You were just about to hit your target score in that game that everyone’s been talking about and then that pesky low battery warning pops up. You’re determined to finish your game so you ignore it and play some more.

Just mere seconds before you hit your target, the screen freezes and then switches off. We’re all familiar with the dilemma of dying phones in areas that have no power outlet; or even worse no electricity. Tired of having to borrow phones when your battery dies? The power bank is the solution for you.

The list uses battery capacity, output ratings and compactness as the main gauging parameters. A power bank’s battery capacity refers to the possible number of charging time that one can get. There are power banks that can charge for a maximum of ten times; these are called high-capacity power banks. And then there are those that only charge one time or two times tops. These are low-capacity power banks. The difference between the low-capacity and the high-capacity lies in more than just the Milliamp Hours (mAH ) rating.

It also depends on the energy efficiency of the power bank,. Some power banks are more energy efficient than others, meaning that they do not lose as much power through voltage conversion and heat generation. The design of a power bank is also key. Some power banks are more compact and light weight than others, while still being high-capacity. An important thing to add is the use of the LED indicator in power banks to indicate how far the battery has charged and how low the power bank’s battery is. The following list gives a rank of the top twelve power bank brands 2019 worldwide so that you know exactly what to shop for.

1. Anker Astro E1 5200mAh

Best Power Bank Brands 2019

At the top of the list is Anker Astro E1 5200Mah Candy bar-sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger. One of the most recognisable names in this sector, Anker has had many models of power banks but that this latest one outshines them all. In a small, compact size, Anker Astro E1 has a remarkably high level of energy efficiency. Its high Milliamp Hour rating also makes it desirable as it can be used for a longer period of time. It has a high-speed USB port and exclusive PowerIQ technology. The latter allows the power bank to recognise the device it is charging and deliver the best power. In addition to these considerable benefits, the Astro is portable and fits in the pocket. The product has raving reviews on shopping websites like Amazon.

2. Anker PowerCore 20100

Best Power Bank Brand

Yet another Anker product is in the list; the Anker PowerCore 20100. With a 20100mah, this is truly an investment also has PowerIQ technology and MultiProtect technology. This power bank is extremely versatile as it charges most phones and has a 10 months warranty. For safe use, this power bank has premium cells and circuitry and has VoltageBoost technology. It also has a durable travel pouch and free micro USB cable. As a high an energy capacity as it has, this Anker model came in second because of its 12.5 ounce design. The Anker Astro could easily be carried around in the pocket like a candy bar and is therefore preferred by most people as opposed to this model.

3. The EC Technology 22400mAh

Best Power Bank Brand

The EC Technology 22400mAh rounds up our list of power banks. in a trendy red and black case, this power bank has 22400mAh which is simply ideal for daily use. Its Li cells can deliver power both to Android phones and iPhones. It has a high output rating as its cells can support more than 500 recharge cycles.

4. The iMuto 20000mAh Compact Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank

Best Power Bank Brand

the iMuto 20000mah Compact Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank has a unique size – compact and light weight. With a high battery capacity of 20000mah, its user is assured of longer charging periods, away from the socket. It supports both Android and iPhones and has dual ports. Its output rating is very high so you can have your phone fully charged in a very short while. Apart from having dual USB ports, it has a flashlight that comes in handy in blackouts.

5. External Battery RAVPOWER 16750mAh

Best Power Bank Brand

In the third place is the External Battery RAVPower 16750mah Portable Charger Power Bank. With a 2200mah, this power bank makes use of Improved iSmart 2.0 technology and Smart IC frequency technology. The power bank has two micro USB charging cables (which means two phoned can be charged at the same time) and has a fire resistant shell. Amazingly, this power bank has a lifetime warranty card. It is three times faster than most power banks as it has durable Li-polymer cells.

6. KMASHI 10000mAh

Best Power Bank Brand

KMASHI 10000mah External Battery Power Bank, Portable Charger Backup Pack is has an incredibly high battery capacity which ensures that one can charge for a really long time. It has ultra-high density battery cells and uses 5V adapter for quicker charging. It has a fast output rating through dual USB ports. The ports allow multiple devices to be charged simultaneously. This power bank can charge both Android and iPhones. It has a shiny varnish that is smooth as it stylish. The power bank has an intelligent power manage IC which shields the phone from overcharging and getting short circuited.

7. Aibocn Power Bank 10000mAh External Battery Charger with Flashlight

Best Power Bank Brand

The Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mah External Battery Charger with Flashlight is a stylish, hand-held gadget that has a high battery capacity. It also has two USB ports that conveniently allow for simultaneous charging of two devices. It also has the intelligent power manage IC which as mentioned before protects the power bank from being short-circuited. The Aibocn power bank has a 12 month warranty and a flashlight. As good a power bank as Aibocn is, it is not without its faults. For instance, it can easily get scratches.

8. Jackery Pocket-Sized 6000mAh

Best Power Bank Brand

The Jackery Pocket-sized 6000Mah Charger is a it is ideal for phones such as members of the Samsung family, the iPhone, iPad and others. Having as a high an energy capacity as it does, the Jackery is fit for businesspersons or those who travel frequently. The Jackery uses a Panasonic Grade A, Li-on cell and premium microchips that gives four layers of protection to the phone as it is being charged. The power bank has an 18 month warranty and comes with a USB cable and a durable aluminium. It also has a high quality circuit board which ensures that the gadget won’t burn out easily.

9. iWalk Extreme Trio Ultra Slim Battery Pack

Best Power Bank Brand

Another good power bank is the iWalk Extreme Trio Ultra Slim Battery Pack. With a stylish white case, the iWalk has a high battery capacity of 6000mah. It has lithium polymer cells and a USB cable. it also features bright indicator lights and a backlit LCD case.

10. Moshi IonSlim 5K

Best Power Bank Brand

Moshi IonSlim 5K has a 5150mah battery and has a sleek, compact size. It has dual ports which allow for simultaneous charging. It also can be used to charge both Android and iPhones. It has multiple protection systems to shield the power bank from short circuiting. However, the price ($50) is a bit high for a power bank of only 5150mah.

11. The Flux Card

Best Power Bank Brand

The Flux Card has a battery capacity of 4000mah. It uses PowerIQ technology and has high density cells. The Flux Card also uses 5V adaptors and makes use of Voltage Booster. Its ultra-thin and has a sleek design and has built in cords for iPhone and android. The flux portable charger price range at $30.

12. Jackery Mini Premium 3350mAh Portable Charger

Best Power Bank Brand

Finally, the Jackery Mini Premium 3350mah Portable Charger has, as its name suggests, has a battery capacity of 3350mah and is very compact and portable. It’s among the world’s smallest external battery charger and power bank which has an elegant look. It’s ideal for charging smartphones and tablets. The price of jackery is around $12.

The above top 12 brands of power banks are the best in the world. The fact that we don’t have smartphones yet that can be charged by solar or by other means you surely require a power bank for emergency just in case the lights are out. Scroll above and get yourself one of these brands.


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