10 Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms

Being a new mom can be scary because you don’t know a lot about pregnancy and all the helpful information that comes in handy for that duration you are pregnant.

You should be informed on what you are supposed to eat during the nine months and how to stay fit. This will ensure the safety of both you and your child. There are apps that can educate you and even help you decide on the baby names that you want. To make sure that you have all the right and helpful information here is a list of helpful apps that you can download to help you get it right during and even after your pregnancy.

Below are the some of the Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2017-2018


BABYBUMP PREGNANCY PRO Top Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2017If you need to hear other mom’s experiences, their stories and how they managed through the nine months then this is the app that you need. It is free and can be used by both Android and iOS. Baby bump pregnancy Pro connects moms globally so that they can share the happiness and joy. They also share the pain and aches they faced, and you can compare your pregnancy notes with the rest of the mothers.


OVIA PREGNANCY TRACKERKeeping fit or not eating healthy should not be a worry when you have this app. It helps you even monitor how you sleep. This app has a food log that advises you on what is healthy for both you and the baby. It also helps you control your weight as you can input your age and BMI that you can sync with your fitness tracker. It gives reminders for taking prenatal vitamins which you can forget because of excitement.


GLOW NURTURE Top Most Famous Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2018Glow Nurture is available to Android and iOS users for free. It helps you in raising your child in each and every step of your pregnancy. You input your symptoms on the app, and you can socialize with moms who had the same experiences as you during their pregnancy. It has additional attributes such as you can count baby kicks and also contraction times. It has a planner that will help you monitor your pregnancy appointments. You can also meet moms that you share the same due date.


I’M EXPECTING Top Most Popular Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2018There is nothing as incredible as getting videos that show how your baby is developing every week. I’m expecting gives you videos that have been created by medical professionals. This way you can monitor your child’s growth and also your health at the same time. Information from this app can be synced by other apps. It is also free and can be used by Android and iOS.


MY BABY’S BEAT Top Popular Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2019You get to hear your baby’s heartbeat by simply placing your cell phone on your baby bump. My baby’s beat helps you listen and automatically records the baby’s heartbeat with the correct date. Moms have to find a suitable spot that will enable them to hear the baby’s heartbeat clearly. It enables you to share the recordings with your friends and family on the various social media platforms.


MY PREGNANCY TODAY Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms inDevelopments and comparison of how the baby is growing are some of the amazing features of this app. Moms can get visuals on how the baby is developing at each stage. You can compare the size and which part of the baby is growing. It gives information on what you can buy in preparation for the baby’s arrival. It also has contraction timer and a forum that moms can share and learn from one each other’s experience. It gives parenting advice for the first year after the baby is born.


PRENATAL PILATESIf you are searching for the right workout to do during pregnancy so that you continue keeping fit, then this is what you need. This app has exercises for every stage of pregnancy. The exercises that it provides takes into consideration the body posture and alignment. Moms can find the appropriate work out depending on their fitness level, time and body part. To control your weight, you listen to the guided instructions.


BABY NAME Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2017The baby name app helps you to decide the best name that you want for your baby. It gives you a broad range of names to choose from. Be it a traditional or modern name that you want. It also gives the origins of the names. New moms can choose the best names with their spouses. If they both swipe right on a name which means they like it, then that is the best name for their baby. This app makes it fun to decide baby names.


MIND THE BUMP Top Famous Pregnancy Apps for New Moms in 2019This app helps you to manage stress so as not to affect you and your baby. It provides practices for mindfulness that help ensure that the baby is healthy both emotionally and mentally. Mind the bump has exercises that will help throughout the pregnancy and up to two years after giving birth. Moms can build connections with their babies through daily guidance. This app is free, and you can get to support both you and the baby.


PREGNANCY DUE DATE CALCULATORUsing the last day you got your menstrual period the pregnancy due date calculator calculates your most likely date of conception and from that, it calculates your due date. How incredible is that? It also gives you the dates for entering each trimester of your pregnancy. It is available for Android and iOS users for free. You can prepare yourself adequately for the baby’s arrival. By shopping for what the baby will need when that time comes.

New moms can make pregnancy fun and exciting by using the apps to track the developments of their babies, eating healthy meals for the babies and themselves. Moms can also keep fit by doing appropriate exercises. It is important to get it right for the safety of both the mother and child. Moms should, therefore, choose apps that will ensure that they get the right information and guidance.

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