For decades, plywood has been used as a leading component in production of high quality furniture alongside other wooden creations. It is basically a sheet of wood produced using thin layers of wood which are then joined together using appropriate adhesives to form strong and durable material not available directly from sawed wood. Of major concern in use of plywood has been quality that leads to early wear and tear.

There are companies however from different corners of the globe whose plywood quality is outstanding. They not only provide with quality production but as well offer a range of after sale services. So, let’s get to the list of the most outstanding plywood companies in the world in 2019.


Best Plywood Companies

MKTI is the world’s leading plywood company as of 2019. The company is built on a platform to offer high quality products from high quality resources and produced in high quality standards. The Korean company is jointly owned by the Myanmar Timber Enterprises and this offered a platform or the company to rise to its current rankings. The company offers a range of marketing strategies that strengthens its populace in the plywood market. Among the key approaches is door to door delivery of custom pieces alongside venturing into international promotional practices that target dealers and retailers.

2. Century Plyboards Ltd

Best Plywood Companies

Century Ply Boards is one among the globes leading plywood companies. The company started in 1986 and has grown over the years to be a leading producer of wood products. One of the outstanding products from the company was the pioneer powder-proof PF plywood. Owing to the growing popularity of its products the company has managed to win and maintain the “Fastest Growing Company with Highest Turnover” five times between 2003 and 2008. It is among the ISO 9002 recognised companies on production of veneer and plywood.

3. SinoPly

Best Plywood Companies

Sinoply is a Chinese company known for unique and high-quality plywood products. The company’s products are known for the water resistance capability to withstand humid and extreme weather conditions. This is achieved through use of glue with high water resistance. Further application of glue after joining the plywood pieces also serves to make the products of the company much stronger and in such way, maintain its ranking among the greatest plywood companies on the globe. The company’s products target the local Chinese market as well as the international markets of Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Latin America alongside others.

4. GreenPly Industries Ltd.

Best Plywood Companies 2019

GreenPly wood company was incorporated in India in 1993. The company deals with a range of wood products while observing quality to ensure the products offer complete satisfaction to customers. Among its major products I the market include decorative sneers, fiber boards and restroom cubicles designed for high-end market segment. The company is among the largest in India with a market share estimated at over 36% of the total country’s market. With its high performance, the company also enjoys listing in the country’s stock exchange market that enables it to enjoy massive returns alongside its products.

5. IPC Group

Best Plywood Companies

IPC Plywood manufacturing company is a Russian establishment with over 40 years in the business. The company has produced a wide range of high quality pieces that have been used in high end markets of US, Europe and other leading countries. To gain effectively from the competitive market, the company has established regional offices across the globe and appointed representatives across the world. Through this network, the company establishes the needs in different communities across the globe and offers tailored solution to these needs. The network also comes in hardy in establishment of various management levels and supervision of its products performance in the markets.

6. Hokusan

Best Plywood Companies

Hokusan takes credit for production of high quality and unique plywood pieces. The popularity of the company’s products comes with the unique selection of tree species to use for its hardwood. The company imports various hardwood trees from across the globe or use in its production. This comes alongside incorporation of other material such as glass, plastic, paper and iron to enhance its products. The company has its name built as a leading supplier whose products have been used in the most high and expensive high-class cabins, palaces, homes and international establishments. The company is also known for its high quality and unique furniture pieces that are featured in different places of the high and the mighty across the globe.

7. The Joubert Group

Best Plywood Companies

A company built on family heritage The Joubert Group is a French plywood company with its base in Charente, South-West France. Its rich history spans over three generations with experience and expertise passed over the generation to mark the modern high ranking production of quality plywood. With its rich history, the company makes use of modern technology and innovations to offer the much required customer satisfaction. The company uses top rated wood in its production ensuring they maintain high quality at all times. All products from Joubert Group are adequately certified and safe and compliant for use across the globe having met all the set standards by various accreditation bodies.

8. Richard Russell

Best Plywood Companies

Richard Russels is one of the oldest companies in the industry. Its history dates back to 1928 as a wood trading company whose core business was to import timber. Over the years, the company has grown to be one of the leading players in the industry offering a wide range of modern plywood products tailored to meet individual client requirements. The company has credit in its ability to provide products on both wholesale and retail to clients across the globe. This is alongside offering customised products tailored to customer designed products.

9. SGK Nordic

Best Plywood Companies

SGK Nordic is a Russian company with a rich history in production and distribution of plywood products. The company acts as the leading agent of one of the biggest Russian wood products miller, Murom and red Anchor. Partnership with this great miller offers the company an opportunity to specialise on offering full satisfaction to its customers from across the globe. This comes alongside offering customised solution for clients across the globe. It gains massive credit for customer oriented business approach where customers are duly advised and guided on making the best and reliable choices in plywood products.

10. Caledonian Plywood Company

Best Plywood Companies

Caledonian Plywood Company is UK establishment incorporated in 1990. The company has production n and distribution facilities in Glasgow, Tibury and Leeds. It is from these facilities that the company feeds ifs European market and the rest of the world. It is credited with production of high quality plywood solutions with a traceable history.

This not only gives an assurance of quality but as well works to improve on customer satisfaction. One of the biggest and latest achievements by the company is winning both the Lanarkshire Business Excellence Award and TTJ Plywood Trader Award of the year in 2016. Alongside plywood production, the company also provides its client range with different designs of prestigious wooden doors.

Wood products have been in use since time immemorial. Over the centuries, the design and quality of the products have greatly changed and this has driven the innovations and development of wood products to a more advanced level. Use of plywood is one of the developments that offer high quality and attractive products for the markets all over the globe. The top 10 best plywood companies in the world form the great selection of players who are leading in the quest to ensure this is achieved.


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