Basically, there two types of plastics in the world, common plastics (commodity plastics & engineering plastics) and specialist plastics. Plastics have been put in various uses today in the world; such as packaging material, building materials, on auto mobiles, toys, on medicine field, household furniture among other uses. Over the years plastic has displaced many traditional materials such as ceramic, leather, metal, wood, bone, paper, glass in what was their former uses. With such a wide array of uses plastic manufacturing is such a huge industry but often under chemical industry.

Companies such as BASF and Dow Chemical have been the industry leaders for so many years and despite the human health and environmental concerns posed by plastics in the world today companies are emerging every day since it’s a profitable business. The below are the top 10 plastic companies in the world in 2019 that have gained a solid ground in the plastic market.

1. Dow Chemical

Best Plastic Companies

Leading in the list of top 10 plastic manufacturing companies in the world is Dow Chemicals. This is an American company headquartered in Midland, Michigan. The company’s range of products includes chemical, agricultural products and plastics. Its product line features over 6,000 different products. The company currently stands as the leading producer and supplier of polyalkylene glycols and chlorine. Dow chemicals have operations in 35 countries across the globe where it runs over 179 production facilities.

2. Lyondellbasell

Best Plastic Companies

Lyondellbasell is a renown plastics manufacturer. The company operates from its major offices located in the S, UK and Netherlands. It joins the list of the world’s leading plastics manufacturers in the second position being leading in production of among others plastic products, chemicals, oil and petroleum products among others. The company has an expansive production network with 55 production units located in 17 different countries across the globe.

The company is a leading global producer of polypropylene and polypropylene composite products and as well is listed among the biggest polyethylene producers on the globe. The company is better known for polymer and resin products that target high-end markets across the globe making it one of the biggest earners in the industry.

3. ExxonMobil

Best Plastic Companies

Exxon Mobil is an American company with its headquarters in Irving, Texas. The company is better known for its participation in oil and gas industry alongside being a leading chemical and plastics manufacturer. Formation of the company was in 1999 through a partnership between Exxon and Mobil. The global giant managed to rank in the 17th position in the Forbes list of companies with highest profits. In the same year, it ranked in the 9th position in the same list among the largest public companies with highest revenue alongside being 6th in consideration of annual sales. Among the leading products form the company includes plastic products destined for different global markets, diesel, petrochemicals and gasoline


Best Plastic Companies

SABIC is a Saudi Arabian company with its headquarters in Riyadh. It was established in 1976 and has extended its operation to over 40 countries across the globe. In these countries, its productions facilities are in excess of 60 currently. Its range of products includes fertilisers, chemicals and polymers. Currently, SABIC is the world’s third biggest producer of polyethylene products and ranks as the fourth globally in polypropylene and polyolefin products. SABIC managed to get listed by the Forbes in 2015 among the companies with highest sales globally raking in over $39 billion.


Best Plastic Companies

With over a century in operations, BASF is one of the oldest plastic companies on the globe. The company was established in 1865 and has over the years embarked on production of different plastic products. It is a German company with its headquarters in Ludwigshafen. With its wide experience, the company takes the fifth position among the leading plastic manufacturers on the globe. Among the leading products from the company is the production of chemicals and pharmaceutical components, agricultural products, and dyes. It has its operations in over 200 countries across the globe employing more than 100,000 persons in its areas of operations.

6. LG Chemicals

Best Plastic Companies

LG Chemicals is a South Korean Plastics Company with its headquarters in Seoul. It stands among the largest Korean chemical companies today. Its major products include synthetic rubber, petrochemicals, polyolefin and PVC products. The company is a leading producer of speciality products targeting the global market. Alongside being a major producer of plastic products, the company also leads in production of electronic components and IT accessories. With its large production capacity, the company recorded sales estimated at $18 billion in 2015 winning a position in the biggest companies in the country.

7. Borouge

Best Plastic Companies

Borouge is a company that takes credit as a leading producer of polyolefin. The company was started as a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Oil and Borealis of Australia. Since its inception, the company runs two major production plants the Borouge Pte Ltd with its operations based in Singapore and Abu Dhabi Polymers Co. Ltd. Despite having two different establishments, the company operations are harmonised for smooth operations between the two operating in success of the company in general. The company is credited with production of numerous high end plastic products targeting markets in Middle East and Asia Pacific.

8. Lanxess

Best Plastic Companies

Laxness is a German company with its headquarters in Cologne. The company has operations in 29 countries where it runs 54 production facilities. Laxness began its operations in 2004 venturing into manufacture, development and marketing of plastic products. Currently, the company produces speciality chemical products, rubber and plastic products in different parts of the globe. It stands out as a leading supplier of synthetic rubber holding the highest sales volume across the globe.

9. Formosa Plastics Corp

Best Plastic Companies

Formosa Plastics Corp is a Taiwanese company with international recognition as a world producer of polyvinyl chloride products alongside other plastic products. The company was ranked as the fifth biggest company in regard to chemical sales in 2015. In 2016, Forbes listed the company among the largest global companies of all times in the position of 861. The plastic production company stands as the largest with overall resin capacity in the world currently estimated at 2.83 metric tonnes annually. The company ranks highly internationally with subsidiaries across the globe alongside partnership with major plastic dealers in USA and other parts of the globe.

10. Alpla

Best Plastic Companies 2019

This is an international company based in Australia. The company has its headquarters in Hard and a large producer of plastic packaging products destined for the Western European market. The company’s presence is in 42 countries across the globe operating 162 plastic production plants. The company stands out in its ability to produce customer oriented products with adherence to international safety standards. Among its range of products include tubes, caps, blow-molded bottles and injection molded parts among others. Alpla is internationally recognised plastics producer with products that rank it high among the 10 plastic companies.

Plastic continue to be among the most embraced products globally. Low cost and versatility in the range of products are some of the factors that make the products to be highly embraced. Despite the growing environmental concerns, efforts are in progress to reduce the effects hence offer continued use f the products.

The leading top plastic producing companies are among the leading forces to establish and embrace safe production and use of plastics. This comes with a promise for continued safe use, and production to meet the ever increasing demand for the products. Products from the listed top 10 best plastic companies in the world 2019 are acknowledged for its safety and suitability in use.


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