Top 10 Best Plastic Companies in India

Are you trouble by the excessive consumption of plastic by the public and want to do something about it? The excessive use of plastic is becoming a serious threat to our environment and hence the plastic companies have come up with the idea of eco-friendly plastic usage for a healthy environment.

The company has set up innovative ideas with the use of varied plastic products and utilise it in a better and convenient way for the people in India. This will not only fetch them a decent profit but also at the same time helps to save the earth from these harmful particles generates from the usage of plastic.

These companies have gone through the various steps and functions to star up a plastic business in the industrial world of today. It required market research to check out the existing competition along with the supply and the demand. Presently, the demand for the plastic products along with eco-friendly features is very demanding among the people of India to a large extent. It has been a daily and customary need in our everyday life without a miss. Though plastic products have got ample of drawbacks and negative features yet people are in use of plastic products at an alarming rate.

These plastic materials come in various products ranging from bottles, bowls, spoons, plastic packet, forks, and various other ranges of products in an increasing demand nationwide. Therefore, India has always been a fast-selling country in terms of plastic products and very popular Indian companies have been actively involved in generating beautiful, colorful, and robust quality plastic products in various parts of India. Hence, we have enlisted the top 10 plastic companies in India which they have actively played a significant role in the era of plastic products.

Let’s look at the list of top 10 best Plastic companies in India in 2018

10. Kingfa Science & Technology Ltd

Kingfa Science & Technology Ltd Top Famous Plastic Companies in India 2017

The 10th largest plastic companies in India is said to be the ‘Kingfa Science & Technology Ltd’ which has been promoting the progress of human civilisation as it is a cornerstone of industrial development. It has impeccably used modern high-performance advanced materials with their application and development has reached a benchmark of success and prestige over the past years. This well-known company came into establishment back in the year 1983 with its headquarters based in India. The company deals in varied products like Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polypropylene, and Engineering Plastics. Kingfa has grown to be the leader of high polymer material industry in Asia-Pacific region.

9. Arrow Coated Product

Arrow Coated Product

The 9th largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘Arrow Coated Product’ which came into establishment in 1960 with its headquarters based in India. The company distinctly deals in the manufacture of water-soluble films. It has been known as the best manufacturer of the plastic products with superior quality and high durability in every sense. It is a very popular and very demanding among the customers with high safety measures and articulate designs.

8. Wim Plast Ltd

Wim Plast Ltd

The 8th largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘Wim Plast Ltd’ which is basically an India company that came into establishment back in the year 1988 with its headquarters based in India. They offer great and valuable deals in high-quality furniture, plastic chairs, tables with high-tech modern design and pattern at the best price for a wide range of customers. They are well-known for their innovation and creative style and design which is in high-demand among the customers nationwide.

7. VIP Industries Ltd

VIP Industries Ltd

The 7th largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘VIP Industries Ltd’ which was incorporated in the year 1971 and popularly known for its high-durable luggage bags and suitcases over the past years with immense success and recognition all across the country. It is one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of luggage maker which provide the Indian customers with reliability and complete faith with valued products. The company deals in the varied range of products like suitcases, duffel bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, messenger bags, office bags, backpacks, laptop bags, trolly, briefcases, vanity cases, and much others in varied options available at various VIP outlets across the country with nationwide certification. The company functions in parts of the country which has chosen high-quality durable products for their wide range of customers who shower complete faith on their popular brand undoubtedly.

6. Nilkamal Ltd

Nilkamal Ltd

The 6th largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘Nilkamal Ltd’ which offers a range of value-for-money plastic products in chairs, tables, furniture, and much other in an articulate design ad style for a wide range of customers at a very affordable price range. This company came into establishment back in the year 1981 with its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has been estimated it has total revenue of about 21.65 billion INR which really very remarkably significant for a plastic industrial company in India. It has earned great popularity and national recognition for its high-quality and high-durability products for their esteemed customers nationwide.

5. Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

The 5th largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the Mayur Uniquoters Ltd which is chiefly handled by Mr. Suresh Kumar Poddar, the man who builds the Mayur Uniquoters Ltd single-handedly continues to push to uplift the company at a greater level with immense success. The man’s effort shows with the company’s historical success across the country. Over the years, the company has successfully grown out to be as a powerful manufacturer of artificial leather across the country to a large extent.

4. Responsive Industries Ltd

Responsive Industries Ltd

The 4th largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘Responsive Industries Ltd’ which is among the giants of Vinyl Flooring and Synthetic Leather with the vision to become the no.1 global brand. Currently, it is among the top 5 worldwide with their large facilities spread out over 100 acres of land in the Western India. The company is present in 7 countries having an annual turnover more than 250 million USD dollars.

3. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

The 3rd largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd’ which has shown an impeccable response in a wide spectrum of the global market. The company works with the vision of innovation for better tomorrow. The company significantly deals in the manufacturing of irrigation systems, plastic pipes, and pesticides, plastic sheeting, processes fruits, and processed vegetables.

2. Astral Poly Technik Ltd

Astral Poly Technik Ltd

The 2nd largest company in the manufacture of plastic products is said to be the ‘Astral Poly Technik Ltd’ which came into establishment back in the year 1996 with its headquarters based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It happens to be the second most recognised and popular among the plastic manufacturer in India which got remarkable response and recognition in the world market with wide expansion.

1. Supreme Industries Ltd

Supreme Industries Ltd Top Popular Plastic Companies in India 2018

The first and the most widely known plastic company in India is said to be the ‘Supreme Industries Ltd’ which is a Mumbai based company along with 72 years of long journey in the world of plastic industries and has been widely popular in the Indian market for its reliability and durability. They are the pioneer in the plastic products without a doubt. They provide a range of products like PVC Pipes, bathroom fittings, moulded furniture, dashboard for cars, and LPG Cylinders to name a few.

Thus, here we get the complete list of the top 10 plastic companies in India which has largely taken an active role in our domestic and industrial sector to a large extent. These 10 popular companies have formerly helped the people of India to choose the best and high-durability plastic products at a great range keeping in mind the increasing demand and requirements varied customers across the country.

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