Top 10 Best Selling Prepaid Phones under $200

Prepaid phones allow you to communicate efficiently with no contracts. You can have a broad range of prepaid phones and prepaid phone plans. Brands like Walmart offer a wide selection of this no contract phones.

For convenience purposes, many of these prepaid cards can be delivered by email. These no-contract phones make it easy to communicate, socialize, network and stay in touch with family members and friends. Below is a review that has some of the best prepaid phones that you can buy.

Here are the 10 Best Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 in 2017-2018

10. Apple iPhone 4 Verizon Cellphone

Apple iPhone 4 Verizon Cellphone Top 10 Best Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 2017iPhone runs on the Apple software that is robust and reliable, unlike others that are prone to security breaches. The Apple iPhone 4 prepaid phone will enable you to make calls to anyplace. It has no slot for a sim card. The internal size is 8GB. With this storage space, you can be able to take photos, store your music and back up your files. It usually retails for less than a hundred dollars. It is available in the leading stores worldwide.

9. Jitterbug Flip easy to use cell phone

Jitterbug Flip easy to use cell phone Top Best Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 2017The mobile phone has a larger screen and well-sized buttons that are easy to use. There is a backlit keypad for simple dialing. It has powerful speakers that ensure that every conversation that you make will be loud and clear. It’s simple “yes” and “no” menu buttons allow for easy navigation when using the phone. With this phone, you are assured of no cancellation.

8. Moto G 4th Generation

Moto G 4th Generation Top Popular Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 2019Moto G has fast 4G LTE speed and an up to 1.5GHZ octa-core processor. Its RAM is 2GB, and this makes the phone super-fast for basic tasks. It has a full 5.5 HD display (1080p) that will give you better video quality when playing games or watching videos. When you get this phone, you can enjoy the best of Android marshmallow including applications like play store, Google Maps, Gmail and more. A 13MP HD camera will allow you to take brilliant photos while you don’t worry about the internal storage getting full since it is 128GB.

7. TracFone LG L441G 3G Prepaid Phone

TracFone LG L441G 3G Prepaid PhoneThis phone allows you to get access to 3G speed. You can be able to access the internet and browse your favorite websites with it. A rear 1.3-megapixel camera will allow you to take small resolution photos. Amazingly, this phone has Bluetooth capabilities, and you can connect it your Bluetooth headphones, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs. The phone retails at low prices and it can fit into your budget estimates easily,

6. Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Prepaid Phone

Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Prepaid PhoneWhen you buy this gadget, you get triple minutes for life free of charge. It has a 3.5-inch touchscreen. The rear camera has a 3 MP that will enable you to record videos and take photos with ease. You require no activation fee when you use it as it has already been activated. There are no contracts, monthly bills or credit checks. Only airtime cards are required for activation of the phone. However, Safelink customers cannot upgrade or transfer service to this phone.

5. Jitterbug Smart Easy Smartphone

Jitterbug Smart Easy Smartphone Top Most Famous Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 2018The large 5.5-inch screen touchscreen will make it easier to read. It features a simple menu that is organized in a list with large icons that make it easy to navigate. There are no contracts or cancellation fees when you buy this phone. It also has a reliable network coverage. This phone is well known to be associated with a company that is an award winning based on customer service and tech support. It has safety applications that will turn your phone into a personal safety device.

4. Motorola Moto E Android Prepaid Phone

Motorola Moto E Android Prepaid Phone Top 10 Best Selling Prepaid Phones under $200This phone runs on Android 4.4 kit-kat operating system. Its screen size is 4.3 inches, and it has HD display. The screen has Corning Gorilla glass that does not easily get scratches. Its rear camera is 5 megapixels. The phone is a 3G device that will quickly connect you to the internet. It usually comes with its compatible sim card. To keep this your service active you will have to add any of TracFone service cards. A 1.2 GHz dual-core processor is responsible for the phones quick responses.

3. ZTE Maven AT&T Go Phone

ZTE Maven AT&T Go PhoneThe gadget runs on a vibrant 4.5 inch LED screen that has good video quality. This 4G LTE quad-core device provides for fast streaming, downloading and surfing. 4G networks provide for rapid data speeds. It has been equipped with a 5MP autofocus rear camera with flash. There is an 8GB onboard memory that can be extended up to 32 GB. The phone can be found in the main stores at affordable prices.

2. LG Stylo 2

LG Stylo 2 Top Most Popular Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 2018Are you looking for a prepaid phone that has features of the latest phones? If you are then, this s the right product for you. It runs on Android 6 Marshmallow operating system that has cool features. A 13 MP rear facing camera will enable you to take high-quality photos. There is also a 5MP front facing camera that is best suited for taking selfies. You also get LG signature Rear keys and embedded stylus pen when you buy this product.

1. Microsoft Lumia 435

Microsoft Lumia 435 Top Famous Selling Prepaid Phones under $200 2019This phone runs on Windows operating system. It has been locked to T-Mobile. Its internal storage is 8GB. Other specifications of the phone include 1GB of RAM, Qualcomm MSM8210 Snapdragon 200 chipset that makes the phone very powerful. It has 3G capabilities that will guarantee you faster internet connectivity. The screen size measures 4-inches on the diagonal, and it can give a resolution of 480*800 pixels that I consider to be a little bit lower when compared to other phones.

There are various brands of prepaid phone across stores. When buying one you should be able to know what specifications you want. A good prepaid phone should be able to connect to the internet, have fast speeds and better resolutions. You can make an order for one today, and you will not regret making that decision.

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