In some of the parts of India the temperature can be freezing cold and in some places we get to see a high-rise in temperature and it dips to freezing levels at night.

In places where putting a blanket and sweater on might not be enough and there have to be room heaters to provide that warmth inside the rooms. Room heaters are of several types and the price varies according to the type and model one decides to choose.

There are three different types of room heaters convention based room heaters can keep larger rooms warm for longer period of time, oil filled heaters are costlier. Consumers need to buy the room heaters based on the size of the room and the capacity of the heaters.

Here are the 10 best top room heaters brands in India 2019

10. Inalsa Room Heater

Inalsa Popular Room Heater Brands in India 2019

Inalsa is one brand which has been making rounds in the shops of India for many years now. It is known to be amongst those brands which brought the technology of room heaters in the Indian markets and was made popular amidst the Indian trades. The prices of these room heaters range from 999/- to 8,000/-. There are different types of room heaters which are available in the Inalsa brand viz; halogen heaters are the heaters which function at a high-level temperatures, oil filled radiators function slowly and takes time to reach the desired temperatures but don’t reach that level , fan heaters may generate warm air speedily but have the risk of catching fire quickly. Consumers can find the room heaters of this brand in any appliance shops and it is also available on online sites for consumers who prefer shopping for appliances online.

9. Crompton Greaves Room Heater

Crompton Greaves Room Heater

Crompton Greaves is a brand which is well-known for many of its appliances like fans, equipment required for wirings, and laminations etc. It is also a known brand for selling room heaters. When the safety of the appliances and its consumer is concerned then this brand is known for it. This brand is also well-known to boost the handiness and functionality of the room heaters. The heaters of this brand are available at the starting price of Rs.2,000. The best feature of the heaters of this brand is that they don’t produce dampness inside a room and they provide a much dryer air inside a room.

8. Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater

Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater

This brand has been producing room heaters for the Indian markets since the year 1976. Some of their top models which have been very successful in the Indian markets and have been appreciated by the Indian consumers are named Lava, Torrid, Star Cosy etc. The price at which a consumer can expect to find the room heaters of this brand starts from 1,400/- and can go up depending on the type and model the consumer would like to buy.

7. Nova Room Heater

Nova Room Heater

Nova Room heater is another brand which has been a popular brand in the Indian market. This brand is also known to attract a lot of consumers and have a strong Indian consumer hold. This brand is also well-known for producing heater at low cost and with the same functionality as compared to brands which price the room heaters at exuberant prices. The Nova heaters have a starting price around 990/- The brand is known for its excellent customer services and it is also known for its product quality.

6. Orient Room Heater

Orient Room Heater

Orient heaters are a reputed brand in the Indian markets and are well-known amongst the customers. The brand was formed in 1939 and has been known in the appliances market since then. The room heaters in this brand are of several types such as convection heaters which include oil filled heaters, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating which provide highly efficient heating in small rooms etc. This brand is favored by many of the costumers because of their service centers in different cities of the country. The Orient room heaters have a starting price of 6,550/-

5. Havells Room Heater

Havells Room Heater

Havells is another famous brand in the Indian markets and it is known to be a brand which is reliable for their excellent service for their customer are trustworthy products. The brand has room heaters of different types which include the PTC heaters, the convention type and heaters that can be mounted on the walls. The starting price of the heaters in this brand is from 4,000/-. It is available in both electronic appliance shops as well as online shopping websites.

4. Morphy Richards Room Heater

Morphy Richards Room Heater

This brand has been doing the rounds of the Indian market since 1936 when it was first created. The Morphy Richards Room Heaters have successful models namely Tipsy, Maisy and their OFR series etc. The price range of this heater is between 2,300/- to 15,000/-. The brand is known for providing different types of heaters for the room with unique features.

3. Bajaj Room Heater

Bajaj Room Heater

The Bajaj Room Heater was launched in the year 1938 and has been known to be of high value to its customers because of the consumer support and services. The types of room heaters which are sold by the brands are radiant heaters and convention heaters which include the halogen and fan heaters. These heaters are available in electronic appliances shops and also available on online shopping apps for consumers who prefer shopping online. The starting price of the heater in this brand is 1850/-

2. Usha Room Heater

Usha Room Heater

The brand Usha is known in every household in India. Most of the customers are loyal to this brand and it has known to rule the Indian market. The brand was established in India in 1934. The brand is one of the top sellers in many of the electronic products such as fans, irons, heaters, cooking equipment etc. They sell convention heater types such as heaters which are oil-filled, fan operated etc. The heaters are available in the market at the price that starts from 1,300/- and goes up to 10,000/-

1. Orpat Room Heater

Orpat Room Heater Top 10 Best Room Heater Brands in India 2019

A forerunner brand India, Orpat Group’s role in providing their technologies for the appliances world has brought implausible changes. This brand provides room heaters are known for its attractive models and excellent service. The appliances of these brands have the capacity to heat rooms in shorter time span and they are also known for the ease with which they can be operated and handled. They are known and preferred for their decent features, plus less consumption of energy and affordability of prices. The heaters of this prices have a starting price of Rs.500/-

Even though the room heaters serve the same purpose there are some differences in each of the above-mentioned brands in terms of its pricing, service centers, availability of customer service after the product has been sold etc. The customer needs to buy the heaters depending on these factors and also on other factors like the size of the room, the capacity, and the heater etc.


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