps business and individuals to make and accept payments. You can get paid or pay using all card types and the site will charge you a small service fee of 2.8% and no hidden or monthly fee and the best thing there is no charge per transaction cost. It’s a platform that has an easy set up and its ideal for all types of business.

7. Flagship merchant services

Best Payment Gateway Providers

This is another industry leader which is known in offering credit card processing services to almost all types of business worldwide. All you need to do is signup as you will get free shopping cart set up, free American express set up, free credit card reader for your mobile phone, no set up fee, funds will be deposited into a checking account of your choice, you can accept all major credit cards, one rate for all cards, free online sales tracking and reporting and not forgetting you will be assigned a dedicated account representative and much more.

8. World Pay

Best Payment Gateway Providers

Irrespective of where your business is located in this world you can still get paid by anyone who has a credit or debit card. This company connects you as the seller to the buyer and facilitates the processing of your payment. Some of the businesses that WorldPay deals with are airlines, digital content, global retail, travel companies, gambling and video games. The company also gives business insights and very rich analytics that are meant to assist businesses to optimise their business.

9. Payline

Best Payment Gateway Providers

If you have a business that needs a more flexible and friendly payment partner then Payline is the gateway for you. The company has opened a simple and a very secure online getaway payment processing service. It has an easy setup, easy integration options, top notch fraud solution and many other tools that are meant to facilitate an easy payment system. The company has three plans which are Payline start, payline surge, and payline shop. All the plans come with a dedicated support team, zero annual subscriptions, not any PCI fees, zero gateway charges, price match and free EMV terminal or mobile reader and many more tools.

10. Adyen

Best Payment Gateway Providers

The company facilitates on processing of payment using any international card to a business. This is the only payment solution you will ever need since it accepts payments on one platform. Adyen platform connects a business directly to Mastercard, Visa and all key payment methods globally permitting businesses to receive payments and enhance growth across online, in-app, and even in store. With Adyen you are assured of no set up fees, you have a dedicated account manager and in-house support, you have the option to have multiple bank accounts and multiple currencies.

11. Cayan

Best Payment Gateway Providers

This is among the best top Payment Gateway Providers in World. The company has made it possible for businesses to receive payments from anyone with a card from anywhere in the world and deliver an outstanding customer experience. Some of the payment processing gateways they have are Mobile Chip Card (EMV) Reader, Payment Processing for eCommerce, Payment Processing for Retail Point-of-Sale, and Payment Processing at the Terminal.

Remember not all payment gateways function or operate the same. To make the right choice for a payment gateway look at their sign up process, does it have the option of multi-currency support, the number of countries it serves, the transaction fees associated with it, the availability of support, how easy is it to the customer to make a payment and does it accept all modes of payments.


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