Winter will be a romantic season to some people, but for some others, not so much. They are used to spending their whole day under the blankets or on a couch to get away from the cold. Due to the advancement in the scientific side, room heaters are designed thus saving you from the cool climate outside. Generally, Room Heaters are also known as Space Heaters.

The room heaters may vary according to its features like size, shape, cost, etc. Based on the technology of heating, room heaters can be categorised into three types. They are Fan Heaters (capable of heating a large space in a short time), Infra-red Heaters (works like campfire only in the close place), and Oil filled Room Heaters (it takes a longer time to heat and also stays warm for a longer time). Let’s check the top 10 best room heater brands in the world for 2019.

10. Mr. Heater

Best Room Heater Brands 2019

This brand heater is more popular because it can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. The Mr. Heater brand is very famous for its innovative technology, incomparable quality, and service and hence it is termed as America’s one of the most popular brands of Heaters. Some of the safety features that all products of Mr. Heater brand holds are: when the oxygen level comes down in the living area, the oxygen sensor shuts automatically. Also, when the heater tilts above 45 degrees, auto turn-off is enabled.

9. Honeywell

Best Room Heater Brand

With Honeywell brand space heaters, you can experience high durability, speed, and heat but it is a bit expensive. This brand offers manual controls to its products with various heat settings. In order to maintain a convenient temperature, thermostat control is also provided. Some of the safety measures include built-in heat resistor to eliminate the cause of overheating and also the fact that the product is built with high-quality plastic for complete protection. Also, to eliminate burning, the products will be designed with cool touch features.

8. Lasko

Best Room Heater Brand

This is one of the most popular brands in the world mainly for its affordable cost, durability, portable quality, and longer warranty periods. Some of the safety features are that they include heat resistor to eliminate overheating and non-slip bases in their heaters. To maintain safety conditions, their heaters are ETL listed. Other than that, they use the thermostat to maintain the desirable range of temperature in the living room.

7. Dyson

Best Room Heater Brand

This brand offers portable electric space heaters to its customers. This heater will eliminate the need of heating the entire building when you prefer to stay in a single living room. The products of this brand are very affordable for the users to buy it. Some of the safety features it offers are cool touch features in order to prevent burning and shut down functions for eliminating overheating that is available in the form of sensors. Thermostat function and automatically shut down function is available to maintain the temperature as well as to shut down the system once the required temperature is reached.

6. Delonghi

Best Room Heater Brand

If you are in need of space heaters which offer highest safety and suitability to fit in a smaller office room or living room, then this brand suits you the most. It holds more safety features like overheating sensor and a tip over the sensor for shutting down the system automatically when the temperature goes high and there is a risk of device toppling. The features offer to the De Longhi space heaters has an inbuilt timer to switch off the system after the required setting time. By detecting the room temperature, the heaters of De Longhi will automatically switch off the system. This has the capability of increasing the temperature within a short time. Also, this brand allows you to cut your electricity costs.

5. Vornado

Best Room Heater Brand

One of the most famous models that looks more compact yet powerful is the Vornado Space Heater. It has been a leader for more than 50 years in the field of space heaters across the globe. With its multiple safety features, advanced technology, and automatic features Vornado is highly rated by the customers. The products of Vornado space heaters offer warm air throughout the room where you reside. Over-heat protection, tip over protection, cool touch features, etc. are some of its amazing features to eliminate overheating. According to the user reviews, the products of Vornado are powerful to its size and also worth for the money paid.

4. Heat Storm

Best Room Heater Brand

A new modern style of space heaters with high durability, performance, and safety resides in the Heat Storm models of Space Heaters. Apart from this, the products of this brand also offer stylish look which fits all types of the environment. The cool feature provides safety fall when you are staying with your kids or pets. Heat resistor is used in the models of Heat Storm to eliminate the burning state of the space heaters. Above all, the cost for purchasing the Heat Storm models are quite affordable for the customers.

3. DuraFlame

Best Room Heater Brand

This renowned brand aims at providing ease of comfort to the users and with its advanced heating technology it provides better efficiency to its customers. Duraflame uses an advanced infrared heating technology with which the air in the room move over the copper heat elements and circulates around the room with the help of the vents provided. Some of its safety features are built-in Thermostat which shuts the system automatically when the specified temperature is met. The thermal Cut out Switch switches off the heater when the room gets too hot. Also, the cool touch facility used provides 100% safety to the kids and pets around.

2. NewAir

Best Room Heater Brand

NewAir brand offers efficient design, functionality, durability, and effective form of space heaters to its customers. The Convection technology used in the NewAir brand radiates the heat via the heat liquid transfer. Also, it provides more safety features for its users like Tip Over shut off (when the heater is accidentally knocked over, it turns off or switch off its Tip Over for enabling safety. The self-contained heat liquid used by the products of NewAir will not leak the oil filled in the self-contained heat liquid while the heater is in use.

1. Crane

Best Room Heater Brand

The products of Crane come in different types and styles at an affordable cost for its customers. Apart from emitting heat, there are also a lot of things to be considered like the size, cost, energy use (helps to reduce the monthly energy bills), safety, noise, the total time taken to heat the room, and the portability. According to the customer reviews, the products of Crane inherit all the above-mentioned features to get satisfaction in the model. It also consists of safety features which include Thermostat for tracking the temperature, Auto shut off to minimise the risk, programmable timer for setting time, and adjustment of fan settings.

There are a lot of popular brands available in the market. All that you need to do is to choose the space or room heaters according to your requirements. The requirements depend on the size of the room, whether for an indoor or outdoor purpose, cost, etc. and choose a product that will keep you warm and in the same time, help in saving your money on utility bills. So, selecting the best space or room heater that suits your environment is the main role to be carefully done.


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