Everybody hates the time when our phone battery drains and we have to wait for hours to charge it. Having a good battery life is very important and hence we all should buy power banks that can help us to charge our phone when we are in outdoors or during an emergency.

It is a lifesaver for the smartphone users. power banks can also charge more than one device at a time. We need to buy the Power Bank that has a good battery backup and is of strong build and charge the battery very quickly. So buy a pocket-friendly power bank.

For buying a good Power Bank, you need to have a lot of knowledge about many things like output power, features, ports, and charging facility. We should always buy a power bank of a good brand and make sure that the price is also reasonable. The power banks should be also light in weight and should look stylish. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Power Bank brands in India in 2019.

10. Karbonn Polymer 10 Powerbank

Best Power Bank Brands in India 2019

Karbonn has earned a great reputation in terms of the accessory by launching their new series of power banks. This Power Bank has two ports that provide an output of 1.5 amperes with an ampere current of 2.1. This Power bank comes with a warranty of 6 months and has LED indicator for indicating the charging level with dual power mode. This Power Bank comes with a price of Rs 1800 approximately. This is a great buy.

9. Portronics POR 310 5200mAh power bank

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This power bank has a stylish design with matt finish and is rubberised. You can easily carry them anywhere because they are very stylish and compact. This power bank can only charge a single device at one time and has 3 LED that will indicate the charging level. Carry it during travelling or other outings as they weigh very less and they cost not more than Rs 1300.

8. Lenovo power bank PB41 5000mAh

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This Power Bank has a sturdy build which you can easily flaunt and has a metallic design. This Power Bank has a charger with 2-ampere capacity and it takes maximum 3 hours to get charge completely and they also weigh very less. This Power bank can be switch on and off whenever it feels the requirement and can charge 2 devices at one time. It will cost you around Rs 1100.

7. Romoss 10000mAh power bank

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This is an efficient buy and it looks very simple and you can buy it at and price of Rs 1200. This is made of plastic of great quality. It has two ports for output and has LED for indicating the charging levels. It comes with a charger of capacity 2 ampere and hence you can completely charging it in 6 hours.

6. TPLINK 10000mAh power bank

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This power bank has a good charging power and it has a port current of 1A and 2A respectively. It is quite portable and has a large battery. It has a flashlight which you can use for using it for other activities. It comes with a protective 6 layers that will protect against the overvoltage, overcurrent or against temperature. It has a charge of 2 amperes which can charge the Power bank in just 6 hours. It also comes with a carry pouch and USB cable.

5. lenovo PA 10400

Best Power Bank Brand in India

When it comes to buying a decent as well as simple Power bank then you can easily trust this brand. It comes with a charge of 2 amperes and can easily get a full charge in just 5 hours. You can easily connect two devices and it has a conversation rate of 80%. It also has LED indicator for checking the charging level. It looks every style and has a glossy design. It will cost you around 1700 INR.

4. Ambrane P1040

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This is a more advanced Power Bank that has a digital display which clearly indicates the charge status and has a capacity of 10400 mAh. It is mainly used with the Samsung battery and provides an output of 2.2 A which initiates fast charging. But it has a drawback that it takes a lot of time to charge itself but it can be solved by using 2 Ampere charger for it. It is a great power bank to invest on and it will cost you not more than 1600 INR.

3. TYLT powerplant

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This power plant has a power capacity of 5200 mAh and has a great quality build. It has 2.1 output for charging it quickly. The battery needs 6 hours for getting fully charged. It has many features like the flex arm flat which is convenient during travelling, it can support 2 devices to charge at one time, protection against over discharge and has LED indicators.

2. Cheero 12000mah battery bank

Best Power Bank Brand in India

Battery banks which are bigger and have big batteries will take a long time to charge and this fact is ignored by most of the consumers. This power bank with provided with a charge of 2 amperes and also has USB cable of good quality and it facilitates fast charging. The box comes with a velvet pouch. This Powerbank is of great quality and the side edges have chrome finished. The weight and size are higher though. It has many other features like the LED indicator, a port of 2.1 A for charging it quickly and a flashlight. It will cost around 5k.

1. Xiaomi 10400 mahogany power bank

Best Power Bank Brand in India

This is presently the king of power banks. It is corrosion resistant as well as waterproof and can be bought by many consumers. It is price efficient and costs around 999 INR and the battery pack can easily charge the iPhone for 4.5 times. It has amazing features starting from over discharge to overcharging, fast charging, USB connector, port and LED indicators. You can buy the wall charger of 2 amperes separately.

These are some famous power banks of some famous brands. They are cost-efficient and reliable. Buy the one that suits your specifications. Because power banks need to be of good quality to give good results. Research a little more about these power banks before you purchase one.


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