With the perfumes of varied scents and tones, the men are usually confused as to which brand to choose from. The fragrance is known to make one’s mood elevated and feel cheerful as opposed to the foul smell of the germs in the form of sweat. Any perfume from famous brands is known not only for its unique scents but also for its all-day lasting of fragrances.

Below is the list of perfumes which gives the men the range of fragrances which are classic to fragrances which are casual and sporty. But all these brands have materials which are unique and exclusive and leave the wearer wanting for more. Below is the list of top 10 brands which are known to be hit in the market currently.

Here are the Top 10 Best Perfume Brands in the world in 2019

10. Denver

Denver Top Most Famous Perfume Brands 2019

At the 10th position of the best perfume brands for men is Denver. The brand known for its bold, tempting fragrance is said to make its wearer set apart from the rest of the crowd. It is known to be a renowned brand in the market of perfumes. It is known for its long-lasting fragrance and keeps the person free of his body odor for a longer time. It is perfectly suitable to wear for any occasion and time. The peculiar fragrance makes the person feel joyful and vibrant. The products offered by this brand is known to offer an appealing fragrance which gives men a confidence like no other brand.

9. Burberry


At the 09th position of the best perfume brands for men is Burberry. It was brought to the market in the year of 1856. It is famous across the world for the massive range of different types of perfumes for men all over the world. This perfume is said to be reliable by its wearer and is known to make one feel luxurious. The sweet fragrance is very classy and sophisticated. The fragrance lasts for a longer time.

Some of the most liked fragrances of this brand are the rhythm, beat, and red which are recognised and preferred globally. Some are known to have found this brand as important as choosing a leatherjacket for their wardrobe. It is a must in your collection and should be classy at the same time cool and casual. The fragrance which is exhilarating and provoking can turn as many as when you enter a room full of people.

8. Armani


At the 08th position of the best perfume brands for men is Armani. The name is a synonym for sophistication. It speaks of perfection in the men who wear it and of course their accord. This brand is known to bring in the aroma of nature in their fragrances. They use such vibrant raw materials to make the men stand apart. It is like a fashion statement for the men. It is one of the classic perfume which is timeless and yet very simple. The brand ruled the market especially between the 70s and the 80s. They along with L’Oreal have known to provide to the customers with a variety of beauty and health products. The perfume for men was brought in the market in the year of 1984.

7. Davidoff


At the 07th position of the best perfume brands for men is Davidoff. This brand became famous along with the others in the year of 1984. It is specially designed for men who seem to sweat out much more than others. This perfume keeps them vibrant by masking any odor that is caused because of the sweat. Perfectly good for places with high humidity. Two most important fragrances of this brand are the lemon and bergamot which are refreshing and stimulating.

If someone wants to feel more essence of their masculinity can always go for the cedar wood fragrance or the oakmoss. Their first fragrance which hit the market and at the same time became a hit with the customer was named Davidoff and their second best which was introduced in the year of 1988 was named Color Water. Both these colognes reflect the value propagates which is ‘good life’. The Color Water was introduced in the year of 1988. This brand has been on the list of top selling highly rated cologne brands.

6. Playboy


At the 06th position of the best perfume brands for men is Playboy. Still a fresher amongst the other brands of perfume, this cologne has marked its name in top perfumes sold. The brand is known to have a total number of twenty-seven perfumes in its collection for any men. In 2008 the brand launched one of its edition of fragrance. Last year the brand launched another of its edition.

The main aim of this brand to obtain a packaging which was very original and has a different bold look. They wanted the brand to make a bold explicit statement outright. For men who would prefer a bolder and manly eau de toilette should have this brand in their collection. They are famous for their brands of aftershave gels and body colognes. One can usually find them packaged in the bottles of 50 to 100ml.

5. Ferrari


At the 05th position of the best perfume brands for men is Ferrari. Apart from the race cars, the perfume is also knowing to race the hearts of people who smell its fragrance. They have a wide range of fragrances which include fresh, woody, oriental, citrus, aquatic, leather etc. It is the brand which speaks of class and sophistication. It has a very edgy essence to its fragrances. It focuses on giving the sports lovers a brand to fall back on.

And as the name goes it doesn’t only restrict itself to the racers can suit anyone who isn’t scared for a little adventure. There are many popular perfumes which this brand has in the market which includes eau de toilette such as the Ferrari Red, Ferrari Scuderia, Ferrari Black, Ferrari Essence etc. All these perfumes from this brands are scaling the heights and are liked by many and are highly in demand.

4. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

At the 04th position of the best perfume brands for men is Hugo Boss. This brand is rightly a personification of power whoever wears it and wherever the person wants to go. It goes perfectly with any clothing and for any occasion. The brand believes in delivering style and sensitivity to the men. It emits an essence of style, class, and confidence in the wearer. There are many brands in its collection that have become a super hit in the market. Some of them are the following. The Energise Eau de toilette, bottled huge boss eau de toilette the Boss Black and Boss Orange.

3. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

At the 03rd position of the best perfume brands for men is Calvin Klein. The simple and unpretentious bottle hides their characteristic patent fragrance which has beat the other brands over the years and stood its place in the forever changing fashion trends and styles. The fragrance of this brand keeps the wearer fresh all day long. It revitalizes the men keeping them fragrant from the time of application. Some of its very famous brands include the Euphoria, Encounter, Sheer beauty, eternity and One summer.

2. Bvlgari


At the 02nd position of the best perfume brands for men is Bvlgari. Some of the most energizing fragrances include the woody and the musky. Along with its elite looks, it also gives a similar elite fragrance for its wearer. Its fragrances range from very superior classics to more contemporary styles. The brand suits both the casual outings to formal conferences. It has in its collection very unique perfumes like Aqua and Man extreme which are highly spoken of and preferred fragrance.

The most admirable aspect of this brand is that it has been introduced in the market recently yet provides classic fragrances with scents which are very delicate. Some of the perfumes have exotic scents like coriander, bergamot, and jasmine. They are also known to have mandarin of Italy in the combination of white sandalwood and musk. Another popular series of this brand is the Aqua Bulgari which is preferred by many men.

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Top Most Popular Perfume Brands 2019

At the 01st position of the best perfume brands for men is Ralph Lauren. It is especially known for its series of Polo perfumes. This brand includes Polo Blue, Black, and Red, Big Pony all these perfumes for men. The series is a tribute to the heritage of sports. The Polo Blue is known for its scent which feels like fresh air. The Big Pony fragrances are known for being sporty and stylish at the same time and with a tinge of seductive in it. It is known for providing a strong and lasting scent to its wearer.

A perfume which is the most ideal for any men is the one which is classic as well as lasting with an essence of masculinity. It is ideal to choose according to one’s taste and whatever suits the person. Select the perfume which is consistent and goes with all the looks. These perfumes will give the wearer a day full of beautiful guaranteed.


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