Over the years, the footwear manufacturing industry has witnessed a growth of gargantuan proportions. From elite high-end brands like Aldo and Jimmy Choo to affordable common brands like Reebok, all these footwear brands have had a significant role to factor the operations of the global stock market exchange.

Here is enlisted the top 10 footwear brands that specialise in the common-wear and sportswear shoes and have a significant and major influence on the modern generation.

Even though the footwear manufacturing industry witnesses continual ups and downs with the changing economy, it has seldom experienced a decline major enough to affect it adversely. Different people choose different types of shoes for different purposes and occasions. Here is a list of the top ten footwear manufacturing brands that combine sportswear and casual wear designs to manufacture versatile shoes.

Here are the Top 10 Best Shoe Brands in The World in 2019

10. New Balance

New Balance Top Famous Shoe Brands in World 2019

Founded in 1906 by the name New Balance Arch Support Company, New Balance has made its name in the global footwear industry as one of the major sports or athletic shoe manufacturers. With over 100 years in the industry, New Balance has always focused on making the best quality shoes for enhancing its customers’ fitness standards. heir products are believed to be the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving you the performance technology you need and the stylish endeavor you aspire. The corporation has strengthened its social standing by initiating its “Let’s Move” campaign.

9. Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the fastest growing sports and casual footwear manufacturing brands in the world hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This US-based brand has focused primarily on the manufacturing of athletic shoes, shirts, jackets, etc. The company recorded the fourth quarter net revenues for 2015 as $1.17 Billion while the full year net revenues were recorded at a hefty $3.96 Billion. Under Armour has always been involved in the development of the community by initiating programs like “UA Power in Pink” which promotes women using fitness as a means to fight against breast cancer.

8. Puma


Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, the German-based multinational company is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Specialising in manufacturing and designing athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, Puma recorded total net revenue amounting to €3.387 billion in 2015. For over 65 years, the company has made its name in the global athletic footwear industry by manufacturing high-quality sports products and has collaborated with renowned design brands. One of the biggest endorsers of the brand is the track and field legend, Usain Bolt.

7. Adidas


Another German multinational corporation conquering the global sportswear manufacturing industry, Adidas was founded in July 1924 and is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe (second largest in the world). The Bavaria-based company specialises in the designing and manufacturing of sportswear and casual wear shoes, clothing, and accessories. One of the primary focuses of the company has been football kits and equipment and continues to be a major global supplier of team kits for football teams and clubs. Adidas’ shoes are considered to be one of the most recommended fitness shoes considering their exquisite and comfortable design. The company’s critically acclaimed collection of casual wear shoes and apparel, Adidas Originals, bring a cool and stylish dimension to the market.

6. Nike


No surprises with Nike topping the list of the best shoes brands in the world. Founded in January 1964, the American-based multinational corporation is by far the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Nike recorded a market value of $29.6 billion as of 2017 which made it one of most valuable brand among global sports businesses. The company specializes in manufacturing and designing an extensive variety of sports equipment with their fitness and running shoes being the stand out products. Designed specifically to enhance the fitness results of the athlete, these shoes bear a versatile vibe to them as they are an exceptional blend of style and performance. Nike was ranked among the top three companies in terms of climate-friendliness in the year 2007.

5. DC Shoes

DC Shoes

Established and founded in the year 1944 by Matt Howard, DC Shoes is an American company based in California, United States. The American corporation’s primary focus lies in manufacturing and designing stylish and high-end footwear for action sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. DC Shoes are considered to be one of the few unconventional shoes available in the market today, providing the customers with an eclectic mix of swagger, comfort, and performance. Most of the shoes manufactured by the brand are multidimensional, that is, they can be used for action sports as well for casual wear purposes.

4. Vans


Originally founded and registered in 1966 as The Van Doren Rubber Company, Vans is an American-based company specialising in manufacturing and designing skateboarding shoes. The standout feature of these skateboarding shoes manufactured and designed by Vans is that they can be conveniently pulled off as casual wear footwear. Another thing about these versatile shoes is their exquisitely unique design. Vans shoes are known for their interestingly unique and extensive collection of footwear which provides the customer with a wide variety of designs to select from. The USA online store of Vans also allows users to customise the design of the pair of shoes they want to purchase.

3. Reebok


One of the leading global manufacturers of sports footwear and apparels, Reebok, was founded in 1958 and featured a Union Jack Flag as its logo for thirty odd years. The American-based company specialises in the production and distribution of fitness and Cross Fit sportswear shoes and apparel. Reebok serves as the official sponsor for various global sporting events such as UFC, Les Mills, etc. The company in its long stay in the industry has produced some of the finest footwear with exquisitely innovative technology which includes the Reebok Zig, Reebok Ventilator, etc. In 2005, the company joined hands with the industry giants, Adidas, and has been operating as its subsidiary ever since.

2. Converse


The trendy pop culture of the 1990s is evident of the stylish vibe the Converse All-Star shoes possess. Founded in 1908, Converse, is an American footwear manufacturing company whose primary focus lies in manufacturing skating and casual wear shoes and apparel. Operating as a subsidiary to the industry giants, Nike Inc, since 2003, Converse shoes have always been popular with the common folk as well as the pop culture (having appeared in over 700 films). These shoes are considered to be the perfect mix of style, comfort, and affordability. The company with its initiative called “1HUND (RED)” has claimed to donate fifteen percent of the profits to support HIV/AIDS prevention.

1. Jordan

Jordan Top Popular Shoe Brands in World 2019

There is no denying the fact that basketball is one of the most watched sports in the world and its equipment is considered to be quite popular for use as casual wear as well. The Air Jordan shoes or simply Jordan was created for the basketball legend, Michael Jordan, as a product of Nike. Air Jordan shoes are now manufactured and designed independently of Nike and are one of the most stylish and performance-driven footwear in the market today. Having a basic design of basketball footwear, these shoes are designed with an innovative design which makes them available for casual wear as well.

In a chaotic market offering an extensive variety of footwear brands, it is highly difficult to select the perfect shoe. This list is specifically made to solve the problem of selection on the basis of purpose for which the shoes are required as well as the amount of money to be spent.

This list has been made by keeping in mind the popularity, sales level, and reliability of these shoe brands.