Top 10 Best Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby

Teething is a crucial stage for babies. To make them have it easy during this phase teethers helps make it bearable. Babies soothe there gums with teethers so that they can feel good.

If you want your child to have a good experience when teething gets them teethers, and you won’t hear them cry during this phase. A lot of brands have come up with teethers in a different design to make your baby comfortable as they soothe their gums. The ones discussed in this article are bestselling and will help you narrow down on your best.

Let’s check the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Teethers for 2017-2018

10. Montessori Stackable Teething rings

Montessori Stackable Teething rings Top Popular Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby 2019The rings are made from silicone. This makes them soft to soothe your babies gum well. The teether does not have toxins. As the child rubs their gum with this teether, they can also arrange the rings in stacks. This will not only help with teething but also with the brain developments. The rings are colorful to make them attractive for the baby. The hard rings are safe for the baby and will not harm them.

9. Nurtureland Fruit Teethers

Nurtureland Fruit Teethers Top 10 Best Selling Baby Teethers for Your BabyDesigned in fruit shapes to make them more attractive, this teether will help your baby get an amazing experience when teething. The fruit design at the top is made with silicone making them soft to soothe the gum well. You can choose the fruit which your baby loves most to take them through the teething phase. The handle is also beautifully designed with luminous colors that your child will love.

8. Infantino Elephant Teether

Infantino Elephant Teether Top Most Popular Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby 2018The fun part about this teether is that your baby can use it in two ways. It is designed like an elephant and will make your child have a real time when using it. It is squeezable and produces a squeaking sound. After soothing their gums with it, babies can play with it, squeezing it to hear the squeaking sound that captures their attention.

7. The Honest company Butterfly Teether

The Honest company Butterfly TeetherKeep your child safe with this BPA free product, beautifully designed in a butterfly. Your baby will enjoy rubbing their gums with it. It is entirely healthy as it does not have any rubber or latex chemicals. Give your baby an incredible experience during teething with the honest company butterfly teether. The color is adorable, and kids will love it.

6. Vulli Sophie The Giraffe So Pure Teether

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe So Pure TeetherThis teether resembles Sophie the Giraffe toy. The only difference is that it has handles to help your baby hold if firmly. If your child has small hands, this is the teether for them. It will not drop as it has the handles that will help your baby hold it. So it is less likely to catch germs. It is easy to clean so that it stays safe for your child to use.

5. RaZ Baby Raz-berry Teether

RaZ Baby Raz-berry TeetherThis teether is multi-purpose. Its berry shape will attract your baby. It soothes the baby’s gums like a pacifier. The bumpy texture also helps your baby if they have sore gums. Get it and give your baby if they are cranky during teething. The handle will help babies hold it better as they utilize it. It is easy to clean and will not fall off as your baby is playing. It has a circular handle that makes it easy for the baby to hold.

4. MAM Bite & Brush Teether

MAM Bite & Brush Teether Top Famous Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby 2019It is designed with silicone bristles on its surface. When your baby is soothing their gums, this teether is also helping them brush their growing teeth. The teeth will develop to be stronger. It has blue and white colors to make it attractive for your baby as they rub their gums with it. It is simple to hold and will not fall off when your baby is using it. It is circular, and your baby can hold it firmly.

3. Green Sprouts by iPlay Cool Soothing Ring Teether

Green Sprouts by iPlay Cool Soothing Ring Teether Top Most Famous Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby 2018This water ring teether is filled with sterilized water. The ring has beads that will each give the baby different texture. You place it the fridge for just a short term for a quick chill. It works best on soothing the baby’s gums. You will not even hear a sound as your baby will be busy rubbing their gums. It is very classic and does get the job done. The ring is easy for the baby to hold firm.

2. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether Top Best Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby 2017If your baby loves gnawing with their own fingers, get this teether that shapes that mimic fingers. The teether is made of silicone and is soft to perfectly soothe your baby when they are teething. The four finger-like shapes on it will make them think they are rubbing their gums with real fingers. The handle that it has will help your baby hold on to it tightly so that it does not fall. The bright color that it has is very attractive.

1. Boon Pulp Silicone Teether Feeder

Boon Pulp Silicone Teether Feeder Top 10 Best Selling Baby Teethers for Your Baby 2017Boon Pulp Silicone Teether Feeder is incredible. You get to fill it with your baby’s food, and they can eat and the same time soothes their gums. On top of it is made with a clear silicone oval shape, where you get to put food on your baby. The food will attract your baby, and they can chew on it as they rub their gums. It is easy to clean after you have fed your baby. Give them an amazing teething phase with this multi-purpose teether. It is quite affordable and will work when your child has refused to use other teethers.

During teething, babies get cranky and restless. You can change all these by giving them the right teether. Ensure that the one you get for your baby is safe for them and hygienic. Change your baby’s mood to a happy one with a teether that is attractive and will get the job done. This article gives you a head start on what to look out for on the different features.

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