Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases

Casings for smartphones are meant to protect our phones when they fall. They absorb the shock of the impact that your phones makes when it hits the ground to ensure that your phone remains as new as it was.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is an expensive phone that requires good protection, and that is why I have compiled the best casings for this amazing smartphone.

Let’s check the Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases for 2017-2018

10. Griffin Survivor Clear Case

Griffin Survivor Clear Case Top Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases of 2017The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is waterproof alleviates the need to have an over engineered military grade cover. This cover can be a cheap and cheerful option that will offer protection to your phone when it drops. It comes in colors like clear, smoke black, pink, white and blue-black. A polycarbonate material that is used in making this casing will protect your phone from falls of up to four feet from the ground. I know most of you love the design on the Samsung Galaxy Edge and would not want to hide it in an oversized casing. That is why this transparent survivor can be the best option for you.

9. Obliq Slim Meta Case

Obliq Slim Meta Case Top Most Famous Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases of 2018Obliq Slim Meta Case provides you with a metal look at a lower price. It comes in gray, pink, gold and black colors. I can advise that you pick the black one as it will blend easily with most of your clothing. The case has a slim design that enables it to wrap around your phone effortlessly. The corners of the product have been lined with plastic so as to reduce tear and wear. The plastics create a general protection by absorbing most of the shock during falls.

8. VRS Design Layered Dandy Case

VRS Design Layered Dandy CaseAlthough this casing is available in fewer colors when compared with its competitors, it is still stylish and affordable. It is made of synthetic leather that makes it durable and long lasting. The case has been layered to house your cards just like a regular wallet. Just take care not to put many cards as it might make the phone to feel heavy. A magnetic clasp will ensure that it is well wrapped and safe. The casing has another safety feature: a plastic rim that runs around the edge will make it impossible for your phone to get any knock or bump if dropped.

7. WOOD Handmade Wooden Carving Case

WOOD Handmade Wooden Carving CaseThis case is made of an unusual material that has an eye-catching finish. The cover has striking designs that will make your phone look beautiful. It comes in different colors that you can choose. They include; totem, elephant, skull, cloud, Indian totem, Rosewood Lion. The product is available in two material; wood and plastic. The WOOD is not only made from a premium material, but it also has an eye-catching design.

6. Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand for Galaxy S7 Edge

Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand for Galaxy S7 Edge Top Popular Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases of 2019Spigen is a brand that makes most modern cases that you can find on the market today. Many reasons can be attributed to the popularity of their products. They offer close to five different designs for every phone released. So you can imagine how many options you can get for your S7 Edge. The company has cheap options, thin cases, and durable, rugged cases and there is a case that combines all these to form a sturdy and durable casing like the Slim Armor. It is a dual layered case that has a TPU shell on the inside and a hard polycarbonate on the exterior. A combination of these two will protect your phone during drops.

5. CM4 Wallet Case

CM4 Wallet Case Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases of 2017The case made a comeback after not being released in 2015. It is often called the CM4 Q-Card wallet case, and it can be the best casing for your phone. It has beautiful designs, faux leather on the back and a slot that can hold 2-3 cards and some cash. The manufacturer made this cover to have a different slit in the polycarbonate shell where you can slide a credit card or ID and use it as a kickstand. This is a nice case that can be perfect for those who don’t want to carry a wallet.

4. VRS Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case

VRS Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet CaseDon’t confuse this case with the VRS Design Layered Dandy one. It differs from the VRS Design Layered Dandy Case widely, and most notable is the lack of a flap. The VRS case comes in five bright colors to choose. As much as it has been built purposely to protect your phone, it also has a wallet that can enable you to carry two credit cards or a card and some cash. The inside has a TPU frame that will protect your phone from impact during falls. There is also a TPU raised lip that creates a distance between your phone’s screen and the surface. This can help prevent it from getting scratches.

3. Pelican Protector Case

Pelican Protector Case Top Most Popular Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases of 2018Pelican has a history that stretches back for decades. Pelican knows more when it comes to making protective cases. This one has some shock-absorbing TPR and a plastic shell that work together to offer decent drop protection. This tactile cover has been designed to last for long. It has precise openings for your phone’s camera and ports. It can be paired it with a screen protector if you want to have complete peace of mind. Care should be taken as the case is rather thick on the back as this might interfere with wireless charging.

2. Seidio Surface Case

Seidio Surface Case Top Famous Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases of 2019The cover is liked for the features that it has that will ensure that it protects your phone during falls. This product allows you to slot your S7 Edge into it for a snug fit. The inside has a flexible TPU case. A layer of polycarbonate on the top of it adds to Seidio’s soft-touch finish. The case is comfortable to grip, and it has accurate openings for your camera and ports. The case currently comes in red, black, and gold.

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Top 10 Best Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Cases ofIf you are looking for plenty of protection for your phone, then you have to forget about the rest of the casings that are on the market and go for this one. This Unicorn Beetle is the perfect option for your smartphone, and in this case, I mean the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It will entirely protect your phone during falls and still make it easy for you to use it. The back is clear, and this can help you in showing off the beauty of the S7 Edge.

These casings have been from sturdy materials that are durable. The unique designs that they come in are meant to meet the requirements that you want. The covers are affordable and can easily fit into your budget.

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